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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

League cup & REdNET bootroom update...

REdNeT's photo.Following the struggle v hull at Anfield 
BrendaN's great Hope...CAN he?

Balo Rena? under pressure BUt at least Brent loves him!!
and last weeks WORST EVER european defeat at home, Liverpool play Brent's ex employers Swansea and tickets are still available... hardly possible a few months ago when every game was sold out well in advance......
.    REdNeT Bootroom....
Pablo>Until we sort out our defence and defensive midfield it is so hard to judge the attacking midfielders. I am not convinced they know what's expected of them! We need consistency and more solidity! .
Liverpool Echo News bAD management by Henry, F S G , Ayre and BR all have to share the blame, our loss = Barca's gain..
The former Reds striker has revealed his disappointment in how the club defended him during his FA hearing|
  • H> Disagree Suzie, The way it was handled, the biased FA and his family relationships also back his side, Lfc managed it badly, and IMO didnt do enough to keep Luis, and if it was because of his "rep" why then sign "bad boy" Mario???

Its F S G 's committee to blame that arguably only Studge & Coutinho ar first team "regulars" (when fit & in form) 

I am not a special fan of Balo, but sounds like some petty incident being blown up for the sake OF "NEWS" by a rag reporter and woman whi wants her name in the media at his expense...pathetic...
Police were called to an address in Manchester at around 3pm today following a row between the footballer and residents

REdNeT's photo.
REdNeT's photo.
REdNeT's photo.

REdNeT's photo.  

from "protest day" at Anfield...