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Saturday, November 1, 2014

ear;ly K.O. (?) at St James (Geordies V REdS) but "REdNET Bootroom" wants Stevie as player-coach...?

REdNET Bootroom

CS> BR(ent) is often  just making a list of excuses , like a typical F s G employee

 ... he needs a piece of Gerrard 's honesty, and I would make Stevie Player-manager tomorrow!

Stevie G: "Reds fought well, but we must improve"


all the fickle fans who know nought about footy think players haveto be young and fast, but Stevie can still pass the ball faster and more
effectively than any, he is still an athlete fit enough, and IMO shouldbe player-coach, because Brenda N
is out of his depth, 

but Henry wants a puppet and will want SG out ofthe way, and then OUR club will be dead , just another commercial forthe yan kers to make cash..

SuZ> I am worried about Stevie, the greatest! more important to our team than BR

Harvey> If SG left, we would give Henry & F S G HELL because I know many hardcore Reds who are ready to demo against F S G , they should have offeredhim a new contract before the season started, he virtually managed the team last season...

IF Brent dont have influence on who comes & goes then he is
NOT a "manager" he is only first team "coach" in which case I'd rather
give Stevie the job of player-coach, (like we did with Kenny in 85 (Bob became his mentor) and Kenny could do the same behind Gerrard!BR
hasnt won any significant trophies and was out-witted by Maureen andAndriotti, in europe (Rodgers doesnt know :tactics) hes a novice("coach") by comparison with those "managers" anyway the issue is Stevie, and WE all support our captain...!!

Greetings  to all Reds with birthdays today :)  

 Suz> and greetings also from ..  and

Sad performance at st James (1-0)  Stevie was the only player who showed class, one pass must have been from one corner to the opposite diagonal corner direct to Raheem,  Coutinho tried but the movement up front wasnt good lack of energy form almost all players in first half

Skrtel had our closest attempt just after  H-T !!! (Glen had cleared off the line as we failed to create one clear chance in the early part)... lack of understanding , and thats when BR's lack of experience shows, we go through a bad time, and too many changes (i dont think u should involve several new players at the beginning of the season, who arent even "settled" ... its not our way, in the past we kept the system simple and developed the players mentality within the club, ....but, now, there isnt the bonding required to make champions, (as well as "over-coaching" ?) because F S G committee spent a lot of money, new players are pushed (too) early into the team , a team that has a big hole left by Luis and Studge's injury, its not ALL BRents fault, but this is when a "Manager" shows his worth,....and he hasnt...yet! because he is a 'coach" NOt a "manager"....   I feel for our supporters , early start to get to the game, just to see a performance lacking conviction, yes, players have off-days, but the Geordies Team were far too often first to the ball, and lack of passion in a REdS Team again is beyond excuses, BR doesnt seem to be able to motivate the players he selects, (and I believe Lucas, or Marko deserves a chance before BR's "pet" Allen )  and despite several warning about this aspect Moreno(again) failed to clear convincingly , and the geordies snatched the 3 points, have we now lost more games than won!!???
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