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Saturday, November 8, 2014

REdNet update "I dont wanna watch chelski"

SG = IS the answer!!!

Reds suffer slender loss at the Bernabeu
4th Nov 2014 - from Latest News official site...
Reds suffer slender loss at the Bernabeu
Author: Chris Shaw @shawcu=t
Liverpool were narrowly outdone by Real Madrid in their Champions League Group B contest on Tuesday evening, with a single goal <cut> For Rodgers and the Reds, two pivotal games now await in the battle for a berth in the Champions League knockout stages."

N SG = Nchance

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CS> Most fans dont have,  or rather do not TAKE, TIME to research and investigate the club they give so much to, without the thirty million  +  registered on the net,  the club , as it is, would not exist 
as it is, and I could argue that a return to grass roots would do everyone good! we are.. with f s g = the 2nd version of USA infestors... and why I do continue to contest them..
Apart from the obvious now  I have contested G & H and F S G from day 1 in 2oo7,  to me it was always obvious that Businessmen who make money from , IMo, cheating, via hedge funding , cant be trusted with oUR ClUB  , that doesnt mean that I trust many football ppl either ..but to give AWAY control of one of the biggest clubs in the world , yes we are! to be used by them as a cash cow is virtual suicide...and a refection of fans naivety. not just saying this now, as Brent comes out with more  excuses after each game, only one win in the last 5 games and failing to score in 4 of them, his "spin" is incredible , from "working on defence" he is now "working on attack" many things should have been sorted in the summer.. not least the greatest player of this generation , our captain not having a contract!!!! ....                                                                                           <    wh decided t bring in anna Mark, vren ambert, Ba, whist usetting Stevie, ucas, Gen and ushing ut ee & Agger ...q  the F S g cmmittee r BR...q  >
WE used to "slot" players  in every season, not throwing several new players into the early seasn games...
IF we dont beat Chelski today < saturday8th nov > we may be , again" , out of the tite race at the beginning of November, and I know I am not alone in hoping such days were gone after our challenge last seasn, having said that, it was as obvious that BR needed the extra talents of Luis & Studge , and Stevies "on=field management" to come close during a season when the level of main rivals was re atively weak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  see    team=  Liverpool: Mignolet, Johnson, Moreno, Skrtel, Lovren, Gerrard, Can, Henderson, Coutinho, Sterling, Balotelli.
Substitutes: Jones, Toure, Lucas, Allen, Lallana, Borini, Lambert.
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LFC fan ny>  well played. the 2nd team didnt play bad at all. everyone expecting a thumping against the best team in Europe currently. Toure was immense. we just needed more urgency in attck but im not too dissapointed. hope the 1st team better....

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