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Thursday, November 13, 2014

REdNet Review

just reviewing         THESE, <thirty dirty days>                   ... . made dec. 13 ..... I D needs 2 change it                                  REdNET =====================================================================  BS... from the F S g tv officiaL hype website < >  .........................   anyway, saturday night I was cheering mysef up watching and getting emotional over the FIFth european champions cup final and the celebrations of  o5  ...and after just hurting mysef  thinking "IF only" SoS & the shareLfc boys had co oped eary and forced the club into our hands, they certai  n l y didnt do enugh to SEll the investment aspect or recruit celebs and exit the yankers.<part 2>.. its sickening comparing how great the feel ing was with Rafa, when we were the most feared team in europe compared to now when <minus Luis>  we have a naive lad coaching who gets caught out at every big game , by experienced MANAGERS ..I hate maureen and angelotti winning at our HoME...  saturday, how can U start Balo  its not right, he was caught, half a doen times offside , he  dont put in a shift, and there is No player that shoud be coasting at our club, <or thats how it was>... CAn he cant...<another "almost" signing >   .....yet......                                          but, the over riding aND obvious mistake was brinGing too many new faces straight into the team...<why arent we signing players wh FIT, not just thse "avaliabe" .!!   f+ing up the "bonding" process,   so,  its back to page 1....... better, even , IS to play kids than So MANY new boys ........we almost have had a new defence and Mignolet<in>needs somene to tell him their names because he hardly communicates with them, as another soft goal goes in,....form corners or  crosses ...    ... Stevie once again showed class but playing far too deep ,     bring  Lucas in and give Stevie the ball anywhere!.. ,  Coutinho looks still our most dangerous and creative payer , rewarded again by an eary exit !!!!!   , thanks Brent, so you can bring on "pet Allen".... but over all Skrtel was easily Man of the match.. solid .. he deserved
better...AND.....  yes,   i still  dream of Stevie Kenny & Rafa managing our club teams, youth & accademy again, ..and I d like to personally give Red cards to Brent , Ayre, Henry and the F S g oons.....  oh,  and Chelski were dirty stinking cheats , reflecting their manager.............

"hype tv  a.k.a. =lfctv " ==Author: Chris Shaw @shawct
Liverpool were narrowly beaten 2-1 by Chelsea in the Barclays Premier League on Saturday afternoon as Diego Costa's second-half strike made the difference at Anfield.

Emre Can set the tone" ..<cut>  bah ...
"Welcoming their team home following a pair of successive away fixtures", <defeats> "
Both sides were hugely <expansive> during the opening exchanges, " <or expensive....> 
Composed passing by Steven Gerrard and Jordan Henderson from the back released Raheem Sterling, who fed Can to the right.......
<cut> "
was beaten out by Simon Mignolet. Unfortunately, Cahill was waiting to quickly force over the line and secure an equaliser which was awarded with the use of goalline technology." <and SM  falling  back into the goal"

"The tempo was relentless; Mario Balotelli side-footed the ball home from Philippe Coutinho's pass but was ruled offside, " <again!>

"Chelsea struggled to cope with the trickery and agility of Coutinho at times and one fine solo dribble from his own territory allowed the No.10 to surge into the centre, 20 yards from goal, and pummel an effort that Courtois leapt low to palm out."

"Glen Johnson covered crucially ......

Concession of possession almost cost Liverpool dearly four minutes before the interval and it was another situation with Hazard the ultimate protagonist, but Mignolet collected his shot comfortably to herald half-time with the score level at 1-1."  <mistake by.......>


"Coutinho's intelligence and determination continually carried the Reds into the opposition half " <cut>

It was a different story at the other end in the 67th minute. In a moment much disputed by the home fans, <was in!>   Azpilicueta kept the ball in play wide on the left, scampered into the Liverpool box and fired a cross-shot that Mignolet redirected. <redirected!!!!!>>  But as it bounced loose, Costa thundered underneath the bodies.

A combination of Azpilicueta and Nemanja Matic then contrived to thwart a Henderson volley at the back post that had been smartly <! new kit!???> assisted by substitutes Joe <"pet"> Allen, with a left-flank cross, <cut>
 unbeaten Premier League pace-setters, with domestic fixtures now set to pause for an international break. " <and a pause in the hype.....>    review at  more ........posted in European REd loyal Supporters Club
Chris Smith-Mypod
Chris Smith-Mypod 11 November 11h
I dedicate this to my Dads generation, the last time Brits KNEW for sure why they went to war...
@EuRED09 @pelle2x is a hobby scout. He is able to report cos he has seen them play extensively. If u r not convinced, watch them yourself.   CS> dont  care if he is a "hobby horse"  ..its BS!
Shanks to Stevie ..the end of an era?
when Stevie Leaves the Spirit will be gone..f S G are soul-less some fan nies dont realise just how much ..... 
      posted in Play Beautiful football in the Wild
The Bib Theorists
Fancy seeing @DietmarHamann & @Realaldo474 tomorrow @waterstonesl1, discussing @Sport_Carlton’s #LFC book?               
@garymh1974 @Kopitetickets 140 characters wasnt enough to express how grateful i am Cheers Gaz 👍& all at #FaceValue
02:53 PM - 07 Nov 14
                                                                                                  Liverpool's struggles are due to squad turnover, absence of a defined style ....says "Fan nie" !!!                        
Real Madrid v Liverpool: Champions League – as it happened

Liverpool FC
Confirmed: #LFC’s starting XI and substitutes v Real Madrid
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                ready fr this....    Vicky Shergold commented on Suzzy Ray-Brut's post in European REd loyal Supporters Club
Vicky Shergold
Vicky Shergold 31 October 16:53
Brendan can only tell them who he wants, the rest is up to Ian Ayre. Btw Harvey, who's Brent? Lol   CS< then Ayre asked F S G , who asked Henry, who asked Maureen! ha ha 
Ever fancied getting married at Goodison? Attend  free wedding open evening on 12 Nov. <Andy!>    ha ha…
                                                                                                                                 ANDY CARROLL
It was a great feeling to be back out on the pitch against Aston Villa on Saturday and being at the Boleyn Ground made it even better.

There was no chance I was not going to win the first header which came to me so when I saw it coming, my eyes lit up and I went for it, and won it. I had a couple of chances and was unlucky with the one when the keeper made a great save.

It took a long time for me to come back, a lot of hard work and I have to give credit to all of the medical staff for getting me back fit. I had to make sure it was 100% before I started doing anything. I had a couple of weeks where I could not do anything, even go to the gym. With me being active, that was more annoying than anything.

I try not to dwell on the injuries as they are in the past now. I just think about being on the pitch and playing football. That is what I have been doing for the past couple of weeks. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now I am on the pitch and that is where I want to stay.

We have the international break now and then the first home game is Newcastle. I am back now with my first bit of football, so from now going forwards I am going to be chomping at the bit to be involved.

We have a big squad with great players, there is nothing better than to have to fight to try and get your spot. With all great teams, that is the challenge you have got. Our team is doing fantastic at the minute and I am delighted to have that fight. It is a fantastic time to be a West Ham player.
any old i rons .... ronnie  reagan...! ha ha 

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  1. good going forward but needs to sharpen his defensive capabilities , not yet ready...