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Monday, May 2, 2011

are YOU a TRUE (GLOBAL) REd =own y-our club @ price of a match ticket?


DO YOU consider yourSELF a TRUE REdS SUPPORTER , whether you are local or GLOBAL?

were you part of THIS? ...

OR  that Miracle of |Istanbul



enjoing the Dynasty or those early days

when Shanks & Emlyn  showed the way

DO you FEEL  these painful times , tragic


and ridiculous? 

? AND YOU  DONT WANT to RISK experience of any more of this...


 BUT, you DO do you want to be involved in FuTuREdS  and This...?

Kenny SMILING.....

  Y.N.W.A.....and fighting for glory 


of this..........

BEing a part of the BIG GLOBAL REdS family...

DO YOU KNOW? can own a share in LFC for the price of a match ticket? 

.....there are more than 5 MILLION people registered as "Lfc fans" on FB, if we had been able to organise these (and I appreciate some are kids or "occasional" fans we could have bought the club for about 50 quid each!!
I believe we should mobilise the "informal membership" of the Global REdS and state OUR claim, including ALL supporters groups, individual fan clubs, facebook groups that claim to be supporters or fans of Lfc , whether official or not…
my proposal would be to push the club to issue MATCHING shares that we can obtain to an equal value over the next years thus ,say by 2020 or thereabouts we would obtain a 50/50 status...The benefits are numerous , for all concerned..
extra revenue,
each member (shareholder) can be an " enthusiastic salesman" of our Club products
a massive development ; considering Lfc facebook registered 5 million + "fans" to achieve an equal status would cost an average of only 60 euros each "do-able" even for the poorest communities..?

a) Open a savings account with a branch or partner bank of ING ; BNL or NLB
b) do not pay any Union or cLUB membership to me or my organisation
c) invest the equivalent of 50 GBP
d) WAIT for a CONFIRMED, verified and legal annoucement that an equal SUPPORTER shareholding
e) Once verified (by the club) transfer the money to the CORRECT purchasing account
(ONLY after you have received a proper shreholding club member number)

Why not?...encourage your favourite Lfc group (official OR unofficial) to participate OR join…

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