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Sunday, May 1, 2011

happy May Day Global REdS

i know all about Purslow, mate..i posted that stuff months ago..(on my group KOP Unltd) · the best is to use the sopucres that are trustworthy, and there is NO media that is 100% ..and persona sources at the club..anyway, like everything time will change "memory" and unfortunately some fans get stuck in an opinion and no amoutn of info will change that..but deep down a lot of fans who were illinformed will or should hang their heads..
Kenny , Steve Clarke, and Sammy Lee , a renewed bootroom with a massive positive influence led by a man who even the media have to the reason, (apart from getting a bargain, FSG have'nt done anything like as much as "the King", and Henry-Werner are still bairns in fa ootballing sense) ..there is a RE9d)Volution..
the pleasing thing for me, whilst clubs like citeh and struggle to justify their version of "footy monopoly" by trying to buy success , Kenny has proven (again) to the mases of armshair /tv pundits and fickle fans that Footy is STILL so much about character and the MAXIMUM use of and development of talent a resources, let us also not forget the Rafa influence which took the accademt from 5 international level youth palyers to 251) and to see players like Kelly , Flanagan , and Robbo coming through is a joy..and( Rafa's much maligned ) Lucas is surely player of the season?
dont need to "knight" the KING, he can have no bigger place in LFC history than number one.. i still FEEL that supporter involvement and a place for Rafa in the club would secure any of my own worries (especially after the recent sale of Lfc shares to a US sportstar) lets keep our feet on the ground and never get "bossed out of the picture" again like in the previous regime.. YNWA/J4t96
L1verpool 3 newcastle 0
a very HAPPY May-day to & for all global REdS
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