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Thursday, May 19, 2011

"MAY-BE" Birthday Party - part 2.....


..."MAY- BE , bab-Y- to be a Birth-DAY-Boy ..or will she NOT be!" ?

 FB11519 ... (I had part 21 with Koko last week...and now its almost time for "MayBE birth-day party" 3rd & "final" part .......This world and this region particularly is full of "spontaneous" ...the "MAY-be" people ,, are you coming? , here or there? .. common (and boring) answer = "MAY-be" , well <smile> Yoda says "no maybe, dont "try" = do or dont being "Alien" I will follow the "StarWars ethics" ..its only couple of days away so show some "R.E.S.P.E.C.T" and DECIDE..

(because all it really means is the ppl are waiting to see if there is something "better")

Saturday 21 may ; meeting point ; bar of "FORMA" caffe (near "autobus stanica" Podgorica) or send me a PERSONAL email or Fb message (private for "scurity reasons) ...

There may be an "after/before party sunday night from 22h @ "Nags Head pub" (ragina glava) with "Todor the barman" as my host, BUT then the drinks are on YOU! lol .....<smile>

Thursday 06h, and arrived back in Pg, almost exactly a week after leaving thursday morning , a week ago.. (just been running to clear my head and stretch my muscles!) , Kept my promise, in time to celebrate part 3 of MayBE birth-day party" 3rd & "final" partr" (but someone went to Sombor fair) "May be too "tired" to party sat? ;)

(I sent this to the FB guests" ;;;

".......This world and this region particularly is full of "spontaneous" ...the "MAY-be" people ,, are you coming? , here or there? .. common (and boring) answer = "MAY-be" , well <smile> Yoda says "no maybe, dont "try" = do or dont being "Alien" I will follow the "StarWars ethics" ..its only couple of days away so show some "R.E.S.P.E.C.T" and DECIDE..

(because all it really means is the ppl are waiting to see if there is somethign "better")

Saturday 21 may ; meeting point ; bar of "FORMA" caffe (near "autobus stanica" Podgorica) or send me a PERSONAL email or Fb message (private for "scurity reasons) ...

There may be an "after/before party sunday night from 22h @ "Nags Head pub" (ragina glava) with "Todor the barman" as my host, BUT then the drinks are on YOU! lol .....<smile> F i get no reply then you are off the guest list (perm) ciao!


p.s. girls may bring girlfriends and guys a girl partner (but tell me b4 please) but NO "boy groups" ..this is a celebration, with a "ChriS bias" lol, to enjoy in a good atmosphere, for new and old friends, which i am happy to fund...its not a cheap bar, and I need to know names & numbers because I AM "cooking" ha ha ha .. "  )

I got the midnight bus from Liverpool to Luton airport, as there were no direct flight connection at the time, , and helped a confused french girl on the same bus ( i was the only one who spoke french to her!)  get to check in only a few minutes before the desk closed...( i sent a short email from there, costs GBP 1 for 15 mins! rip-off madness! ) otherwise the travel (especially as I for ONCE checked in my bag, with all the "goodies" ; some shirts , a new Lfc shirt & trainer top for Leon and others, including "condiments" etc I cant get here, PG tips, cadbury, HP sauce, certain mustard, thick cut marmelade, I had to check in because they wouldnt allow such "dangerous" things to travel in "carry on".what a carry-on!?  .& "Shankly" (autobiography) to read - I had the original 30 years ago (banned by Lfc) but it got lost (used to be a book I would read whenever i needed a "lift")

for once a "quiet " journey and lttle drama, ...and I booked a  wizz air taxi to meet me at Bg airport to go to caffe "ventil" where some "easy music" was playing and soothed me...until later that evenign ..when a certain sms arrived..

I wrote clearly in a previous mail that my plan was to have a short time in Bg b4 gettign overnight  bus to Pg, I met MD a Lfc fan, gave her a souvenir from LP then Bo, a FB the stanica before catching the bus..its was quick and i was so tired i did sleep more than expected on the bus ...

("Stars" Gemini ..The workday will flow smoothly today. You could be asked to take on a leadership position, or be offered a raise or promotion, and people will be earger to cooperate with you. You get a nice, pretty feather or two to put in your corporate hat." (the Redmen tv meet?)   

I have this morning withdrawn the "LetS BFAIR" (link) from AM employers..and I feel there is my "soul mate" within her,but when you have other influences and i am not around  priorities get confused..and I need someone to rely on you..the people i want to help need that too, and THEY are mostly HER  people...

When ppl get angry they write things that Hurt, but really shouldnt write that she dont want to "bother" me anymore..because in my language thats like saying "goodbye" - I told  before that we must be careful with communications, not only because (and who could doubt it still?) mine are deliberately disrupted" , which brings anyway a general annoyance for me (especially when i travel) ..but because i am now "away" from the "home" ...which is..................well, Lp is my "hometown" and although i love the ppl , i am not the same as them anymore either, (or anywhere?) we have similar spirit ..but I belong .........? where ???  ...I hope in "Monty with my "soul mate" ..if she dont have time, or dont "get" my messages because she dont relate to the content , so its difficult for me to react to  when i only have a short time to relay 24 hrs of my life, and SHARE ..with the only one i want to share with ..!

(to "BE" or not to e that the question?)

I was NOT “angry” yesterday , when I couldn’t get connected on skype. (and believe me if skype says U are off line, then I don’t know what I should do about that!!) skype again this morning …(btw) until I phoned, and no one spoke English at her office (BIG negative for them!, I could teach? but…)   … WAS angry when I read  “well don’t waste your time on me if you think its not worth it"  its obvious how much I care and how much I value our time, but as she has also travelled a lot try to put herself in my shoes and BE my “soul mate!” when I need her be ..not just when , its “easy”  having thanked  me for what I “gave you” but without  really explaining & I sent 4 emails and numerous sms and all I really wanted was something like “I miss you” and MAYbe even “pse come back", instead U reminded me of my enemies (mancs) on a bad weekend when "evil" won…

if doubted,  I will cancel  , who wants that??  I promised to come back and I keep my promises… hope to be trusted, no one should play with my words!  ..anyway I just heard on BBc (and I have had a glut of BBC news, good info programmes and unique comedy yesterday, aquiet night in the Inn) that Liverpool had a record 5 ½ MILLION visitors last month!...

& who then doubts  the value of my project??? (link to "LetS-BFAIR" )   it can be the best thing that ever happened to “Monty” & yet someone wantsto challenge me when I am in a bad mood? ok ok ! ;) hope we can solve has  many forms,,,decided to tell me at the last moment of our skype meeting that she is leaving monty just as i am coming back...hmmmm, provoking or...what/? seems "slobo2" gets priority...suspiciously..but IF u are your own person..freedom and consequences , chances, & choices..will come and go..I 'm "strong" i carried the experiences of my life, I "survived" thosenear-death situations (5) ....I live alone, with no family other than my "RedS" and people seem to ASSume that I dont feel ..that I dont NEED anyone, and not just "ANYone" ..I hoped AM understood, but i also know its a lot to ask for ppl to understand my "depth"..

I was very sensitive about leaving "Monty" (mostly because of "AM") & surely she realised, maybe its too much , but its honest... if she were not coming to my party I probably wouldnt come back..yet ...

(Stars ; gemini ; monday (liked by BObabe!) "Your love life should be perking along nicely today. You are the "Starbucks" of love, in fact. If you are still single, you may suffer an embarrassment of riches. You may have too many suitors, and it could be a challenge to pick just one".)
(for "koko" ; I was sensitive about my birthday, thinking that all those family and friends I lost over years , WONT know me any more, i cant share with them...cant celebrate my "survival" yet she touched  me,so sorry, (well no I am not "sorry" to know ) she 'll GET IT ALL!!!! :pp choose your jokes carefully, especially when i am "away" .... but I would rather argue than U stop being who you are, just PLEASE be careful NOt  to  antogonise me about "splitting" because i am as stubborn, and even caring so much about you, I might.....but i dont want to move... )

ppl dont take enough time to understand me, & scan my messages TOO dont see how difficult it is, if she were here ..and i wish, so that i was n't are on common ground, you are at home or in office you arent "mobile"  in akward situations , you have "familiarity" all around you...
so , just rememember the few times when u are travelling,how it is for me..

and I REALLY appreciate  feelings, i care about the tear-scar" ..!! :p -- u should know me , U have to feel yourself.. I am a  universal gypsy.. I can feel Monty is home, at least for the time being, maybe your inner ghosts lead  somewhere else ..but i dont feel that...

CS>..after leaving the library internet, (sunday) I got to the stadium early to soak up atmosphere, instead there was simply a risk of being rained-soaked, the EVIl of manchester had sent us mid-winter weather to dampen our spirits and the crowning of the KING (Kenny) ..had a traditional brunch at Linda's cafe then bought a couple of souvenits for my croatia "REdsis"

..had a swift pint at the "Albert" and found a lass who knew her footy, to chat with until Anita (AM) and her sister arrived...
..another pint in the historic "sandon" 
and excorted the girls to the stadium it was pouring and i feared for their health..i felt cold myself (because of Balkan-balcon "conditioning"? )...

the atmosphere was subdued, and the team too, allowing spurs to take the initiative and they scored the early goal that should have been ours..the change in formation without  Raul ( another classy player absent ) was probably another loss too many and the predictable long ball to Andy easier for them to defend than our slick pass-move and score of monday night,,

but of course manc fan ("referee") Howard Webb gave us nothing...

The crowd stayed a long time to applaud the players and families...

the traditonal family procession was applauded but  a relatively "quiet" crowd, and although there is still much to celebrate about our direction, not least the emergence of young lads ; Jonjo ; Jay ; Flangan (excellent)   Kelly (player of the early season) and Robbo 

    ..when I saw the girls face she was obviousuly suffering and decided not to recommence "May-be-babe birthday party -pt 2" and take the girls for a quiet pasta meal back near their albert docks hotel..

this grey wet & windy, monday morning  even my "brunch bar girlfriend" was absent..(but i got to have a Tea and say "hello" tuesday after coming back from complaining at Lfc (who attempted to play " ping-pong" with me, will get challenged another way..) but I am looking forward to the day..rare shopping for some stuff to bring back to "monty" ..YNWA , the future is REd ..if we make it so!

sunday morning, at the library, I am on my way to have "brunch" in a typical old-style "cafe" opposite the stadium and "soak up" the atmosphere watching local & Global REDs arrive from all over world , most of them with a common passion of supporting the greatest club in the world, Ferguson, the mancs manager, will be celebrating this weekend BUT, on the back of his mind he will KNOW that the (Liverpool) REdS are coming back up..and soon..its probably the last season that he will win anything worthwhile, ..I hope he stays so he watch us take back number 19, 20 & 21 in the coming years, but even now the mancs are in our shadow 18 + 5 = 23 , can U count,mancs???

saturday night after enjoying the atmosphere and a few pints in "coopers" where real people ; real characters get up and sing for the people around  them i got talking with "jamie" young guy who left here when was 9,travelled a lot and is currently over from australia (oz) ... we agreed (and this is NOT BIAS) that NO where in ther world are there friendly community than Liverpool people and the spirit runs through our club , when U have travelled and compared everywhere you been remember the feelings you get from these people wherev er u meet them...and  can anyone prove me wrong? 

..........had a quiet drink with the lasses from zagreb, AM has "MS" (Multiple scerosis) and her sister has suspected appendicitis ..but are brave, true REdS & smile through it
i was pleased to stop "party" to tell them my stories and they were so grateful, i was so moved..
. on my way to the game ...11,30./..passion is RED the FUTURE is RED!! we are REDS the only TRUE LIVE REdS and not those of the d'evil mancs:D

Saturday 14th 11h local time Liverpool (lib) woke up early, showered couple of  slices of toast and tea in the Inn canteen, some Spanish and a Korean there, also met 2 guys there (Matt & Simon) on a "Stag weekend" ..VERY interested in october (LetS B FAIR link)as were all the ppl in the "20-44" club , in Bg , a floating jazz clube full of local celebs, we were entertained  by top class jazz band
(it claimed to have the best musicians  in Balkans-E/Europe)  ...before that Liverpool/ Serbian Fans Marija D, & Luka , his mate Niko (Bosnian) had met in Bg, and we went to caffe "Ventil"  a small caffe/bar ..first ..these were the ppl I had spent time with in the last year and fitting way to start "May-be birthday part 2" ..., then to fit the theme Bo, D brought her psycodelic friend Bo-baBE!! .. who is completely insane , but funny and sexy with it.. its was a funny crowd,.

(Stars ; Gemini "If you are still single, you may feel that your love life is a bit  chaotic right now. You seem to attract people with unusual hobbies or backgrounds") ;)

bo D & BaBE took me to this floating club and introduced me to all the "cool beautiful ppl"  like george the gay owner, and Ivana who is teaching yoga! (lots to talk about!) Bo D called me "intense"and MD called me "Fiesty" <smile> “BO-Babe" came to me, but even with 12 rakija I was “sober", and dropped Bo off on the way to the airport (taxi TEN euros, was “acceptable" ....although the  " information" desk at Bg bus station had NO info, NO English speakers and when asked about bus transfer at the airport she answered “dont  know“(what she meant was "dont care")  but I just laughed at her. I had seen 3 funersl on the way Thursday from Pg, to Bg, negative omens were already building up, even the police (not AM nor "koko" ) came to wish me goodbye at the Pg bus station (whilst rounding up the “usual suspects") ...

so Friday the 13th HAD the “drama" that had been sparked by "premonitions" of "koko" and had caused me to explore we came into land at Luton, the wheels were almost touching the runway when suddenly the engines powered FULL ON and we climbed at full sleep away from the airport, ANOTHER plane was landing at the same time ON THE SAME RUNWAY..close enough for you????? (shouldn't  doubt my "instincts")  but "Koko" seemed  NOT to be missing the “Alien" enjoying  the "ChriS-Pausa" ;)   & on Friday night, after a little siesta (no sleep since Wednesday night) and I met a girl who manages the touring of "Take that"and "Bon Jovi" (really! )  Alex from Lp , living in London and working for their record label) we exchanged some stories
..I picked up Anita ( Red from Z!) and her sister, we did the "“photo thing" outside and inside the “Cavern club" (google it?)
but they have some serious health issues could only drink water, but at least Anita can dance, and well, very easy with me, and we were (again) stars of the dance floor (lol) .

. the "Sheik"  from Dubai tried to “get involved" he was funny and I told him “Mr Sheik, we are LIVERPOOL , we dont  care about your money" ¦but he was ok and we laughed a lot , at and with him..then I bought the girls roses
  (matthew street is one of the most vibrant places in the world at night) and took them to their hotel, had a burger on my way back to the International Inn (owner was the first manager of the Beatles) and had a sobering tea in the kitchen with Norwegian Aslak before going to bed..GOOD feelings, but I still thought about AM not being here , yet! AM's friend (Sandra) sent me a "manc power" sms ...whilst I am  in Liverpool the Mecca of music and FOOTBALL "I wasn't impressed ...."tell Sandra to enjoy it, because its their LAST season, The LIVERPOOL Reds , and best supporters in the World are coming UP, and we will take everything which is OURs BACK and leaving the mancs imposters (the SECOND best team of that city!) with nothing  ‚¬“she can have monty"but I will take it back , the mancs only succeed when we are elsewhere,,, lol ;)

ChriS ,
i am NOT blue , i am not cool ,
I ' m a PASSIONate REd through and through ;)

 link from "ko.ko" ...accents by H. Laurie ("House")

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