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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Season 10-11:-Final opinions & CAMPAIGN : "Protect & Invest in Y-our club"


Kenny's positive energy brings the best out of ALL of our players, Suarez is fantastic and tricky for opponent 's defenders..but they will be "looking for him" next season so the whole team has to take responsibility , to avoid him being soley picked & kicked out..


  • ChriS SmiTH
    UEFA Champions League Final - AC Milan v Liverpool
    in action during the European Champions League final between Liverpool and AC Milan on May 25, 2005 at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey. 2005 Getty Images thanks JERzy!! (he retired today)
  • Joel Pama    Jerzy Dudek the legend

  • the Future is LIVERPOOL-RED! :)


 3 players out b4 the game startede; Glenn, Maxi & Andy..although we started well , but formation & first half disrupted by injuries to Jay and Carra , much better effort in the 2nd half, missed a few chances but as spurs won anyway,, its a season without europe, but that may be the chance to have a 100% "go" at the League, whatever will be , will be!


couple of unfortunate results and (some) people get quickly  depressed , add Stevie, Glenn, Agger, Andy, Aquilani +2/3 to squad=just watch us GO !!


(personal comment yesterday 23rd May Birthday )

thank U,every one who took time 2 post Messages on my FB wall..surprisingly sober, despite going "through the card",drunk almost every cocktail on "Nags Head" card..becoming "immune" to alchohol?, not sure if this is a good thing, <smile> had "deep discussion" with Fab, he and I scared the locals..but kept me company (tx!).. sky threatens rain , On MY Birthday? end of the world is nigh! :D tx ALL

23 May 03:02
ok lets look at the season overall.... ok, we didn't get into the europa league... some people are disappointed, some aren't. I would have preferred to have finished as high up the table as possible and was disappointed we didn't get 5th spot... ON THE PLUS SIDE... this club at the start of the season was runned by corrupt business men... gillett and hicks... we had a mediocre manager in roy hodgson who only aspired to a mid table team manager. we got new owners that brought some hope back into the club. at christmas, we were in a relegation position and no spirit in the team. we got the king back... we turfed out torres whose heart wasn't in it any more to play for us. we brought in suarez, and carroll. dalglish brought out the best in players that simply weren't performing... meireles, and maxi... he brought youth into the side... flanagan and robinson. despite our bad start to the season and losing out to the europa league and having two defeats in a row... we can now look forward to rebuilding our team. chelsea are managerless... and no one in their right mind would want the job... united are an aging squad and won the title cause arsenal and chelsea through it away. man city are rocky as theres always talk of unrest in the squad... spurs again, good team but not good enough to contend the title... we buy the right players, we will be up there in the top 3. we don't have the europa league... we have only the domestic cups to deal with... we will not want to go another season without silverware.

Fair assesment Sean, IMO the damage done was SO bad from the disasterous chain of Moores->Parry->Hicks-Broughton-Purslow->Hodgson that only a Miracle could stop the "titanic-like slide down into  the abyss"…only 5 months ago!, and when we lose 3 players before yesterdays game at Villa and 2 injured in the first half hour, yet still managed to put enough of a fight together in the 2nd half to warrant a draw or even snatch a win..we are in FANTASTIC shape, Unfortunately such is modern game that fans are "sky-washed" into their short-term memory loss and "p(l)ay -station" attitude that a team can be bought,,,

OUR major signing was Kenny, because he has brought back the SPIRIT of offence, both on the pitch and in the press conference and reminds everyone supporters, players and media that "WE are LIVERPOOL" ..and  that means we have a MASSIVE advantage going into next season, with OUR team mentality ready for "mission 19" (20 & 21…?)  ..we battered citeh and their real-madrid-eque collection of mercenaries, we battered United, the "champions" who may yet do another double in a mediocre league in a europe full of "average"…Barca have stood out more because of the failings of any other team than anything "special"

 I feel our first 30 minutes @ fulham last week was as good as anything Barca can do, and with a team ethic we have another advantage is that our "target" man is hopeully not going to get kicked out of the game..(I wont discuss Torres except to remind everyone that perversion our clubs ethics caused his departure, and thus he should not be "despised" any more than any other ex-Lfc player who chose to leave!) ..Suarez may in years to come have the sort of effect that a player such as Keegan, a Dalglish or dare I say Messi, has , yet we should avoid heaping our match-winning expectations on any one player, the departure of Torres, the absence of Stevie and the unfit Andy has in fact given responsibility to other players ; who have responded (with motivation by Kenny and advices of Steve and Sami) notably Lucas, Maxi and the youngsters ; Flanagan, Jonjo, Spearing and Robbo …Let us also never forget that Kelly was player of the season until  his unfortunate injury, HIS natural position at centre back, and his obvious ability to carry the ball may make his a prefect understudy for Danny Agger..Wisdom was on the bench too Sunday..another central defender..

People are raving about "money to spend" 

My personal wish is for Aquilani to rejoin our "pass & move" resurrection and I also believe that a fit Andy can fit into this play (and not us into his ) long balls to centre forwards is an easy tactic to defend against, and whilst some fans (and the "expert" pundits and ex-players ) drone on about "lack of pace"  the fastest "pace" is "zipping" the ball past a player into space and most of the very best players ; Pele, Zidane, Platini etc were not known for "pace"  …its just as pleasing to the eye to see an effective cutting pass & move through the opposition as a player beat 3 men ..especially when we end up with a simple pass…in to the net..

I Trust Kenny, However, Words of caution before getting carried away with the "off field" position…read ("under constuction") webpage; 

...who can ignore this campaign? if you truly love your club, would you ever
risk the recent experiences being repeated, whatever your opinion of the
new yankers ..their ties to our club are monetary, they are in for profit,
they have NO emotional ties to Lfc..or us, their "PR" is classy ..but some
of the comments merely prove that a 5 year old scouser knows more about
footy and Lfc....

(and who, then, has their "ear" ? they also over-looked Kenny until 10,000
didnt show up at Anfield!!)

The bargain price of 200 million GBP could have been achieved by our
supporters , had SoS-SL and all other fan clubs/groups been "motivated"
sufficiently when I made that call 3 years ago..

"we" succesfully removed Hicks & co, but with considerable damage that only
a super-hero Kenny could have saved..

with 5 million "loyal" fans on facebook, properly managed = a Billion
euro/dollar value...tempting, should Henry-Werner feel inclined to sell whom? another Hicks who then asset strips and sells as it sees fit,
already FSG sold shares to a USA sports star recently ignoring our requests
for "consult or discussion" about such matters..

whose club is it?...I say it IS (spiritually) ours and pragmatically we
raised its focal with our emotional and financial support (i personally
could have bought 2 new houses with the money I have invested in supporting
Lfc in the last 40 years)

MY Goal ; to achieve 50/50 status by year 2020..!

simple ;

a)with a 50/50 status, although we wouldn't make daily decisions we could
force removal of, or at least block those who may try to attempt "a G & H"
in the future!

b) we have a potential investment profit if properly managed (and we can
look over the shoulder of the yankers

c) we tie ourselves permanently to the club we lo

d) the injection and increased sales (effectively we become a global
network of "promoters" of Lfc kit etc (and could even bring "in" the rogue
traders ; who sell replica-replicas) could ensure say that a new stadium was called "Shankly stadium" not "big mac" and even maybe remove "sponsors" form our shirt (personally i dislike any name bigger than our own emblem)
e) no more "war" unit (on and off the field , AND in the "office) 


under construction ;

this is the interim webpage (however, I dont need to be "front man" ) i will support anymedia / group who want to push this through and make it clear ..its much more serious than most of the "bling generation" realise..


"Crazy REd" ChriS

  • Seán Ó Cléirigh well you know my thoughts over the torres affair and i am in agreement with yourself on that chris
  • Frank Carlyle Totally agree Chris with your sentiments over Torres... Aquilani is another agreement.... American 'Custodians' another agreement... But we haven't got Zidane, Pele nor Platini on our books. Therefore, we do need pace and some top, top quality players (3/4) to fit right into the side if we're going to make some sort of impact next season! The cracks opened wide against 'Spurs' and 'Villa'! Don't forget the distastrous results against West Ham and West Brom. We need new 'Blood' to lift everybody connected with this club of of ours! Paisley used to buy two or three new players a season, and so did Kenny, and just look at the success those two brought us with their 'Vision'!

  • ChriS SmiTH take yr point Frank,... every top team , even the so-called "champs" (chumps) the mancs, got beaten several tiimes, not least when we took them apar,t so, I dont put much value in those reverses @wham or WBA , our overall form would have put us in "contention" had Kenny been appointed in the summer, or when the NESV/FSG took over, I agree 2/3 TOP quality players, added to the best of the existing squad, and the return of all our "loaned" and injured players and we are certain contenders...i dont wan tto nit-pick but I truly feel that Bob benefited from Shanks vision, and was clever in his continuation of the basis of Bills legacy, Kenny however, is his own man, 100% and have a massive faith that he will achieve the best for us,

  • Anita Migles i'm guessing you don't like this version? :/

  • ChriS SmiTH errr, thanks Anita,my REdSiS!! :D .. I DO know these lads , from when I lived there.. they themselves are OK ,(he is a REd) but I am not a great fan of any one "interpreting" OUR song...modern fans sing it too fast..and.there's a presonal issue that also reminds me of somethings related to the germans, but dont get me wrong , I appreciate you posting that,...i worry a bit when some young right-wingers (and i dont mean Ian callaghan !) ;) mis-use this version!

Pics from Meeting My "REdSiS " Anita who , with her sick sister travelled all the way from Zagreb, spending all their hard-earnt money,  for their ONE and ONLY holiday to see our LAST home game..



When the REdS..go marching in..

Its WORTH the fight…

so many reason to be CHEERFUL! may the RED FORCE be with YOU..All - WAYS! ;)

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