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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

; SHANKS, loved the man ; MY mentor

then He made the basis for now...

12:49 PM on May 3, 2011
we should always try to win every game and keep a positive mentality/momentum ; and heres a RADICAL idea ..have a "first team" playing the League and FA cup games and (as we have a big enough squad ; have a "2nd team" for fringe and reserve youth players in the Europa league (until the final stages at least) ...managed by Rafa :D ! I am sure these intelligent men ; Kenny & Rafa and the "new bootroom"; Steve Clarke ,Sammy etc could work it all out???

is that the Same John A that wanted hodgson to stay 5 months ago?? come on John, i like you, and U are a great scouser, fan and true supporter of Lfc and an admired palyer who gave 100% but please... dont ever manage our club ....;)

a) our form is the best in the league,,

b|) without (previous) player of the season (kelly) world class captain Stevie and recently Glen and creativity of Agger..

c) the players that will go are those signed by purslow /hodgson + Jovanovic (probably) and a couple of others..

d) Aquilani and Insua are still ours. And still are better than others signed by hodgson/purslow (so yr ex-player "credibiity" is questionaable) !

e) add the youth players comignthrough (and Pacheco who YOU rate) and we can create another "dynasty" (better than Barca)

so IF the injured and loans are recovered and the young lads who i feel Kenny knows and can bring the best out of and maybe a couple of class players and we have a top squad...too many changes coudl upset the atmosphgere that Kenny has achieved..if we can 9as we have ) beat the top 4 then its about momentum , and not drastic measures..its kenny not hodgson dont forget! and i sense a little bit of creeping jealousy for all those pundits and ex-players who backed hodgson when WE (supporters) KNEW he was wrong (from BEFORE day 1) ..!

2 or maybe 3 new top players..but the mood must be continud and momentum protected , and though they were heroes of mine, very few ex-players get it right (or succeed as TOP managers)

EuRED09 ChriS-EuRED @misshanks @youtube i was there! (my first cup final) in Shanks' Red Army, wembley vibrated, that day when OUR footy became superior to all (74 cup final, Shanks last game)

EuRED09 ChriS-EuRED @LivEchoLFC no way! he is our player, if they cant pay the full price then he should be back playing for us!! (Juve wont pay 4 aquilani)

FuTuReDS - LFC youth win again @ wolves 0-4 to give a big chance of topping the league abouve the blues and mancs...;)  BUT more importantly Rudolfi & co, are producing a lot of potential for the FIRST team (and thanks to Rafa for what he did before being forced out..) if things continue positively we will be in a better condition than ANY club in Europe , inc Barca!

p.s. I didnt GO to the "royal" wedding, or even watch on TV..and our family wouldnt stand for THEIR anthem..why would we ?..(at wembly we sang "god save our gracious TEAM") and the reason they are rich is because their abcestors STOLE the people's land..

is "queenie" upset?

this is OUR royalty ; KING Kenny..

and falsely abdicated Lord Rafa ;)

May days ; not just a holiday remember to be SOCIAL.....!


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