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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SCLOG May-BE -day par-ty part ..A..

SCLOG May-BE -day par-ty part ..3A..

Just some personal notes, and this really for my record.,(or potential "close friends")  the "book of my life" and maybe if ever my estranged kids ever want to know about,,,who I am..its been a long story, of extrems but there MAY be another chapter…

18/19->24 may 2011

("Stars" ) gemini "A coworker of the opposite sex could be lucky for you today. Their different point of view could be helpful in triggering an idea that is the solution to the problem you've been chewing on the past two-three days. Just in time, too, because you both needed an answer right away. "

N.b. "Koko" (A.M.) had quickly become someone I started to trust she had "crashed" at my place we had got fairly drunk together, been out to dinner a couple of times, played pool, (also with her brother Milan and his girlfriend Ivana went bowling, and taught cooking and given tips on time management and organisation…in short I had "given a lot" and hoped that she (truly) cares

I had been in Liverpool, and "koko" had pushed me to come back to "Monty"…then she decided to chase after a married serbian guy…she had met in Trieste seminar (he had recommended her for a project in India ..which "impressed" her..

So I am back in kept my promise, but would she be  "tired" to party on

I" got back @06h this morn..remember when U wrote last time "dont forget to come back" ? ;) I now write the same to U,or (koko) do I have to make party alone? C. (sms)
 i just want 2 know, u dont call me, & I dont like the news you "save for later" ;P ..when do u get back? u promised to HELP prepare, bcse if not I will start tomorrow.. "

[18:34:16] " well, A, only if u WANT to help and WANt to celebrate WITH me,..i repeat  u said last week "well, dont wast our time on me, if you think i/m not worth it" ;) C.



[00:08:09] Chris Smith: why do U say sadnight? (she taks about the married "slobo2"
[00:16:39] Chris Smith: hmmm, ironic?, its no more "stupid" than for you to think its ridiculous 4 me to "propose" 2u (btw month is up tonight,???? explains my bad (not sad)day/night!
[00:23:15] Chris Smith: i m just watching an interview with Hugh Laurie (about his career and "house") b4 i go to sleep, i havent really slept since monday night..(she don’t like my questions…)  yes and U now know what I dont want either, goodnight safe , enjoy yr dreams .do u stll want to come and "celebrate the life of ChriS"  saturday?

i met her with slobo
knew a spark had caught me, so...
wanted to get to know
but she turned & ,  said "no"..

irony, doesn't make it stupid
feelings dont let hearts go
just because the package did
young only see what they want, U know?

mystery, Could she skype..??
on her latop could she type??
Why, oh why didn’t she phone???
..will I laugh??? no i will moan..

hung up she is not on the phone,
but instead on "slobo 2"
she dont see who i "AM"
she jusr stays as Ana Blue..

so U see U and I were never meant to be
to be or C
but souls dont use a key
the force will continue for eternity

spontaneous poem at 00,30 hrs


A bluegirls story

Hello Ana, Blue?

"to BE ot NOT to BE, that’s still the question..

YOU KNOW that I am justifiable in being annoyed by the way you treated me this week, because U should NEVER "spin" your "soul mate"

WE  said some things to each other, in the days before I left, deep things, honest and VALUABLE and U told me to trust you, and that U trust me, but then U acted as if I was a client to be "dealt with diplomatically" (its called "spin") and being "diplomatic" is a form of a lie..and U should never lie to or from y-our "soul"..

This isn't "sex in the city" …I am not interested in that "sexual/political game" as it says in one of my favourite songs; Bill Joel ("HONESTY") …is mostly what I need from you..

You were insensitive last weekend..and one of the last things you made a POINT of telling me the last (great) time we met was that you were NOT going to that "entrepreneurship fair" ,,which you had been "struggling with" ..YOU KNOW , and U tried to tell me recently it depended on colleagues , but that was just "spin" …

Don’t try to "spin" me, because U will lose the one person who you CAN trust ..I can be everything…or nothing ..

I was angry , because I "hurried" back to Pg, 2 nights travelling with little sleep, because you TOLD me that U wanted me back..(*"cant wait to see you, ChriS" ) then YOU insult US, by telling me at the LATEST moment on Tuesday evening (too late for US to discuss) that you decided to go chasing "Slobo2" a married man, which you know in your heart to be "wrong"

…I did such things in my "first life", its not "stupid" its simply wrong, you don’t know who else may get hurt apart from yourself..AND OUR "soul" relation..

You did NOT, as agreed, USE the time of my absence to really examine the project and all the stuff I sent you,..and...

...I had made EVERY effort to keep in touch with you when I was in Lp, and got little response, then on Wednesday night , when you were travelling across Serbia ,so was I, in the opposite direction, to "home"  (you avoided this discussion before I left) but U couldn’t even be bothered to phone me back, (when I asked you "why?" your terse response was "why what"!! = arrogant and cold! not the "Ana" either of us want U to be?)

When , one day, maybe when I am no longer on this planet, you realise what I give you now (and U DON’T fully "understand" yet) you will appreciate what I am telling U now..

WE could and SHOULD have discussed the "LetS Be FAIR" project and our personal relations yesterday, but you "forgot" about it, and chose to be gone, IF you want to be involved ?...then YOU must be FAIR , to me , to the project (potentially THE most important of your life and for your community) and your self!

I trusted you with my life , you are able to trust me to protect your don’t devalue it, especially don’t risk losing me/us, on my birthday!

I noted your answers to the 14 "proposal" is now "out of time" ..your choice..remember when you look at a closing door (in voy.?) you can easily miss going through a one that especially opened up for you, Ana…

Yr ChriS

"i am back, u still are n't?? ...
[17:11:58] Chris Smith: hope u have a safe return...
[17:21:41] Chris Smith: well, I slept until 10h this morn, after 2 nights of travelling with only short "naps"i obviously NEEDED it, then I had coffee @ nags then at another caffe with Lfc fan whose family is from here and Zagreb (co-incidence) then a young architect, friend of a Brit living in Budva showed me a new very impressive apartm. she designed..and thats it , just making my "shopping list" for tomorrow.btw in Liverpool billiards costs 50 cents each game!!..! :D. how arU?"

i m looking forward to hearing everything..are U?..& hope u are still keen on some "creativity" there a female equivalent to "jamie (oliver) the cook" in Monty? :D
[18:59:07] Chris Smith: :) ok, anyway...just tell me when u r ready tomorrow to come here, ill probably do the shopping in the morning..hope u like the "pressie" (present) from Lp :)

"Just because you fail once, doesn't mean you're gonna fail at everything. Keep trying, hold on, and always, always, always believe in yourself, because if you don't, then who will, sweetie? So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life's a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about...." ~Marilyn Monroe (who died in "strange circumstances")

(stars) Gemini "Getting the job done, whether you work, own a business or stay at home, is harder today. Getting the chores done seems to be an impossible, never-ending task. The upside, once you get through it, is that you could end up finding money hidden in a task. "

There was some confusion witrh Helen & Tanja of Budva, about where and when my party
Was on so, I sent them a message,…


[ i just love the ben …(harper)

More ben …love me like u want to…

Could U be loved..dont let them fool you..

 Chris Smith: x sorry I forgot to thank U for organising the fireworks!! :D Goodnight
( Monty celebrated 5 years of Independence on my birthday w/end)

DIDN’T SLEEP…got up about 08h  spent about 60 euros on food and drink, but for about 6 people only!??

 I got angry when promising to come during ther day to ENJOY preparing my BIRTHDAY party..after not answering me she said she would be coming late

" so, another change?  you dont WANT to "prepare & learn" with ME? ;) ..I told you before I start preparing sauce etc early..dont worry I CAN DO alone.// cu at 18h"

so, another change?  u dont WANT to "prepare & learn" with ME? ;) ..I told you before I start preparing sauce etc early..dont worry I CAN DO alone.// cu at 18h
[13:20:19] : so after you are away for 3 days, NO one in yr house can cook, except U?..does it matter if U upset plans on my b-day party w/end?/..i came back to Pg, to party with U, U KNOW, you KNEW that, but chose to go...!! I could have stayed in Bg,&" party" there, you "forget" so easily?..what WE agreed? that (and you seemed to WANT this) when on my balcony last time we were going to have FUN and ENJOY preparing (and YOU said YOU would come early in the AFTERNOON (18 is evening) YOU know that, YOU are no FOOL,. even if you make the choice to provoke YOU knew last night, and U knew I was shopping this morning, now finished...I could have cancelled b4, & now i have a sick U understand?? the other guests dont matter!

though traitors sneer and cowards fear, I WILL keep the RED flag flying here! ..yep i'm already on the "sauce" and i am cooking too ;) ha ha …

  • ChriS SmiTH ‎"THE REdS are coming up...."
    ChriS SmiTH ‎"we'll be coming " down the road, well I'd like to BE! ;)
    ChriS SmiTH ‎"when you hear the noise of the Bill Shankly boys" (i'll be in the middle)

"SOUL mate" not to be "relegated" when it "suits"..check the meaning of "soul" then get back to me…I was "impressed" when u wrote on a message .."its all about CELEBRATING the life of ChriS SMITH" well...................................................??? U "simply forgot!"?

A soulmate ( or soul mate) is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity, similarity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, or compatibility. A related concept is that of the twin flame or twin soul, which is thought to be the ultimate soulmate. In New Age spirituality, the ultimate soulmate is the one and only other half of one's soul.

So lady blue  wins the battle
But lost the Best Red
Said it all before
Nothing left to be said…

U didn’t want to dance
Even with "Iris" my song
But you go chasing
The guy who is wrong

Now they send U to London
And keep you very busy
But that is just to be sure
U will always remain dizzy

Scared of what I know
Scared that I am right?
I am doing GOOD
And I will win the ultimate fight

When I walk through the storm
I'll hoLD MY head so high
But I look at you
I will shake my head and sigh..


Posted More music on my FB wall

goodnight Ana!
YES..I HAVE been a Round and about...

Kinks  all day and all of the night

Tired of waiting…


(stars) "If you are single you are looking in all the wrong places for Mr. or Ms. "Right". You tend to be confrontational and a bit sensitive right now, especially where it comes to any criticism of your personal appearance or relationships. "

same as last year, a fee-male "party-breaker"... then it was Jelena, last night Ana...but.l tonight at Nags Head...I hope to C in my birthday in a positive mood! ;)

ChriS SmiTH  so many lasses , seem great when U first meet them have the "reverse cinderella" complex..start as princess then become b*tchy when they put the glass slipper on..bit hungover, had a party , last night , a local lass spoilt the atmosphere,

Carol Sebastian Women! You should know better!
  • ChriS SmiTH well, Carol, i do know better, but also never give up , its the REdSpirit ;) and U live too far away! :)
  • ChriS SmiTH Ill have a bevvy in honour of your coming birthday too tonight..and at least i have my big global REdS family..

MAY-BE PARTY night…@ 16,15h AnaB came…after a "heavy" discussion we went to
Shop for tomato paste/mushrooms as I had burnt the first sauce, I was so "p***ed off" with her so I waited so WE could Cooked AGAIN…

Well she did and I "directed" ("ChriS Chef de cuisine", lol )

Fab was early, and I was pleased about that and he was pleased with the chicken/pasta that we had SLOWLY prapared, with my "unusual techniques" (Jamie , eat yr heart out , son!, ha ha ha ..) then TaT & HD  Arrived and immediately Helen started talking with Fab, sothat seemed OK, , but no dancing, until I got styarted with Ana, when her brother milan & Ivana, I Danced with Ana and a bit with Ivana  (happy girl), but I don’t think he was so pleased about he "closeness")

About midnight I walked  Tat and Helen to their car, Then Milan and Ivana left
So there was only Fab. And Ana, (then strange she wouldn’t dance to "Iris" (goo goo dolls)..which she saiud was MY song...)

Her sister (who was also invited called ) Rena etc preferred to drink in park than at my b-day party??? Why??? Ana didn’t answer….then said they are waiting at the main road (about 500 metres across the DARK estate) I said ok I will walk, but questioned why her sister didn’t want to come here, I was a bit drunk, but just annoyed that the "atmosphere" suddenly went "cold" without reason...

22 May at 09:08
thansk for that I ll watch later ..had a weird party, many ppl didnt come, and had an arguement with "that girl" / "game over"..

22 May at 13:28

i'm sorry she ruined your party... sometimes things just don't go like we wanted... and some good news: i'm in contact with one frend (he organised us to go to wiena 2 years ago) and we agreed that it will be the best to organise something in september because during the sommer people go to vacation :) but they maybeee will not like "the Balkan...", it's still a big aversion for our neighbors because of the war. the irony is that frend is a spurs fan, but he did more than anyone for croatian reds, so... respect :)

22 May at 14:22
I know ,Anita, I should have stopped "bothering" but U know the "never give in" REDSpririt applies too :) ... in some ways its a relief, because it was starting to hurt, and i've had enough of that..i suppose i am just meant to be a "Universal Gypsy" to travel "light" ..i am pleased about the "september idea"..keep me it a pub..? (with a facebook?) i am really now on the same way as Kenny , dont care about what other teams are doing.we are back! <smile> ...and its nice to keep in touch with you, hows yr sister now?

22 May at 14:28
i suppose I am more angry with myself..for opening up...ironic it was 2 years ago I split with my dutch girlfriend..

22 May at 14:51

well, you shouldn't blame yourself. you tried, you fought for something, you cared... she didn't understand, sometimes loving/caring is too much. shame on her :) fighting for something or someone isn't something wrong, if you didn't do that you would always ask questions: what would be if i tryed...? leave that behind and "pass and move" ;) or you can hoof, everything is right :)) we didn't agree place, town... nothing. we'll see where will be the most people interesting to come, but my guess would be somewhere in Slavonija. i'll keep you informed. she's done some tests these days, have some bacteria but in monday she have to go to doctor and than we'll know more. but now, our team is first, so c'mon lads!! and spurs: f*** of! :)

22 May at 15:01
send her my best make me <SMILE> I like it...! dont worry I survive everything.. will "kill the cat" tonight ,... going out for a bevvy tonight at an "english pub" in Pg, to C my birthday in, probably with a lad living here (the only other "native speaker" i mix much with..theres not many "Brits" here) a younger guy & hes from Finnish-Italian parents, and grew up in North London, he hates spurs, ........because hes an arsenal fan! lol
The real problem in family court lies in a societal lack of family values of marriage, commitment, and respect for moral values. This percolates upward through the legislatures in all 50 states to create laws which devalue what a father and a mother in combination can do to create and mold a new ge

  • ChriS SmiTH well, thats part of it, but its also the WEAKNESS of the indiividual to oppose ANY situation ANY where when basic human RIGHTS (UDHR) are violated.. lack of moral fibre is part of it and a selfish mentality is also , because ppl tend only to wake up when they lose out...and those of who fight alone suffer for the masses of fools..

("stars") Gemini ; "You may have some challenges with your significant other and your family in arranging schedules and plans for entertainment and recreational activities. You may be having trouble with electronic devices like televisions, computers and video games."

SUNDAY Lfc played last league game @ Villa

3 players out b4 the game startede; Glenn, Maxi & andy..although we started well , but formation & first half disrupted by injuries to Jay and Carra , much better effort in the 2nd half, missed a few chances but as spurs won, its a season without europe, but that may be the chance to have a 100% "go" at the League, whatever will be , will be!

So that Night I went out with Fab…and tried to kill off all these bad feelings,..

"thank U,every one who took time 2 post Messages on wall..surprisingly sober, despite going "through the card",drunk almost every cocktail on "Nags Head" card..becoming "immune" to alchohol?, not sure if this is a good thing, <smile> had "deep discussion" with Fab, he and I scared the locals..but kept me company (tx!).. sky threatens rain , On MY Birthday? end of the world is nigh! :D tx ALL"

ChriS SmiTH 23 May at 12:06
its a (independence day) holiday here in "Monty" .nice for them to arrange a holiday on MY birthday!!.. ;) dont worry about yesterday, 3 players out b4 the game , then Jay and Carra injured , knocked our formation a bit, we shd have won in the 2nd half, but the future is great and with no europe we can focus on the league and believe me Kenny will aim for number 19...

I have always been "fascinated" by how quick women switch their "relationships" cut one person and attach to another , like changing underwear..intimate but seemingly without much "bother"…

("stars") Gemini : "You could be getting some extra money and your mind is on how you can spend it. Your best investment is in your home, or in your workplace, perhaps in a wardrobe, closet organizer, or in tools to better organize your efforts to live an organized life. ….Robin Williams, a "crazy"…..genius..! Probably My best & only true friend..! ;)

Monday night (still my B-day)
I went out to "Nags" ..a girl had said she was going to meet me…but ...

To Zana…"Well , well, after Irena "freaked out" for whatever reason she didn’t really explain, I thought it would be nice for U and I to have a "birthday drink" with or without yr friends..the first time we met U SEEMED "friendly and warm"…but .. Never mind, if you cant be bothered to treat me as a human being on my birthday with ANY Respect, then I just "delete" you from my facebook…bye!.."
Today I got up early and went running..worked on project BFAIR.
.emails? From Fab (info from and

Last words with "koko" Ana..Blue!! (A.M.)

"You may not have seen my last comment (on skype) I do NOT WANT any more contact with you, …I will leave Pg, in my own time..apart from completing the project there is no reason to stay, thanks for finally convincing me of that!

I have sent  a FORMAL email to your office , PLEASE do not IGNORE it, I have no desire to chase YOU, in any shape or form, privately or "professionally", CS.
[15:22:59] ana_maras: Privetely and "professionally" I AM going to ignore yr e-mail, but if u want a real and objective reply form my organisation, please send it to the president Mr Mitrovic (, without mentoining my name, and u will receive written answer from his assistant in due time.
[15:24:14] ana_maras: tip 1: don't expect an answer soon, because the event is in october and therefore not on our priority list
[15:25:01] ana_maras: tip 2: make your letter a bit more formal, if u want to be taken seriously
[15:25:41] Chris Smith: i dont need tips! , I F you choose to ignore my email, then i am sure you just "played" a game with me..and never ever intended presenting the project or "helping" ..and why shouldn't i mention that i wasted a month waiting for you?
[15:26:25] Chris Smith: i dont need your org, but i do intend to get a respoonse , one way or another , i dont like being "used"
[15:27:14] Chris Smith: and its your  organisation that need to prove its serious, when it lets its juniors make decisions..??
[15:31:08] ana_maras: don't want to argue or have any more contacts with u (that "f u" made its point that night)).  have a good life, CS!! p.s. that "testament letter" needs to be returned, so we can arrange one minute meeting just to give it back to u!
[16:50:42] Chris Smith: just tear it up, and YOU know u that u insulted me several times in the last 2 weeks, (you apologised, but obviously didn't mean to say "sorry" I am not going to argue with you, like so many ppl, you obviously feel arrogant enough to continue the insults, I have no reason to chase YOU or your org. that YOU told me represents some "conservatives" a country smaller than the city I grew up and with a population a mere fraction of the the city I learnt my global strategies and tactics in

…..I once instigated a project involving 45 nations, 300 partner companies and 500 services ..its not for me to impress your org, ON THE CONTRARY,…but I wont write any more emails or letters,  I will however, talk to them , in my own time, and on MY terms , one day when our paths meet…you have under-estimated me, greatly.. I told you, I tend to win, (when I want to) because I can fight with nothing to lose, But then you aren't the first to dis-respect me, but because of many promises and words, that I will not easily forget, and probably you wont be the last to do tha, either, one day you will realise who I am , and then it will be too late, for now, I shall just say adios!
[16:59:38] ana_maras: i haven't insulted u, or used u, or disrepsected u, or disregrded ur potential...u're acting strange, we obvously have different attitudes towards those things.. i still don't know why u acted like a complete madman that night.. ok, i realised i didn't keep my promise.. (initial fight cause of my "change of plans") and that u were upset.. but what happend at the end of the night i don't really get it.. I'm sorry.. u sholudn't think that i think bad of u.. I just don't get ur reactions sometimes.. anyway, it was nice meeting u and getting to know u.. even a little.. bye!!
[17:00:12] Chris Smith: BS! Go run for your bus, as usual its more important to you!"


("stars") If you have to make financial decisions today, think on the long-term impact and ensure that your dreams and desires are covered. You may experience doubts and insecurities so don't act rashly. You may not have a clear grasp on what others expect of you today. " 

….. <smile>…too late! ;)


My last 3 birthdays , have been "spolied" by women, Josee , who freaked out, after I had relucatantly forgiven her for all her "crimes"! (because someone gave me a match ticket for my birthday..and she had 2 wait for me ) …Jelena , who was my "girl Friday" got drunk and F***ed up the RedS party in Bar, arguing with her "best friend" aboiut a guy.. And last w/end …"koko" broke her promises and then decided to rush off..without explanation, but this tiem it was ME that "exploded" and told HER to "F*** off!... 99.9 % of Women today are selfish and just use men, they are like the men of the 80's ..the feminist "victims" are now the "users"..

Some "funny" stuff to improve my mood…

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