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Monday, May 2, 2011

May days ARE "My DAYS" (My Time!) ;)

You have an opportunity to make new friends today, and you may find that a much wider range or circle of friends will bring a lot of blessings. Don't be afraid to speak out, your quirky sense of humour may net you attention, excitement and allies.

 …may days are MY days


ONE of the pleasing things for me, whilst clubs like citeh and struggle to justify their version of "footy monopoly" by trying to buy success , Kenny has proven (again) to the masses of armchair /tv pundits and fickle fans that Footy is STILL so much about character and the MAXIMUM use of and development of talent a resources, let us also not forget the Rafa influence which took the accademt from 5 international level youth palyers to 251) and to see players like Kelly , Flanagan , and Robbo coming through is a joy..and( Rafa's much maligned ) Lucas is surely player of the season? ...btw theres absolutely NO reasons to trust the mainstream (USA sponsored) media about anything, they killed "the dream" back in the 60's along with jack, Bobby and M.L King...amercan media = the masters of "spin"  and the sky(tv)washed generation swallow it all, and that applies to footy too, wish they would keep out of OUR game aND OUR CLUB…

What’s happening?

may days are MY days, = Shanks 'The socialism I believe in is not really politics; it is humanity, a way of living and sharing the rewards'


xara_users Xara Users
Xtreme and Designer Graphics • Re: How would you edit this photo?: KABOOM!! This may not be what Steve is after...

EuRED09 ChriS-EuRED (ref Bin Laden ? ) 
@TonyBarretTimes cia probably done deal & sent him on holiday, whatever, dont believe a word from the USA govt, 4SURE killed "dream" in 60's
@strategic_x1 ;) dont be like sheep , even "strategic sheep" lol



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Birthday weekend , IS ALSO the birthday of "Monty"....?

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