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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ball of Y-our (false) confusion?

 y-our (fakse?) Ball of Conusion

this track was on a "motown chartbusters" album I had when i was akid made me it makes me thing "people are more stupid, & actually got worse" LMAO

The world is MAD, and the people "sky(tv)-washed" if the media tell them something , they believe it, and don’t have their own perspective, there are so many lies, that we have a "cry wolf" society , but in reverse, those who intelligent enough or aware enough to challenge "popular (media-driven) opinion" are so cynical about it, that if they were told..the planet is going to explode tomorrow or get hit by a meteor, they would go on..

I read some "dating tips" (yep I am "solo" ) just out of curiosity, and virtually the first one is NOT to admit you have been alone, this is the sickness of people today, don’t DARE say you havent on top of the world…

I grew up in a relatively "polite" society, but luckily as a kid my parents taught me to tell the TRUTH, and I smiled when I saw people , as I went through life lying for business, and lying about themselves, "how are you?" = standard answer ; "I am fine" (but they werent, and are NOT!)

The church, the politics ; the "marketing" say anything to get the mass to "buy" your product, to buy your spiel, to BUY YOU..!??????? I am surprised (having done my best to challenge those around me that as I approach another birthday that so many people still want to be FB "friends" I am sure that many never read my wall :D lol LMAO !!!!! Ha , what a game , what a life…."musn't grumble" (mrs jones = Small Faces "lazy Sunday afternoon") ;)

 (artwork from the guys @ rawk)

;) what we need is (R)E(d)V0Lution...

the REdS dont play until tomorrow (monday night @ craven cottage) , wacko woy has left them before he fouled us up, but theres a funny statue there to replace him (probably got more life in it than hodgson gave to us)

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