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Monday, May 9, 2011

foot- balls! ..continued.


another weird weekend, sunny but not funny watching the mancs edge shakily towards n.19 ...but!


(...BUT...NEVER for foget we are still ahead 18 + FIVE European Champions CUPS!!! ) <smile>

after re-installing yesterday played a lot of music which put me in a good mood before the match buit then....anyway later talking on the phone with AM helped...monday morning is i am having my "say"/....usually I get.....


The club had been badly managed (off the field) ..and the "office" has been a mess for a long time, the Parry-Hicks-Purslow-Broughton-Hodgson disaster chain was just a last big hole in the sinking of this titanic, luckily even the new yankers realised that if Kenny wasnt eventually appointed THEY woudl lose out too..I dont buy the Henry-wenner saviour "spin" , because they look good compared with what went before...FSG promise fans committee and to understand the supporters, but ignore our application to have a shareholding supporters involvement..and who knows, (as they haven't actually SPent any real money after obtaining LFc at a bargain price, and loading 80+ million debt on the club!) that they wont sell on shares to more USA sportstars in order to make another killing down the road, with only months involved both Henry and werner made "comments" about our squad that they can only have been told by "others" and we know who they are...

the only way to be sure of protecting OUR CLUB is to campaign for at least an equal 50% share ...which is a REAL possibility (5 million "LFC fans" , albeit including kids, have registered on facebook) IF WE ALL (SoS S-L and all supporters groups , offical & unofficial fan clubs ) combined we could match FSG with an average cost of around 50 quid = the cost of ONE MATCH ticket..but are we (collectively) STILL naive enough or LAZY enough to do nothing , and risk to get caught again???

2nd part

The "panel" and some "fans" are way OFF..

Kenny has said he would take back Aquilani he is great at pinging the ball around (in the vital last 3rd of the pitch) so fits our pass & move perfectly, Agger is class rather have him in the squad than take more risk with buying central defenders , there arent many around, we have kelly too who can play central defence (and can carry the ball so look after them)

Cant imagine chanting "ashley, ashley" ;)

Insua is certainly a lot better than Konch!

We use attacking WING-backs Not out and out "wingers"

Rafa was FORCED out by fraudsters (and some fickle pundits & fans being "skywashed" and don’t bitch" about the 8 million (btw Rafa gave a lot of money to Liverpool community/charities including HJC!!)


The world is MAD, and the people "sky(tv)-washed" if the media tell them something , they believe it, and don’t have their own perspective, there are so many lies, that we have a "cry wolf" society , but in reverse, those who intelligent enough or aware enough to challenge "popular (media-driven) opinion" are so cynical about it, that if they were told..the planet is going to explode tomorrow or get hit by a meteor, they would go on..

The church, the politics ; the "marketing" , people who say anything to get the masses to "buy" product, to buy your spiel, to BUY YOU..!??????? I am surprised (having done my best to challenge those around me that as I approach another birthday that so many people still want to be FB "friends" I am sure that many never read my wall :D lol LMAO !!!!! Ha , what a game , what a life…."musn't grumble" (mrs jones = Small Faces "lazy Sunday afternoon") ;)

ChriS SmiTH 08 May at 12:50


This is a facebook group dedicated to achieving justice for the 96 Liverpool FC supporters who tragically died 22 years ago.still no justice is unforgivable.

ChriS SmiTH 08 May at 12:54

The Hope For Hillsborough is now a legal charity set up to carry on fighting the british Legal system, Kevin's case is going back to the attorney General asking him to send the case back to the divis...

Im on about protesting...Yes there's plenty I agree, I'm just sharing my thoughts!

ChriS SmiTH 08 May at 12:59
sure , theres 3 there that are active, the "hope for Hillsborough" talks about fighting the legal system, why dont U go on there, see if they are up to yr idea, have faith in yrself , its a good cause! :) i am sure they will appreciate your intent , whatever ..I do! 

(ref Hodgson saying he had "no regrets about Lfc and that he is now happy)
"we are happy too, that You have gone, and Kenny is back, but unhappy that you replaced a good man, no I dont wish YOU well at all Mr hodgson, YOU showed lack of respect for us, for Rafa and for Kenny, nor our club, and just because the london media lobbied for you, didnt entitle you to take on a job you were never entitled to, nor capable of..the damage done by the "disaster chain" Parry-Hicks-Purslow-Broughton & hodgsonm,done IS "repairable" but only just, and only time and effort will heal very deep wounds..dont come back, ever!

  • Ankit Brahmbhatt guess u should hav resigned..rader dan facing d sack

  • ChriS SmiTH should never have been appointed!

  • Ankit Brahmbhatt agreee wid wat happens happens for..good..chin up....

  • ChriS SmiTH dont need "chin up" I am uP..! but ta , YNWA!

  • Ankit Brahmbhatt ynwa nxt seasons we getng back wats ours

  • Abdus Shahid
    I still feel there was some sort of conspiracy against us; firstly with the appointment of the two Yanks then Woyyy. The media always have it in for us and they played their part in Rafa's departure and the "good guys" image of Woyyy, Pursl...

  • ChriS SmiTH Geo.Bush mate of tom Hicks, enough said ? scared of the "RED Army" ..but yes, its more a case of various forms of rivaly, xenophobia and jealousy by our rivals (inc murdoch of sly tv) who use any oppostunity put down "rebellious REdS" , they worry me Less than the "fans" who swallow all the media BS!


  • Natha Abu K besides...we r talking about the present, at the present, liverpool have 18 leagues. and they have not won the league for like 20 years, and still ur present team, cannot beat that record , at the present.and even if they do, at the close present, its too late. 20 years? lmao

  • ChriS SmiTH the present is that tha mancs got beat last sunday by an average arsenal side, and the last game WE played against the mancs we battered 3-0 over 90 mins, thats NOT "history" !!

  • Natha Abu K actually every game for the last 4 years that we played against manu, whenever howard webb was not the referee we won :)

  • Natha Abu K despite the very deep hard troubles in our squad..most of them with no stevie g
    32 minutes ago · Like
  • Liwaa Abu Khait Loosing for an average or super team is not the point, the point is we are (for the last 20 years) are the champs, whether the reds are stivie or not

  • Natha Abu K it is the point. the point is, and FACT, referees have alywas been on ur side, and money . and its temporary ! coz class is gonna beat u ! and no u r not champions, u r nobody in europe, and u still got to beat Liverpool's record. watch out cousin , dont wanna delete u :)

  • ChriS SmiTH Liwaa, so "history" isnt important when mancs LOSE, typical! ...the FUTURE is ours, your old men are losing it, if fergies buddy hodgson hadnt ruined our chances we woudl be challenging NOW, our record since Kenny took over is better than yours! but SUPPORTING isnt just about "winning" ...when we beat you, your fans are off home 10 minutes before the gaem, you havent got supporters , so when U go downhill in the 10 years whilst our young players win the lot, it will be funny to see the half-empty OT! ;)

I am getting a bit "itchy" with only a couple of days left...before travel, or maybe some strange dreams and changing weather (and mood) has unsettled me..

 Maybe I will get the software sorted to repair the webpage.... for    

because its for THESE...all for one and one for all..

hoping for tonight to have more..smiles....

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