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Monday, March 23, 2015


The unbelievable &  immediate exit of Stevie at the start of the 2nd half left a massive hole in this match, the effect of Atkinsons decision to delete Gerrard from the game virtually handed the 3 points to the mancs...  and for me  a sick and bitter feeling ...anyone who follows the REdS who is not filled with EMPATHY for Steven in his last season with OUR club, is NO SUPPORTER... 

I feel for THE MAN!....  dont you??????????
The Liverpool team didnt look ready at the start , but...the  mancs started better, with a defensive structure and  Rooney their danger man..

I proposed in pre match notes that Stevie should be in the game from the start, (I am sure Rooney and co were pleased when he didnt start!) .BR must note that Stevie was obviosuly attempting to "make up" for the previous 45 minutes,... 

They forced out Rafa, Kenny, Torres, Luis & Stevie..?
OF COURSE, the REd card was extreme, and Atkinson IS yet another Ref who rarely does us favours,  we lost the imputus from the kick off..(its the usual BS, diego Costa (who is a " known baddie" )escaped in our match v chelski after stamping on CAN AND SKRTEL in the SAME game!) .  I wanted Studge and Raheem up front , these 2 course hurt any defence , Sterlngs danger blunted by his deeper role..  and despite Allen doing fairly well,  no way should he selected in front of Stevie..

the mancs were first to the ball, we didnt show "fight" until late in the first half and 2nd half..too late, Utd had the confidence by then , the 10 men looked desperate and although Studge scored a fine goal our creativity was deminished..

Skrtel and co defended well and the mancs had few chances.. i didnt see any replays to show if Mata was on side for the second... but ... for me another "desperate" move putting on  Balo, just meant we relayed too much on long balls which their defence mostly coped  with.
what contribution did "Joe the Hobbit" offer?  Phil was crowded out of a packed midfield where Hendo and Allen struggled.. 
Lalla should have buried the only clear chance Lfc had in the first half with Studge setting  it up..
We should have had Studge and Sterling strking and pushing the mancs back from the off , but we had less than 40% possession in the first half, and no corners at HOME!... improved in the 2nd half after the "freak Red card" 

..considerding their player  "took out" Hendo and only got a yellow. and big hair felatio was , as usual , fouling everyone in sight,,,

it was obvious even at H-T that Allen (with a yellow against him) should make way for Stevie..I could accept Lallana staying on because of his energy ,  but of course BR always sees  a different game to me..

even towards the end we were far too deep to "damage" them, and for me BR gets "done" in too many big games against experienced managers who "suss us out"...

Carra and Didi were wrong... and the "qualification" mentality that is now embeded in our once "Champion club" is lost.... too many just see "getting to europe" as the target,,. and again "managing expectations" will be the theme of BRs excuses ... 
oh sh&te how to ruin my sunday and due the fecking international weekend we must wait.. to go to arsenal... and with Stevie probably missing the next 3 league games.. we need to win the cup replay to win a trophy....WE are LIVERPOOL ?? well someone needs to inform the "management"..  

TEam  ... Mignolet, Can, Skrtel, Sakho, Henderson, Allen, Moreno, Sterling, Lallana, Coutinho, Sturridge
bench : Jones, Johnson, Toure, CApt STEVEN Gerrard, Lambert, Lucas, Balotelli
check out..

Aldo> "Steven Gerrard came on and controlled the game for us, (at swansea) that’s Stevie for you. He got hold of the ball, could see a pass, and wasn’t giving it away. That’s a great option to have."..."Daniel Sturridge is not looking himself at the moment. He needs a goal and it’s a pity that chance did go in for him at Swansea when he hit the post."  

All you can say to him is keep on getting in there and believing in himself.Keep that left peg going and just smash it. When he catches it no goalie will save it. 
(CS> I Agree with Aldo, ...this time...!)  :)

DiDi Hamann>  was speaking ahead of the Liverpool regional heat to find the ‘People’s Pundit’ championed by Carlsberg, the official beer of the Premier League, and says he is looking forward to Sunday’s clash at Anfield. (at #PeoplesPundit )
Liverpool’s defeat at Old Trafford, a little more than three months ago, left them 10 points adrift of United, but a run of 10 wins and three draws from 13 games since has put them within striking distance. Victory on Sunday will take them above Louis Van Gaal’s side into fourth place, with eight games still to play.
“It’s very exciting,” said Hamann. “It’s such a vital game for both teams, and the atmosphere should be fantastic.“They are always special games, and with so much riding on this one, I think this could be a classic.“If you think back to three months ago, everyone at Liverpool was so disillusioned. We went out of the Champions League, we had players injured, and then we had that defeat at Old Trafford.


echo comment on Hillsborough ,... ( )
"A filter system could have been used on the approach to the turnstiles to control the crowd
(Douglas Hopkins, who was the match commander at Arsenal’s Highbury stadium)
A decision to delay kick-off could have been made by 2.40pm
Being match commander was a “step to far” for David Duckenfield

CS> It can be said that the FA were guilty for putting Reds supporters in the smaler Leppings lane end, for that I will never  forgive the UK s footballing authorities, under orders from Thatchers Govt. who wanted to destroy the "Liverpool spirit" enbodied by US, she shut down the docks factories and wanted to kill (as with the miners) the socialist spirit,..and the police Chief employed was ..a perfect poodle , had it not been for our lads pulling them up out of the murdering crush, there could have been THREE HUNDRED of our RED brothers and sisters executed by her politics...

______________________Pre game v the other Mancs club.. selection guidance for our novice coach & J4t96???
There is always a lot of "chat" in the media, so called "pro" jounos, ex players (who I would rather see playing golf now, than offering "expert comment" and then there are the fan nies and f s g clones that have infested our club since the Premiere league and the yankers stuck their bog noses in our club... opinions like a&&holes everyones got one..on the net...
so for those a&&holes ..heres MY proposal.

Stevie is automatic, when fit , it  should be him and 10 othes. whether hes 24 or 34 or 44? . I have supported Liverpool since the days of Shanks,  had he played in any of the Teams that our best did, through Emlyn, Souness, Kenny, Barnes etc  ( if Gerrard had played for a title winning team , ) he would be better known than Messi... anyway, for me, and for many intelligent people in the game Stevie IS the best all round footballer I have seen..
and when u can pass the ball like Stevie, "pace" is not the issue..
now that the defence seems sorted, we still struggle to "finish off" teams , undefeated since several months , and records of Zero goals against in recent away games,,,the attack, ironic considering BR knew FA about anything much else... is of concern..

my Selection..
Goalie  (Mignolet ..was always a decent shot stopper, for me, is nowhere near Pepes class, but has improved his command of the area, and distribution, which was so bad that I rarely remembered him finding one of our players during the games..

Back Five ( including "wing backs" )  
Skrtel... i argued for him even when others doubted him,  he had to put up with Brent constantly "tinkering" with the defence , (why sign players if u dont know where to put them??) ... anyine who has played in a defensive unit knows how vital it is to avoid change because the best defensive units form the basis of trophy winners and need understanding...
with CAN and , ok, Sakho perhaps over Lovren.. ( oh I miss Agger)   Moreno is not good enough as a defender, but i feel he brings energy to the left side (if he had 2 feet he would even score/assist more) ...  right wing back... Glen,...his experience and ability may just shine against "them" 

middle ...    Stevie...  (see above) 
Hendo ...his form and "goal scoring" luck & confidence plus energy is a good foil and if he uses his forward passes  with Phil the other  "creator" ...  
we should have enough "assists" coming through , with Glen and Moreno helping the width and supply to..

Studge AND Raheem..
many claim Raheem should lead, but ...I feel , for similar reasons that I use for defensive understanding,,  this "pairing " has enough both in striking and ability to come on to through balls, pick up from deep , mobility to rival the "SAS"  of Luis and Studge that were so effective they covered up BR's naivety ..  those 2 and an inspired Stevie almost won us the title last season...   and with Stevie surely wanting to "give his all" ..should Raheem and Studge find scoring form ..not only will we beat the mancs but make a late late title challenge..
Raheem caused the mans a lot of problems in the defeat at OT this seasons, despite not taking his chances then, has improved his sharpness in front of goal, and Studge is due to "fire" soon, why not against the "old enemy"  ?? as he has done pretty well against them in previous games..

therefore I dont agree with Didi...
..............  Aldo makes some valid points, but again is too narrow minded to say "there is too muc of a bridge" ... with football theres always a chance , and Aldo typically aims for "qualification" ...thats pathetic!
closing fixtures ??
Sat - 9 Barclays Premier League Chelsea A
Sat - 16 Barclays Premier League Crystal Palace H
a perfect scenario for a "revenge" and dramatic end to the season..

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