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Monday, March 2, 2015

REdNET update... Thanks Phil, and why not dream of the Title..this season?

REdS 2 citeh 1    

Hendo & Phil

Liverpool started and finished well, Phil must be  my man of the game,  top right corner of the Kop end goal is the best way to score a winner against the current champions,

,,Hendo having scored a similar beauty in the first half with city equalising before half time, Lallana had one saved at the start, one  ruled offside and he and towards the end Studge, both put shots wide when through on goal. Studge is definately not yet at his best because he would usually bury those type of chances in the net. Marko created one of Lallanas chances but still, too often his final pass is too loose or negative, with Allen producing very little its vital, especially against the top teams, to have a big contribution from all players, 

 for me, although he put in more effort than thursday, Raheem also isnt as sharp or adventurous as was earlier in the season, Mignolet didnt do much, apart from pick the ball out of the net once, which says a lot for Skrtel , who did very well again, against Kun Aguero,   aided by Can and an improved performance by Lovren.. 

BR was right to remove Marko for Studge to come on , But IMO was wrong to take Moreno of for Toure, as on thursday, when changing to a defensive structure the imputus can go to the opponents, and I believe that attacking city could (and should) have brought us a a bigger win 3-1 
would not have flattered us, and apart from Joe (my granny could have taken a better corner kick , and shes been dead 20 odd years..) 
In the first half city had most of the ball but we created more chanced, and in spite of Brents ideas, its more be EFFECTIVE than "possesive" ...
all said and done, a job well done, by the TEAM, better at closing down and more energy..
atmosphere better, but took a while, Anfield Kop must be louder , not only when winning...
Lets go for the title... :) ... this season...    sometimes, miracles do happen...!
SL match report :

Liverpool v Man citeh

The players "held back for repair" had better win this game, because otherwise f s g / BR threw away out chances of the Europa League trophy (and Champions league qualification...)
Missing Stevie, Lucas, Hendo and Phil was just too big a hole, especially when BR loaded the team with defensive players and abandoned the structure, expecting a "repeat robbery" that got us 3 undeserved league points at Soton.

The failure of Brent to get us through "big moments" is a reflection of his lack of experience, and whilst I dont doubt he is a decent "attacking coach" he doesnt warrant "his song" (or comparison with Shanks..)  thats just f s g inflamed PRopaganda for BR!..
f s g have "forced out" or failed to hold, all the players that I loved or liked ; Pepe, dAgger, Masch, Torres, Luis, Kelly ....had LOvren and Sakho not been so obviously below his standard,  Skrtel would have been out too, Lucas was snubbed, but until his recent injury showed everyone that hes a far more vital player than (Bodgers boy) Allen,  or Can or Lallana.
They play around with Glens contract, before either of the new boys ; Moreno and Manq. had settled, and where is Flanno?,  it took them half a season to realise that Jordan Ibe shouldnt be out on loan...and, nice lad that he is... Lambert is not capable of filling the 9 shirt like those who went before him..
and Balo, if the rest of the team were fully charged and achieving top of the table, he could be risked, but too often his "contribution" is questionable..I watched one moment when Ibe had the ball on the right wing during a quick counter, looking for movement, Balo instead slowed it down and suffocated the move by bringing 3 defenders to Ibe, resulting in the ball going backwards again, whilst BR seems to encourage the "reverse or sideways ball pass"
we have lacked penetration in most of the recent games... yes we havent lost that many this winter, but we havent won enough either, and we need full on commitment and energy and resposbility to "make it happen" that was lacking at the Attaturk, and the once unbeatable penalty record achieved by our best managers is lost by this novice over-estimated  coach..
I dont want to see Toure preferred to Glen or Manq, or Allen playing unless all our reserves are hit by alien maleria...
Lets have a team performannce sunday against the best manchester can buy..that wipes out some of the horrible memories of last night and the robbery at Soton... we are LIVERPOOL.. show it , when u put that RED shirt on ... make us proud ,,and Supporters and fans at our holy ground.. make it LOUD!!!
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