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Thursday, March 5, 2015

REdNet Bootroom update "BURNing up the league" ???

REdNet Bootroom update "BURNing up the league" ???

Liverpool  2 Burnley 0  

Hendo & Studge

20 shots on goal with 2 netted , Hendo vollied in from the edge of the area, after Phils shot was blocked, 
and Hendo crossed in the 2nd half for Studge to HEAD in the 2nd, Studge almost scored straight from the kick off, and probably SHOULD have scored when through on goal..(Studge still not his "sharpest") Burnley battled but had nothing to show for it...another 3points... and unlucky that those in the positions above (chelski and man Ure, citeh and arse nal) scrapped out lucky or narrow wins..otherwise we could make them  "feel the chase" 

SL match Report...

It was so.. funny, Just as I was getting a net feed from twits ...the "Hobbit" advert and the pic of little Joe arriving behind 2 of Liverpool team.. Joe - is Brenda N s Hobbit... :)


Pre Match
manc REF...

Sharpen up soon please! :)

Little genius , big effect

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I think that I would prefer to invest in Afc Liverpool...than feed the cash monsters that INFEST Lfc...
more TIA brentsh&te at...
ChriS> to the "writer" your opinion isnt worth much if u prove yourself wrong inside a couple of months,.. what a load of "brentsh&te" u spout, ......the problem of "managing expectations" via Lfc boardroom and media

..dumbing down fans not to expect the title but to be "happy with 4th" ..we shouldnt see it as a dream, 12 points off the lead as i write,, 

................."TIA" is full of fan nies and f s g clones, get some ball and go for it.. BRent is not a manager he is a half decent coach , and a novice learning , but we pay for his education and for having f s g and their cash intentions INFESTING our club, wake up! ..having said that thanks to Phil and the boys...was nice to do the best team from manchester last sunday! :) 

ChriS?@EuRED09  15 hours ago Montenegro@RedAlieNeT @RedAndWhiteKop @WellRedMagazine ...4th,? we should always aim for Number 1

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