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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pre Swans away..

REdNET updates , and opinion..

For me, the rest of this season is about Stevie,

 ..and the outside chance , but still do able if BR dont F&&k it up..of the title 

with chelski stuttering a bit..if we win our game in hand and beat them the rent boys stadium ...

a tall order ......


I dont want to see Stevie in TV studio any more... (theres already far too many ex players "playing pundit" instead of golf...) Stevie should be in every game for the rest of the season...
never mind what Brent says

On 14th March , in 2009, goals from Gerrard, Torres, Aurelio and Dossena win at Old Toilet 1-4 !!! 

(same week at 4-0 v r.Madrid..thanks Rafa!

 bla blah media....

the list of ‪#‎LFC‬ players who will go this summer from @JamesPearceEcho - Mar 14

@LivEchoLFC @JamesPearceEcho @RedAlieNeT could u take "Joe the Hobbit" with U , and auntie Brenda N

The latest football news from across Liverpool and Merseyside covering Liverpool FC, Everton FC and Tranmere Rovers.

Jamie Carragher Carra23
The best team went through tonight & if PSG continue in that form they've a great chance of winning the CL. Our leagues best well short. - Mar 11

ChriS-EuRED @EuRED09
@Carra23 @RedAlieNeT in last 5 years the EPL has looked weaker & weaker, and thats another reason that ist a disgrace that we dont win it!

REdNET bootroom...

during this "pause" a round up of recent "twits and twats" (Twitter" comments and opinion.

what Tom Werner had to say about Steven Gerrard & his ‪#‎LFC‬ future - Feb 14
@LivEchoLFC @RedAlieNeT cant say the same about the boardroom.// f s g sold Lfc soul

Lecho> Rodgers was right - Emre CAN become world class for #LFC - Mar 06

@LivEchoLFC @RedAlieNeT .
tongue emoticon ..hmm Can & will be are 2 different things.. blatant mistakes made by naive Brent and f s g transfer "policy"

Former #LFC owner Tom Hicks to sell his Dallas home - for $35m less than he wanted for it... - Mar 06

@LivEchoLFC @RedAlieNeT "karma" is a wonderful thing... f s g to go down next,, smile 

@RedAlieNeT problem of BRs coaching, too many tippy tappy passes to get forward, gives palace too much time to defend.. and we miss Lucas..!

Talking Point: How #LFC's Joe Allen proved point to doubters and repaid faith of his manager - Feb 15

and ,,,

Martin Chilton picks 100 great jokes by 100 great comedians

@LivEchoLFC @RedAlieNeT seriously, thats just Lfc "PR" talking... only chosen because of "teacher"... if SG and Lucas fit, he stays on bench
On this day in 2009, goals from Gerrard, Torres, Aurelio and Dossena win at Old Toilet 1-4 !!! (same week at 4-0 v r.Madrid..thanks Rafa!
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'I am sure the team want to push hard to make sure they end up with a trophy'|By Neil Jones

Steven Gerrard has watched Liverpool haul themselves back into contention for a Champions League place with glee but, as he prepares to contribute to the cause again, warned there is...
f s g still using Karen to "convince" fans that this is "their voice" tongue emoticon…/181419-vote-for-new-committee-…

Over the past month, the Liverpool FC Supporters' Committee has been searching for a new representative for 'Fans in the Merseyside area' – and you can now help shape the future of the club...

Liverpool striker Rickie Lambert spent an hour fielding questions from fans on SportsYapper yesterday, sharing a series of fascinating and entertaining facts about himself and his teammates at Melwood.

(edited from Lp Echo)
"hopes of relaying the Anfield pitch this summer look set to be dashed due to building work on the redevelopment of the Main Stand. ..... the playing surface which has deteriorated badly over the course of the season. which hampers and slows down Liverpool’s passing game but plans to address the issue during the off-season are now in serious jeopardy.
Cranes are scheduled to be on the pitch during June as contractors Carillion step up work on the £100million Main Stand project to add 8,500 extra seats to Anfield’s capacity.Even if Liverpool were able to put in new drainage prior to the cranes moving in there are fears the weight of the machinery would burst the piping. As a result the Reds may have to continue playing on the same surface in 2015/16 before it can be ripped up and replaced when the stand is completed in the summer of 2016.

Yanker Fantasy Anfield
Previously, Anfield was renowned as one of the best pitches in the Premier League but opposition players and managers have regularly commented on its shabbiness this term. There are numerous bare patches and the ball bobbles across it.
It’s simply a case of Liverpool having failed to sufficiently invest in the infrastructure. Industry experts says a pitch which was given a 10-year life span is now 14-years-old. ( CS> yankers since 8 years of those !!  and F s g still pull in the cash,,,,and waste it..)

The current pitch is a ‘Desso GrassMaster’ – a combination of natural grass and artificial fibres. Some 20 million artificial grass fibres are injected 20cm deep and cover about 3% of the surface.The natural grass roots intertwine with the artificial turf fibres and the result is a pitch that can take three times as much football as a normal, natural grass pitch. You don’t get clumps of turf being dislodged. The company’s list of clients also includes Wembley, Manchester City and Arsenal.
Liverpool are getting two new ‘Desso’ pitches installed at their Melwood training ground this summer but sorting out Anfield is proving more problematic. The current drainage and irrigation system dates back to 1998. There is no state of the art sprinkler system with a hose currently used to water the pitch before matches. There is also a shortage of grow lights which are used to warm the surface and artificially grow the grass.
Issues with Anfield’s previous natural grass pitch during Gerard Houllier’s reign back in the 1999/2000 season led to the club teaming up with ‘Desso’ in 2001. Each summer since then extensive work has been carried out, with the natural grass removed and the surface re-seeded, but window dressing is no longer sufficient. For such an iconic stadium, the current state of the pitch is a disgrace. "

"featuring Joe the hobbit"

more from REdNET Bootroom 


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