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Sunday, March 8, 2015

REdNET FaCup updated

LIverpool v Bburn

Lfc 0  bburn 0    FA cup quarter final

CS> I am Hoping Stevie will be back to win through at blackburns ground...

A dangerous lunge and we nearly lost Skrtel , 10 minutes later Martin was carried off with a neck support, it could have proven worse, the ref then "missed" their player (Rudy G) who then a few mins later , deliberately kicked Raheem in the guts,,, its clear they were going to rough us up..and our "big lads"  Can, & Lovren need to level it out ....and not let our team be bullied out of the game..

of course a 10 min stoppage and our most consistent defender carried off  took the impus from our team,, and we lacked sharpness for the rest of the first half,  allowing bburn to take the initiative..
I have warned many times that although Marko has shown "flashes" his end product (passing ) is weak, and unless he has a clear one of one for speed, defenders tend to read him, and we lose possesion, I dotn like Moreno's defending, but, he offers much more penetartion down the left... 

I dont know why Brent keeps selecting Toure, when Martin went off , why  not stick CAN back in defence (as I feel he looks much better coming forward from deep, than in a traditional midfield role) , when Skrtel went off, my choice, bring Moreno on, switch Can back to defence and shuffle the team

...BR had already made one defensive change bringing Glen in,  adding Toure again made two changes.. and Brenda N still dont get that to build champions the least changes made to defensive unit, the better..

Raheem and Phil looked tired, Studge still isnt sharp , Lallana & Hendo laboured , and when BRent had a SECOND chance to liven it up with Moreno, he put on Balo...  who dwells on the ball, slows the game down,  saunteres around the field, and had 2 shots, one weakly into their keepers arms, the other, a familiar sight, he  hit towards the sky..
next up swansea away in the league... a rest may help them get their "mojo working" :) because one thing is sure, their coach wont...

thankfully, Martin is ok...

 with SG still out...Hendo and the rest of the team must apply full effort, press and take the game..again..

lets see more great goals from Phil..(and assists...)  ..."heres to you ....Hendo"  :)

I dont want to see Stevie in TV studio any more... (theres already far too many ex Lfc players "playing pundit" instead of golf...) 
Stevie should be in every game for the rest of the season...
never mind what Brent says...

oh , some good news.. 

Flanno is back in training.

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