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Friday, September 5, 2014

another (emphatic) Win at spurs REdNET Bootroom. (The end of Rafas Dream Team.another F S G "mistake" ..thanks dAGGER...) & SABOTAGE of our charity event ....

CS> enjoy the day and all the others, yes I am pleased with the idea, of FREE coaching and training for street kids and disadvantaged children (( )) but hard to get started , lots of sabotaGe by jealous people, take care  to expose corruption at ANY level, especially when it hinders y-our kids!!
"REdNET bootroom"

Ćiki >
I've added you to the group for the trip to ludogorets, it was supposed to be the balkan group but we decided that its easier to plan by country and meet there, so its serbian group working with bosnian montenegrian and macedonian gruops at the moment ,so if youd like to travel to sofia on a game via belgrade with us, let us know !

8/28, 10:08pm
Chris >
maybe put me on the list temporarily, I dont have much contact with balkan fans any  more, I was considering just a small 4 man group by car via macedonia from here..  but I am open to options, 
CIKI> We are also considering hiring bus agencies but it is way too early to determine the number of people
We wanted to make this a huge public gathering with no private vip car trips,if you know what I mean
We are in coordination with Macedonian and Bosnian reds but they will travel on their own cause rutes are different
Also branko from lfc montenegro will give us info on how many monty fans would like to go via belgrade
Also going from Niš is cheap if you could reach niš from monty, but for me niš is too far even though it's in Serbia
So my best guess is about 80 serbs,via train most likely,  about 20 montenegrians, 150 or so Macedonians and 60+ Bosnians (they are the furthest)  but those are just early predictions well see in the next few days and I'll be sure to let you know everything I know, 
If we could fill 3 busses, i think we may get as low as 30e return ticket from belgrade and return directly after the game
Chris >
8/28, 10:44pm
Chris East-west Invest Ursun
then I probably would not join your group , a) i have to add 35 euros for return bus from Pg, and whilst that is not a problem, thats 2 days just to get to your meeting point and I could drive to the destination city in that time and b) prefer to have at least one day in enjoy the place, I never took the organised Lfc travel for the same reason, they have no time to enjoy the "craic"
SCLOG: BrendaN & F S G take on Balotelli .. same mistakes at Citeh and the CL draw to come
- "Vision without Action is merely a dream. Action without Vision is passing the time. Vision with Action can change the world!"

Ćiki >
Well then I'll see you in Sofia, hopefully. Im really looking to go for the cheapest solution atm, there is a reasonable chance for us to be at least second in this group and maybe,come spring, I'd have another chance to watch lfc in Europe
As for the game in short
Moreno shouldnt start but looks good forward, will be good when adjusts

Agger would always start for me, lovren was going out early one too many times,  needs discipline just like sahko last year. But as long as toured doesn't play it's not the end of the world. I don't understand the relationship between Rodgers and Agger,so sad, the most loyal non scouse player in years.
Allen AND Lukas should be benched, lukas is the only one at fault for Southampton goal just watching his player pass on him by, it was disgraceful
Emre can, the only thing he did was a stupid dive,  so apart from stevie and hendo i don't see reliable midfielders in lfc.
But maybe cam can improve he's still young, and oh I forgot llallana, who knows...
I think Baloteli can score 12 to 15 goals if managed correctly. What we next to worry about defence
Chris >
some talk about Br being a "(good) tactician" he isnt, he is a coach, basic,  lucky that Gerrard pulls the team together, without Gerrard we would have been out of the running last year, in a weak league, Was ridiculous to start Moreno at Citeh the most difficult fixture of the season without even being "grounded" Danny Agger must be sick, BR says just after arriving he wants HIS TEAM, that means Rafa s boys, Pepe, Glen, Skrtel Lucas, and Danny will be shown the door whenever the chance comes, thats ego talking and another reason, apart from the fact the Yankers replaced Kenny with him..

, that I dont like him, hes a "media man" ..young and presentable..pleases the kiddies and the Lfc fan nies..i dis agree about Lucas.. with the way BR sets up too "top heavy" the team needs a balanced player like Lucas and his experience is necessary in europe, because the kids will not have it., Markovic looked on fire..thats optimistic, unfortunately Coutinho and Hendo havent got started yet, but hell id rather put my boots on than play Allen (BRs little pet)  dont like him , he reminds  me of the sort of kid at school who sucks up to the teacher.. as for Balotelli , if ever there was a signing thats is not "the Liverpool way" its this guy, but hell none of the modern "fans" care about our soul any more.. as for defence.. Jack Robinson a good young player is sold to QPR, Kelly off too, (without EVER being given a test in his best CB position by BR) and we buy untested players from abroad..hmmmm , Lambert is "plan b" then why sell Andy...yeah well,, as I say ,who cares, most fans now talk about football as if its a video game..we will probably beat MAdrid and lose in Sofia, and be careful of Basel, they knocked us out that time in europe..   for me BR hasnt got a clue about defence or how to make the team play as a unit , forward and back like Rafa could.. but for me no-one , no one comes close to Rafa in modern football..,so c1a -0         dAGGER....           Was the best Defender we had at the club, its a shame, and a bad move again by BR and F S G , as they "clean out" Rafa s team after Pepe, Glen, Lucas and Skrtel will be next , sad truth of F S G s yan ker committee  
An outstanding player and a true gentlemen.
Will be sorely missed at Anfield. All the luck in the future at Brondby.
YNWA — with Tanja Banfi and 3 others.                   Spurs 0  LIVERPOOL 3  Sterling, Stevie (solid pen, again) and Moreno..                     
                                                                         Watched with Izzy (thanks for coming ) and young Filip, Balo could have had a dream start , Sterling opened the scoring but Studge invented it, assisted by a Hendo run into the box, Allen "won" a soft pen, Stevie composed, converted it, , Sahko and Lovren nearly let in spurs at 1-0 but overall were solid, Mignolet saved an easy one, and I dont recall him having to save another, with "only"  40 per cent of possesion proves that its about being effective not just "having the ball"...spurs with 60 per cent rarely looked a threat, Balo missed a vitually  open net, and Raheem and Studge  looked sharp ,  (in the "Black attack")  Moreno scored a classic  (JAR-type) goal but still needs to be tighter to cut out crosses , its his responsibility, Cout.  must be hating it when BR chooses pet Allen, over all a solid team performance 17 chances created , not enough converted , (Raheem dribbled through 4  defenders only to shoot direct at their goalie from a couple of yards..) but enjoyable performance ... and Balo....hmmmmm (for sure bought by F S G to sell shirts)

 ... (birthday 2 sept)              A few thoughts after today's win. Feeling good!  Shanks would have hated F S G , their "transfer committee"  and the selling off of the socialist soul of our club..     league was weak laST season !!!  Tomkins kissing F S G - BR a*se again!   
============= local event has been sabotaged almost 100 mails and sms were blocked,  F S E boss (daniela Wurbs, Berlin) sabotaged the support agreed with her and Goran, their fan s europe Zagreb rep. and the prejudiced F A R E  wouldnt back this charity iniative so, we funded it ourselves ... with difficulties... 

some people just dont get it...WE  ARE the CLUB...
 T -shirts for members, players , supporters & Guests

am told by charity organisers, that FALSE rumours that claimed this event was "postponed" due to recent storms that damaged the location are wrong, a small area of wall near the field collapsed but teams and supporters are still invited to meet at the HOtel Pelikan tonight .. "welcome reception party" goes ahead and spontaneous participation in tomorrows event is welcome.. (CS via H -T) so join for the sake of the children H-T posted in Play Beautiful football in the Wild
Fanseurope and FARE are partners in prejudice! (promotional  bias of Daniela Wurbs & Goran Waz )
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2014 1:22 PM
Subject: Get involved in the "Football People" Action Weeks 2014!

Get involved in the FARE Football People weeks 2014!

Get involved in the FARE Football People weeks 2014!
Like every year, our partners at Football against Racism in Europe (FARE) are calling for NGOs, clubs, football associations and also for all football fans to participate in the FARE Football People weeks (formerly Action Weeks), taking place this year from 9-23 October. Initiatives also have the possibility to apply for small grants to support their actions.
REdNeT 6 September 22:20
so, despite NONE of the guests who said they would join us, arriving, and bad weather and all the blocks on my comms, we had a mini-tournament , with a lot of kids, went over budget , but had some smiles and promoted ;, those who hindered us, take note...and "Karma" will get all the "friends" who arent!
Hello Ste    I was occupied yesterday with players and guests etc, to reply on the phone clearly, and I didnt want to have this convresation in front of other people who were listening to my phone call... I am sad, about the situation,  a) that you could not either come to the "welcome reception"  and did not keep your "promise" to send a team, as I always keep MY promises ; like coming specially to your Carine office friday, "because the lads need it" where is the return respect ? it now not important to support my projects for the kids ? (ha ha maybe seems more like a "mission")    I am constantly offered alternative print suppliers etc and yet I like the lads (and of course their Lfc "connection" I like meeting Dusan and uros (?) in "Berlin"  and even though in 4 years I now call MNE "the land of promises" (NOT the promised land, even though this could be heaven if people made just a BIT more effort...) b)  there were mistakes in the t-shirt delivery , errors on the "pull up stand" and posters... but i settled in FULL! ... I wonder if you read the back of the flyers made in Carilne office?  maybe you should... and maybe the lads should "get it" because the worold is full of false and fake... and all i ask is a little bit of support from people who I support in my way... anyway, you probably are too busy to take this in, maybe one day , many people here , who know the price of everything , but have lost the true values of life, WILL get it..but maybe not!   ChRiS   REdNeT
if you have news write me later, and I will call you about anything important as I am still fighting to get this event off the ground, almost 100 sms and mails were blocked..(sabotage,of FSE people & contact delayed ,
 REdNeT posted in Multi-cultural ; Footy, Fun & International friendship party
REdNeT 11:15am Aug 28
Gratis T-shirts for each member participating,, available to fans & supporters too with a small donation to charity fund JOIN us for the KIDS sake!
Todays Schedule on AnfieldFM- Shankly Day
@anfieldste @flagpole_corner @TheFarm_Peter @Petermcdowall10 @bigredcol1
REdNeT 11:14am Sep 2
101 Years ago THE MAN who most affected my life was born.. celebrate !!! and JOIN us, begin again what has gone , boycott money- mad "soccer" go back to the socialist roots of football with TRUE REDS .. supporting ; and.
  ..  outside  the "bootroom" and INside OUR  CLUB 
ChriS >  9:49am Jul 29
one for Liverpool to watch, available on a free now!

@LivEchoLFC never mind the "new boys" get Flanno fit and playing...sound! =
Daniel Agger writes open letter to LFC fans after Brondby move

29-year-old centre-back has written to the ECHO to thank the club’s supporters 

UnSUB-B: "whatever will B, I am C"

I have now hundreds of local people on my FB) .It made me think about producing alocal version of "U...
ChriS SmiTH 6:52am Aug 10
Lee , Greg & co, many haVE TRIED TO STOP my anti F S G and ant- Yan Ker campaigns, or my huma rights blogs or charity initiatives etc etc by blocking me on FB ,or the net , with viruses and such ,another way is to tell lies and fill my in box with insults,, that wont work either...
Liverpool F.C. Comics commented on a link you shared.
Liverpool F.C. Comics wrote: "I believe in liberty and a free market. Did enjoy the post. : CS>  Teams .... the most intelligent society , is a good football team , when members take responsibility or pass it to another when preferable., for the sake of the collective ""                                      
Photos from ChriS SmiTH's post in irish liverpool supporters
LOVE Pepe, hate F S G....and personally I will NEVER forgive BR and that C+nt Henry for this,, ........
@Sophie_Keller we are the "Jamie Oliver team of football... :) same struggle similar objectives,,for the kids 
who cares.....(q)
England midfielder Frank Lampard announces his retirement from international football. More soon.
Head tennis as Reds get ready for Spurs
New signing Mario Balotelli joined his teammates in a head tennis tournament following Liverpool’s l...
On this day in 1913 a great man was born @spiritofshankly @TheFarm_Peter @Carra23 @TheHoodedClaw66 @LFCHistoryShow REd> shame you dont live up to his name
Karen Elizabeth Gill
He'd have been 101 today. He was the start of a dream we're still dreaming. For me, he's a light...
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Harvey Tuttle
Harvey > 11:23pm Sep 3
Liverpool legends sing You'll Never Walk Alone at Bill Shankly 100th Birthday dinner special
Watch as Liverpool legends sing You'll Never Walk Alone on very special night Those fortunate to be ...
Karen Elizabeth Gill and 25 others commented.

Harvey Tuttle
11:28pm Sep 3
REDNeT>    101 Years ago THE MAN who most affected my life was born..   celebrate !!! and  JOIN us, begin again what has gone , boycott money- mad "soccer" go back to the socialist roots of football with TRUE REDS .. supporting ;
----- Original Message -----

Sent: Friday, May 09, 2014 1:10 PM
Subject: MY 14509 tREdS Re: Reds v Blues

we also wish to invite teams & individual members & all football supporters & friends of,  to particpate in our event 5-6-7 September (NEAR Podgorica, Montenegro)   .. muti-cultural & against discrimination , "footy fun & international friendship"
join us @
MostarLFC on Twitter: Some absolutely brilliant words by Lazar Markovic about Liverpool.......
Youngster makes Italy switch   (MORE F S G "biZ" by their Fecking "committee"

Krisztian Adorjan has completed a deadline day move to Italian side Novara 
Charlie Sheen -- Ice Bucket Challenge with a BIG Twist

Charlie Sheen didn't douse himself with water in the Ice Bucket Challenge ... but he did make it rain...
Chris Forb Dix 11:28am Aug 10

SCLOG: X + y = Z .. and we are close to the end of our TRULY SOCIALIST club... ("REdNet Bootrom")

- "Vision without Action is merely a dream. Action without Vision is passing the time. Vision with A...


  1. CS > I prefer "REbEL REbel" (D. Bowie) than this boring song... Liverpool FC Chants - The Mario Balotelli Song - with Lyrics *NEW*
    I decided on putting into video all the Liverpool FC chants


  2. Filip Negran
    ja nisam kući i ne znam šta znači,pa kad dodjem kući dobićete odg
    Chris FD

    Filip, it is not my problem, Ranko and your family needs seems, on another matter thanks for the fotos, you should also get BoZo , Dusan and Vasile... to join at and we can talk about friendly games and training for the club, I have a nice set of Lfc shirts for our team, when they players are ready (and I will decide when that is..) , my observations of our team.. Bozo ; good on the ball and with dribbling and passing, was ok, he needs to also consider defensive duties sometimes, thats the same with Dusan, who was good with dribbling and passing most of the time , but forgot to pick up their attacking players , Vasile was the best at team play, but needs confidence, all three were too quiet, not enough assistance and communication in the team except YOU, Filip, talking too much to the crowd ! and often shooting instead of passing, you did many good things, but the fitnes level of all players needs improvement, I made 2 mistakes, which cost us goals.. but it was "friendly" game so I wasnt playing too hard, i havent played a match since beginning of 2014 , so I need "match fitness" ..
    added to