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Thursday, September 25, 2014

LIVERPOOL "family"; WE must look after OUR own (Izzy) Red Fan attacked by her (Manc) "ex" (APPEAL)

IZZy,  prior to attack, with mobile phone he ALSO SMASHED
a Manc living in Novi Sad,   violently attacked  yesterday ; A Liverpool FC fan  (simply because Izzy didnt want to stay together with this violent man who had already hit her once before and threatened her life when falsely accusing her)                                                             APPEAL ;to  All REDS on facebook, twitter etc etc..                prepared to send to 20 Liverpool groups with millions of members PROBABLY YOU WILL NOT LIKE ME, to  tell you this,,I am full of ( adrenalin ,;                                                                                                                              to LIVERPOOL Fb group admins; I have just been informed Izzy was today beaten up by her ex (manc) boyfriend Romano Martinovic, because she ended it,, I told her that she should report to the police or he will do it again...I want to make it public on the FB groups so that he knows WE I said that sort of guy will not only do this to her, but to the next girlfriend and the next until someone stops him, but message to Iz is this " IZZy , a couple of YEARS ago, I agreed with you to come to NS whilst my apartment was renovated, but afterwards you changed your mind and told me not to come, (you were "moving soon" (!!!) because of Romano, ...  ...................and dont let ROMANO, or any other "reason" stop your plans, .......BUT IF, (IF!!!) YOU dont want me to come because YOU have changed your plans together then be HONEST and say that, dont say its for my "protection" ..Because , I have survived EVERYTHING, and I am certainly not scared of a bully like him.. i am not scared of death, or his threats, and I would not be stopped in my life by oppression by such a person, and its actually (almost)  selfish if you dont report him, because next time he might do worse to you or the next girlfriend and that would be YOUR fault...and you WILL NOT LIKE THIS"......?  I ask our LIVERPOOL family to protect you until I can.
ChriS SmiTH

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