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Saturday, September 27, 2014

yet another derby day, reasons to be cheerful? and Bootroom updateDr... (no opinion?) :) its a draw!

ReaSons to be cheerful on derby day draw?
 poetry in Notion?     
thank good ness we still have ONE world class player!

12:22pm Sep 26
Read @prenno on why Merseyside Derby magic is real

The magic of the Derby is real, if history is anything to go by
Bri-e Ed Jones
Bri-e Ed Jones 1:16pm Sep 25
The Kop On Panorama 1964
If you've ever wondered why we're the best fans in the world and where it comes from... then take a ...
 to be cheerful  ?        posted in LFC FOR LIFE 
Lee Panther Evans
Lee  10:59am Sep 26
#LFC's Brendan Rodgers convinced Sterling will pen lucrative deal

Winger will be rewarded for stunning progress with big pay rise

11:46am Sep 26
12:23pm Sep 26

8:23am Sep 27
Liverpool 4-0 Everton Highlights
Lucas on bench !! error, not sure I should be "cheerful" with BR!  for daily "RedNET bootroom opinion and more....   Derby Draw, Blues steal a point but REdS left the door open...Stevie does need to prove that he is the ONLY world-class player in the league, but he did show Balo & co how to score, Gerrard again was exceptional in his passing , he is so good that ppl only notice when it dont land on his team - mates foot, so plEASE F S G clones, Fan nies, yan kers, armchair w*nkers , "TV pundits" and all those little kiddies who think playing video games is knowing footy SHUT THE F*** UP! Stevie is OUR captain... Hendo did well some his passing was of Gerrad standard, Raheem also tested the bluies Skrtel sound, and Coutinho impressed late on, but as I have said so many times already this season, Moreno is too loose once AGAIN his winger crossed the ball which led to evertons late equalier... Balo, Makovic and Lallana are collectively NO replacement for Luis, its so obvious how much we miss Studge, if hes not fit we struggle for goals.and title hopes will gone Branda if u dont learn how to defend                                                                   


English Barclays Premier League

3Manchester City6321511
5Swansea City6312210
6Aston Villa6312-310
7Manchester United622228
8Tottenham Hotspur622218
9Crystal Palace622208
10Leicester City6222-18
11West Ham United621307
14Hull City6132-26
16Stoke City5122-15
17West Bromwich Albion5122-45
18Queens Park Rangers6114-94
20Newcastle United5032-63

The Reds at 7th F S G  take a titel - winning team from last season and bring us below go...

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