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Thursday, August 28, 2014

BrendaN & F S G take on Balotelli .. same mistakes at Citeh and the CL draw to come

 14825  SCLOG...     citeh 3  Lfc 1 ... ah, how the sponsored & biased mainstrean media and fan nies swoon over the  "saviour combo of Henry and BR " ... the Yan ker knows "FA" about our culture or the game... and BR (even during the Cavalier season ) does not know how defensive tactics or strategic team management of a UNIT is applied , we probably lost our best ever chance of winning the monery mad premiere league last season, Rafa would have won it., it was weak,his team of 09 would have walked it ,BR s teams look good going forward, but once again, he sacrificed "sound" and pushed his pet Allen intot he starting line-up when Lucas may be a better and more defensively sOUND  solution, (as he outshone "Jaja" in the past!) The first half showed a stronger performance, but to play Moreno at citeh, was naive..."the Liverpool way" was always to "ground" players before giving them a start; of course exceptions can the likes of Torres and Suarez, but is it a co-incidence that all 3 goals came from the left (Moreno s ) side... .... Stevie was his usual self, spraying passes, one to Sterling inside the citeh area, should have produced more, (maybe Raheem should probably have layed off to Studge, but ....  thats hyper-critical) ..just after (local boy) Jovetic scored the first , Studge scored, only for a linesman to rule offside, well his upper body might have been a few cms OFF , but,.....   come  on ! ... feet were level!.. Glen was reluctant to go past players (I wonder how he is coached , ..)  considering BR bangs on about the other new full backs  FSG s committee have signed this summer...

  I dont think Lovren could be blamed but I feel we miss Danny (Agger)  posted in E.L(s)S.U.N: "Balkan REDS" (Union of Reds Supporters) Global
Chris Forb Dix
Chris Forb Dix 12:09pm Aug 28
Agger admits he doesn't know if he will remain a Liverpool player

Danny has been linked with move away from Anfield all summer
Danny is the best defender we have but is from "Rafa s team" thus BR wants to change (Pepe, Glen and Lucas will be pushed out...) .....................Moreno was nt sharp enough for the vital first goal conceded, Hendo and Coutinho didnt look that sharp, and Studge maybe sahould have taken his half-chances better , their 3rd goal was ridiculous and it wasnt one of Migns better games.. Lambert wasnt bad, but if this 9 is the "plan b"  then we should have kept Andy... the bright spot, (and both Glen and Moreno got crocked)  was Markovic, which took some of the shine off of the Jovatic fan club in the "westpub"... he looked sharp and mobile..considering this was his competitive debut at the home of last years cheating winers of the league trophy, not much time to decide on Emre Can who came on late....  
as it should be , not full of F S G clones

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Too soon...

MARKOVIC LOOKed GOOD when he came on later in the GAME!!!!

Spurs away could be as big a test although we averaged  a 9-0 against them last season they have started strong, I would play Lucas and not Allen and test Baloteli with Studge, instead of Coutinho who did not look so sharp in either game so far, or MARKOVIC who looked ready..                           
          :    Group B ; Real Madrid, Basel, Liverpool Ludogorets
Reds and Blues march on Premier League HQ to protest against match ticket prices

Fans are calling on footie chiefs to do more to curb the cost of going to watch matches
Steven Gerrard Anfield Tour
Steven Gerrard shows you the reds temple
Stevie & Studge take ice bucket challenge

It's a campaign that has swept the internet and Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge and Steven Gerrard ......
ChriS SmiTH

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...I dream of her breast , as hard as a pebble..
..and her loins ..oh so vital...

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             The INitiative in "Monty" and "sabotage" .....go to                                                     
... AS i wrote elsewhere I really DO sympathse with Jamie Oliver when see him trying over come the negativity of parents,teachers and general public SHEEPLE who fall, time after time for the BS, the "mainstream" ("the establishment", "system manpulators, or call them what you will have I have a few suggestions ....<SMILE> ) ...............AT least he has the Tv cameras to expose the stupidity and bias he fights against, most of the time the sabotage of my initiatives is more subtle, people get quietly but deliberately "warned off" others, by intent or by distraction compete with distractions and sponsored  events..  there is the usual apathy and distrust of anything different or "alternative" viral attacks, and loads of spam mail to deal with, delayed messages, (or even deleted mails or sms, anything to disrupt) and sometimes downright devious and PREJUDICE born out of malice as with Daniela WURBS  who took a dislike to my honesty when we met a anti-discrimination seminar in Bratislava , a couple of years ago, she, like most of those attending are PAID to join NGOs and dont have the true belief of their organisation s "alledged aims " full of hypocrites, parasites and cowards they pretend, whilst they spend their time looking for grants to bolster their salaries rather than DO anything, Mondiali is a good event, but surely its "effect" is small considering the publicity , and YES I have an "axe to grind" as WUrbs ("fanseurope" ; Football Supporters Europe ) and her balkan poodle ; Goran Was instrumental in a fraud against our initiatve , causing our not-for profit charity to incur costs after agreeing to it being the the FIRST EVER "FSE tournament (agreeing to our idea to make this event  in Montenegro) ....this region needs "alternative events" ....I went to watch  a local game last sunday, and I have seen better facilities inside a concentration camp! it fits, that if you treat people badly , they are likely to react , in a negative way , this region NEEDS to support good initiatives , we are still open to new players, visiting  teams and supporters (or even holidaymakers)
yes international teams and Girls playing too, open your minds!


9:00pm Aug 22
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message to Global REdS, in the TRUE "Shanks Spirit" Be different , dont just be another "fan nie" us send a message to the "system" (the establishment is trying to block this initiative and me again! ) and join us at an alternative party weekend , multi-cultural, the best scenery, (lakes beaches and spectacular mountain views, good food & wine and fun,(economic ) ,....and footy too, this IS Heaven and any profits will go to childrens charity to help street kids etc,... ChRiS
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    Harvey Tuttle 2:56pm Aug 25

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