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Sunday, August 24, 2014

SCLOG; New season format ; for "REdNET Bootroom" ..we take on the world and "citeh away" preview

A new format for this season SCLOG always included other "alternative opinion" but this will be even "wider" comment,,  feel sorry for the Yan kers, F S G clones and  fan nies and the (not ) sweet FA , UEFA and FIFA and the other idiots, politicians C 1 A kg bees and anyone else that damages y-our life,,........and OUR beautiful game   

"REdNet Bootroom"     

MOre at :          posted in GOLS + Group of Liverpool Supporting Shareholders
Chris Forb Dix
dAGGER is OUR first choice BR!!!!!
10 Years since Emlyn left us. R.I.P, a truly great Liverpool Captain in a picture that sums up Liverpool Football Club. (THEN!*ck-is-wrong-with-you/
ChriS SmiTH
... the Dream

" i dream of her smooth as silk
of her lips as drinky as milk
...I dream of her breast , as hard as a pebble..
..and her loins ..oh so vital...

greetings from ;
REdNeT posted in Multi-cultural ; Footy, Fun & International friendship party
REdNeT 10:26am Apr 26
we will be supporting ...
alternative global News and opinion                             There is  a "play by the rules" group in the Linkedin network, I feel tht Shanks  was  SO sure when he said that referees know the rules  but they dont know the game...,  the same goes for so much of the "policing " of this planet, the coaches , the judges, and I smile when people say "dont be judgemental"  because so many "judges " ARE MENTAL..  :) ...the problem is not making a judgement, all decisions are based on this, its THE QUALITY of the decisons, as the sheeple become  more "robotied" the ability to make a decision (to "Judge") is being lost and of course lawyers, politicians  and bureaucrats disappear up their own a**es making so many rules and regulations that you need 36 hrs a day , instead , teach your children the 20 odd articles of the UNIVERSAL declaration of human rights .. and make sure that they are NOT the last things applied by the state you allow to "govern"......  
Talking of the "FA" they also blocked our protests concerning the J4t96 etc  until their CONservative leader s  "came out"
"CAFE has published the summary report of its second hugely-successful Week of Action campaign in Poland and Ukraine, which ran from 5-13 April 2014.
The Week of Action campaign is a part of the ongoing project delivered by CAFE in legacy of our works in the country around UEFA EURO 2012. CAFE was named as the official charity of the tournament and ran the UEFA Respect Inclusion - Football with No Limits project."   what a joke most of the FA committee are racists or frauds  Read more  

CAFE is supported by UEFA and is working closely with its 54 associations to improve access in European football stadia. Find out more at   Useless Elite Fecking A**holes?   

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
The FIFA World Cup is the biggest single-event sporting competition in the world and is contested by the senior men's national teams from the 208 Member Associations of FIFA.
The competition has been played every four years since the inaugural tournament in 1930 ,,, and Like the rich UEFA have been ripping off true grass roots Supporters ever since...  and the HYPOCRITES at FSE (fanseurope) and the UNFAIR frauds at F A R E ...pretend to support "grass roots" football events .. but sabotage TRUE initiatives and feed off anti-discrimination meetings like Mondiali (Bologna) 
Football People Event Grants 
Chris > To whom it may concern, PLEASE REPLY IF anyone at "Mondiali" IS PROPERLY dealing with problems of players or teams being discriminated against &-or BLOCKED from attending the 2014 event .....thanks for an urgent response, CS   Whilst daniela WURBS (Fanseurope dictator) and her collagues show open prejudice and help block tREdS participation//  (these are placed in this FSE by the enemies of trueFREEDOM and our beautiful game)

Original email:
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2014 20:03:13 +0200
Subject: Football Fans unite in solidarity against increasing restrictions  not with the racist D. Wurbs my ar*e! they dont!

----- Original Message -----
From: FSE Info
Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2014 12:09 PM
Subject: #EFFC 2014 - Your Football Team at the Mondiali Antirazzisti
watching the repeat of eng v Ita game today, not because I am an england fan (i am not, I am a...LIVERPOOL SUPPORTER

"Apply for a 2014 Football People Event Grants and host one of this year's highlight events. The deadline is 15 May.
Funded initiatives will need to be national or international events and have a clear focus on the issues they address. Find out more or get in touch for advice." ... TOO LATE!
News from the England Supporters Club...

Treat your child for a tenner!   TAKE THEM TO THE CINEMA INSTEAD!  :)
                    Citeh v REdS preview  a flashback to last season, when we were top of the league, beaten Citeh (narrowly) at ANFIELD and Stevie (not BR) pulling the TEAM together, had Rodgers not got it wrong V chelski and at Palace  the league would have been ours and Like Atletico took the spanish crown against moneybags UNreal Madrid    (disgusted) that spanish people with no jobs allow Barca and real to sqander 100s of MILLIONS on new players! a sick world... when Stevie leaves, I think I will too....  because  F S G intend to make Lfc just another "USA sponsored cash cow..and the fan nies just swallow all the yan ker propaganda .. we should have (had the ref been fair) won at citeh  last season perhaps revenge is possible... its early days but the defence (without Danny Agger,  ) and with BRs new pets in favour, will be tested..   posted in GOLS + Group of Liverpool Supporting Shareholders
Chris East-west Invest Ursun

why dont Lfc management object to the "penalty" of 50 million quid against Man city ? in a FAIR league they would be dedeucted POINTS for breaking the rules, like a REd card hurts a player more than a financial fine??
  twitters AND twatters     etc....                                     
JFT96 @DebiMcMillan96
@HJC_Official administrator, @AFCLiverpool board member. #JFT96...
Sky Socc Sat @LFC Hillsborough 25th anniversary Feat @kennethdalglish @SheilaColeman96 @TheFarm_Peter @KeithMullin

Interesting: UEFA legislation means the private agreement between CFC and AT M about Courtois shouldn't be applied…
The integrity of sporting competition is a fundamental principle for UEFA and the competition and disciplinary regulations state clearly that clubs cannot influence others over the players they field. (BLAH BLAH... the FA and UEFA are so inconsistent, but always manage to give Lfc or our players maximum penalty BUT IF Citeh had been deducted points for cheating WE would have won the league
REd AlieN,
Here's what's trending on Twitter this week.
  REd AlieN
Watch: the #icebucketchallenge continues. Here are #LFC players (and Lukaku) getting involved:…
19 Aug
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19 Aug
The 22-year-old was omitted from the Selecao's World Cup squad but he has made the cut this time with 11 of the players called up this summer left out
 NOT really, I prefer our players not to play in the BS games  which interupt our team development...
Transfer talk: Sergio Romero (Sampdoria)
19 Aug
Liverpool are expecting to complete the signing of Sampdoria goalkeeper Sergio Romero after making a £1.6million offer for his services.
Barca confirm Suarez's release clause was £75m but claim they paid £65m. Liverpool insist it was £75m. Anyone seen the receipt?!
19 Aug
#LoanWatch Liverpool man Teixeira just scored on his full debut for Brighton & Hove Albion FC.
19 Aug
Had to post this pic of me and @D_Sturridge Sik!!!
19 Aug
Brian Henderson, Jordan dad, about the cancer battle he kept secret from Jordan & the understanding BR has shown
19 Aug
Play footy in Podgorica
Community Club "Wild Beauty Team"
(a.k.a TREdS)
and.....My name is ChriS SMITH :) 
we also wish to invite teams & individual members & all football supporters & friends of,  to particpate in our event 5-6-7 September (NEAR Podgorica, Montenegro)   .. muti-cultural & against discrimination , "footy fun & international friendship"
join us @
supporting ;

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