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Sunday, August 10, 2014

X + y = Z .. and we are close to the end of our TRULY SOCIALIST club... ("REdNet Bootrom")

Teams .... the most intelligent society , is a good football team , when members take responsibility or pass it to another when preferable., for the sake of the collective                    

                                                                             summer greetings from ;
supporting ;
J4t96!  " REdNET bootroom "...I was a mere boy when Shanks instilled the belief in me , that my parents had infered ; that to be Human BEing we must be social. and a true socialist is not political, but cares about the community and YET there is still a place for individual talent & personal expression within the TEAM < collective>  WE ARE near the ending of our socialist origins .....r.i.p Lfc      ..AS Pepe goes, Loyal Lucas & Agger likely to follow ...
its all about cash and BRs ego (making "my team" ...BS!)                                  
those who called Torres , Masch & Luis "judas" should remember that yanker owners and BR have no loyalty eitherHate F S G , Aggers too good for BR ... wish Henry and the yan kers would go, and not Pepe & Danny ..we are losing the best and keeping "the rest" (except for Stevie ...who is our only true leader..) BR is just another coach builkding his own career through our club and FSG just here making cash our socialist club has gone,,, r.i.p...     ..........LOVE Pepe, hate F S G....and personally I will NEVER forgive BR and that C+nt Henry for this,, ......................"Around this time last year, I wrote a letter to say goodbye to Liverpool and the fans after I joined Napoli. Some people asked why I was doing it when I was only going on loan for a season and would be back within twelve months but the reality was that it was already clear to me that my time at Anfield was over. Liverpool had signed Simon Mignolet to be their new number one and I was being allowed to go out on loan so I wanted to take the opportunity to offer my thanks and bid farewell because I knew that I would not be back.

I suppose this is a bit of an update now that my departure has been confirmed and I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone at Liverpool – and I mean everyone – for everything that they have done for me over years. Last time, some of my words were misinterpreted and taken out of the context in which they were meant but it would never be my intention to leave Liverpool on anything but good terms so hopefully this will put that right once and for all.

I have been extremely fortunate to spend so many years at what I consider to be one of the greatest clubs in world football. It has been an honour and a privilege. The memories I have of Anfield, my team mates, the supporters and the people of Liverpool will stay with me forever. I am disappointed that I am leaving but only in the sense that I enjoyed being at the club so much and it is always difficult to say goodbye to something that is special to you. I will always be grateful to have played for Liverpool and my time at the club was always going to come to an end so we move on with no hard feelings.

All I can do now is look forward to a new adventure at Bayern Munich and being reunited with Pep Guardiola, who was my first captain at Barcelona. Hopefully I will enjoy being with them as much as I enjoyed being with Liverpool and again, I am fortunate to be going from one great club to another. I will return to at Anfield some time soon, though, only next time it will be as a fan rather than a player and I hope that when I do come back Liverpool will be challenging for the biggest trophies like they always should.

The final thing for me to do is to express my gratitude to everyone who has supported me in any way since I joined Liverpool in 2005 – all of the managers who I have played under, all of the players who I shared a dressing room with, all of the staff who helped me in so many ways and every single one of the fans who gave the team and myself the kind of backing that others can only dream of. I count myself as a Liverpudlian and I will be one for life.

You’ll Never Walk Alone,

Pepe ".......       According to The Mirror, “made his emotional request in a dressing-room exchange during their recent pre-season tour of America”.

Danny Agger, 29, played in the first match of the tour in Boston but didn’t feature thereafter and actually flew back to England – with the official line being that he did so due to injury.

With Dejan Lovren joining the club, Agger reportedly fears he is losing the battle to win his place back in the first-team.
The Daily Mail claim Danny Agger will be available for around £12 million. and  returned to the UK at the manager’s permission......
The turnaround in fortunes for Danny is in contrast with Rodgers’ first summer at the club, when The Reds fought off interest from Manchester City to keep the Dane at the club, with Agger having ‘YNWA’ tattooed on his knuckles. and last Year Barca were alledgedly after him Danny declared HIS loyalty to our club.

Danny signed for Liverpool eight years ago from Brondby and a match between his former and current club kicked off the pre-season preparations this summer. An agreement that Liverpool finally fulfilled, he has made a total of 232 appearances, scoring 14 goals, during an injury plagued nine seasons at the club.
(Lfc fan nies propaganda at ) ;                                Once a blue always a Manc (Rooney )
Once a red always a RED (dirk kuyt) —(see pic below)  ..........................................
................................          Personal messages , Filip, correction of your english, it was YOUR birthday  yesterday not mine... :)   ...CS14810   Filip, please translate this message to yr Dad, I propose to go about 16h to pick up lawnmower and "our boy"  for cutting grass at (Brceli) and easy coaching start, no later, I need YOU to be my "assistant" (and join a little light exercise too) ChRiS    

                 Leon, last night I gave 15 year old Filip a little birthday party, because his Dad could not afford it, and because my own son does not want to be with me, your mother has "won you"  but i wish you to have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Leon...........     keep in touch with "REdNET" on fb at    &  link to (unedited)

1Manchester City3827566586
6Tottenham Hotspur3821611469
7Manchester United38197122164
9Stoke City38131114-750
10Newcastle United3815419-1649
11Crystal Palace3813619-1545
12Swansea City3811918042
13West Ham United3811720-1140
15Aston Villa3810820-2238
16Hull City3810721-1537
17West Bromwich Albion3871516-1636
18Norwich City388921-3433
20Cardiff City387922-4230

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