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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

there's a storm, Y.N.W. A.. ;)

There is a Storm here..

(so, sing Y.N.W.A. ! ?)  

& there, 

 the World spins

...and PPL "spin"...too


"I told you so".. ;) ????

 Some one sitting next to me moaned TOO much last night, and my "new partner" ..decided to "postpone" and we have hardly begun to "save the world"...and someone who I am mentoring, ignores my experienced advices, and my "language teacher" is taken into intensive care..another finds 10 kms too far to, I ask..."is there an "agenda"? ; by that which you call "GOD" ?  I have to smile ...

I believe in GO(o)D

The Titanic has sunk, here I am offering a "LIVE-r-boat"..but i suppose you must learn the hard way... <smile>

news> "Due to heavy snowfall and low temperatures in Serbia has so far declared emergency situations in 31 municipalities, the Department of the Serbian Interior Ministry for Emergency Situations will follow today and tomorrow, the situation in the country and if it finds it necessary, make a decision on proclamation of emergencythroughout the country."

"still very cold, cloudy and gloomy ,  snow.Wave Ice  from  engulfed the whole of Serbia & MNE .. the seventh victim, a 54-year old homeless man who police found in the center Lebane.In Medvedja on the sixth day, persons are missing. & about 60,000 people, 25,500 households,  "cut off from the world."
Dr. Nouriel Roubini jedan je od najutjecajnijih ekonomista u SAD-u, ali i globalno. Redovni je predavač na fakultetu Stern School of Business (New York) i predsjednik konzultantske kompanije Roubini ..

( One of the most influential economist of the Wall Street Journal: "Karl Marx was right, capitalism will collapse" )

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