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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PreView LIVE R POOL V arse-nal, Stevie NO eng-ur-lund & post-final

LIVERPOOL v arse-nal, 
Stevie ..
NO to eng-ur-lund 
& post-final

LIVERPOOL v arse-nal 

We defeated a poor , weakened "gunners" in London early in the season, 0-2 for the first time in 10 years, unfiortunately our prepareation for this weekend's game @ Anfield have been disrupted, by minor injuries to dAgger & Glen, and the bl**dy national "duty" games ;   

Yesterday we "Balkan REdS (4)" obtained tickets for saturday's game at the last monute after applications were sent by post, emails, and chased up via phone, sms, etc etc and the "fans committee chairman" who did nothing to help the lads going there for the very first time..(more about that) so this "preview" is  limited..



I am sorry if Stevie is disappointed 

but not sorry that idiot hasn't chosen Gerrard,

 we need Stevie for our games, 

the FA is our enemy 

and he should do what Carra did, and tell eng-ur-lund & the FA to stick their national shirt where the sun dont shine, 

we are not english we are.............? 

most of our core supporters would rather he resigned from national "duty" NOW, - its insulting to pick anyone in front of Stevie, if he plays summerr he may not be fit for next season, I cant exactly remember the last season when Stevie was fit for the whole season, probably 05/06 ?

 Scouse not English............ its downright bias, they have always been biased, even back when Clem was by far better than shilton.. they insulted Carra.. etc etc and the farce over Luis ...sick joke, I wouldnt watch them even if u paid me..
EVERY picture tells a story of the L'Cup final 2012


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