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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

so we tamed the mancs and the wolves away too *by 3!

so we tamed the mancs 
and won @ the wolves away too (by 3!) 

After kicking out BOTH manchester clubs from the Cups in the last 7 days ...Last night I was distracted by an Inrtenations event booked before I had checked the fixtures , we so rarely play on a Tuesday night these days,,,I had met Milos and later Vesna and then went to Budva with Zorka, where I met Stijn, Maya, Jessica, Helen  and Robert etc

... but the game wasn;t on the screen doiwnstairs, so "mingled a bit" (thanks to Zorka for driving) , so I welcomed seeing the news txt from Milos (a local REd who is goign with our group to LIVERPOOL next month)  THE REdS winning 0-3 @ molineux (wolverhampton) with goals from Andy, Craig and Dirk's 50th league goal for Lfc...

Stevie won the Penalty war with hart..twice!
 ;;;Stevie was rested and Luis  is back after the ILLEGAL ban///ready to play the Spurs will be good if we can get revenge for last season's spoiling of Anita's visit to Anfield  and the bad game in London last year, 

OUR YOUTH team played them tonight in "Next Gen" @ WHL and outplayed their best young players by far! but  could not get the MANY reasons, (not least to climb back to the top of the league to need to BATTER the spurs next monday...

The Future is REd!

and when the londoners come to LIVERPOOL 
lets remind them WHERE WE PLAY!!! 

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