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Saturday, February 11, 2012

mancs awaY, SUAREZ revenge? LIVE-R-POOL update

mancs awaY, SUAREZ revenge?  
LIVE-R-POOL update

written saturday morning, from a virtually "snowbound" Tolosi (i ll be lucky to be able to walk through waste - high snow here!) 

..Luis got a run out v spurs but will be hoping to extract revenge saturday for the "contrived" fergie-led FA witch-hunt 
...lets have a committed performance all out on & off the field from Kenny's team @ OT!

"we just cant get enough of...

But Dalglish said: "We're looking alright, I don't think we're too bad and we should have everybody to choose from. "If we say everybody, I think that includes Jose Enrique." The Spaniard's return is a boost for the Reds, who shifted Glen Johnson to the left against Spurs. Enrique is currently third in the Man of the Match table for 2011-12 behind Luis Suarez and Craig Bellamy. As for the rest of his squad, Dalglish insists preparations for the game do not alter despite the unique rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United.
"The work we do is not any different," said the boss. "We always try and concentrate on what we do best, while at the same time doing a little bit on what we think the opposition might do. "The success they've had is obviously far greater than some other teams but the preparations aren't any different. "Manchester United v Liverpool games are fantastic occasions for both clubs. You can enjoy it to a certain degree, but that's the same for every game. Both teams know what to expect from each other on the pitch."
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Kenny's pre-United chat
Dalglish admits his players may have gained additional confidence following recent victories over Manchester City and Manchester United - but he claims the latter, our FA Cup fourth round triumph at Anfield, may not provide a psychological advantage this weekend. "That's up to them," said Dalglish. "We know what we've done and how we've prepared for the previous games, but we've got our reward for that and now we've got to repeat it. "We know they're an excellent side who came back from 3-0 at Chelsea last week. That will give them a lift even though they only got a point, so we know what we're up against.
"Anybody who works in football or any walk of life, they're going to get confidence from good results. I don't think anyone's any different. "I'm sure they'll have confidence from the good results but I like to think they put most of the results into perspective. They don't go cut themselves up to bits if we've played badly and lost, we go analyse it. And we're not going to go away and think we're world champions when we win. If we repeat it more often than the bad ones we'll be okay." Asked if helping to prevent Manchester United from winning a 20th league title would be in his mind on Saturday morning, Dalglish added: "I never knew that figure. For us, we just concentrate on looking after Liverpool Football Club."
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