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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

no Valentines...BUT SUPPORTERs v hypocrisy (internal or external)

no Valentine for me ...BUT 

SUPPORTERs v hypocrisy 

(internal or external)  

this is a time when YOU should ALL also put things in perspective…
a) If Luis dont want to shake hands , then he shouldnt, his mistake was to (apparently) tell Kenny otherwise.

.b) WE are waiting 22 years for the TRUTH to be told about HIllsborough, theres an agenda to counter-balance this with slurs against Lfc and anyone associated with it, by the authorities FA, fergie exploits it and the mainstream just follow.. NO WAY shoudl we be discussing an arguement which was actually between TWO ADULT MALES..on the global media!! ppl must calm down! and get it into perspective,, we support our own, although

c) if Luis dont perform then he wont get it..

d)the "FA" are Like just about every other "authority" today, - its officials are corrupted by the unfettered power they weald without the wisdom it requires

E> FSG only care about I TOLD you all over a year ago..(they only changed hodgson when 10,000 didnt turn up @ Anfield!)

Luis, is an emotional bomb, we have to use that and not let others diffuse that, he obviously looked at evra, and thought about what evra had did (and evra insulted Luis's sister, and clearly didnt really want to shake either?, wanted a TV "show") and reacted , without thinking, i cant condone that, but what worries me is the owners typical "marketing view" instead of them fighting for us (HJC) they only care how many shirts wont be sold,..

And the hypocrisy, Kenny should never have to apologise when..

  • ‎a reminder... That manu players (thanks to ferguson's "coaching"?) deliberately ended another players career! ; have publicly shown lack of morals (rooneys "professional interests") giggs philandering? ..Cantona KICKED a fan! ..and Ferdinand (another great "manc captain") ran away instread of facing a drug test .... Mr ("cur") ALEX FERGUSON ...LORD of the hypocrites..!and his captain, a "serial liar"?) who betrayed his france manager etc etc.. Ironic considering fergie defence of Peter Schmeichel's racism against Ian Wright... enough said?
more @


they would have strung him up if he had scored TWO??

NO foul, we are at manU !!!!
NO balkans Girls for me, no valentine , just a cuppa Tea! ;) he he?
our cat is faster than Bale! 

Pepe knws that evra is a cheat...!  

but... WE are @ WEMBLEY, not the mancs!!!!!!!!!

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