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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New ScLOG, same problem and departing REd SOUL

The "fickle ones"  will be hoping over experience that BR and f s g dont foul up Lfc in the new season any more than they
already have

BUT, a reminder at ..

With Stevie gone and Rafa at Madrid .. (*The wife of Real Madrid manager Rafael Benitez has joked her husband spends his time cleaning up the mess of Jose Mourinho after the Spaniard joined a club the Portuguese had been at for the third time." (La Region - in Spanish)     I predict he will be a success.... if this president is fair.. their GAIN , OUR LOSS, again!

Facebook fans can fill their time with "Lfc stuff" at but

The "RED SOUL" of Lfc has gone... Shanks' ethics a distant hope, buried by yan ker commercialism and money addicted fan nies.. Its now impossible me to continue my lifetime SUPPORT, so I am investing into local footy for kids in Montenegro...

and Looking like this in 35-40 degrees C.  "Monty heat" ....

well, ALMOST! :)

"REdNET BOOTroom" opinion and more

More “traitor Tomkins” sucking up to Henry … lip service to the financial fascist..
When FSG acquired Liverpool FC in 2010, they made a commitment to build a sustainable future. Unlike...

How Anfield will be transformed: in to………………. a USA shopping mall

Lfc have faced no real 'quality' opposition in pre season games this summer, its all about Marketng…does BR have a clue?
Following comments claming Liverpool’s decreasing support in Asia, Henry Jackson feels the Reds are lacking both global stars and success.

More BS from T I A …Lucas is Obvious hoice to anyone with intelligence..
“With Liverpool’s team taking shape ahead of the 2015/16 season, defensive midfield remains a rare area of the pitch where first-choice is up for debate. (H.Jackson)”

amazing how the scumedia always focus on Lfc failures (but thanks to BR/F S G there ARE too many!..)

New Liverpool forward Danny Ings has claimed that he is the perfect man to spearhead the Reds’ attack, stating that his ability to run in behind will bring out the best in the likes of Philippe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino – the more creative players in the side.

Teixeira: "I haven’t spoken to the manager much yet about where I fit into his plans but hopefully we'll speak about that back in Liverpool."

CS> Lfc don’t have a “manager” hes a novice coach who hasn’t won a thing..

More “nobodies” managing the kids…?   Henry  dumped a genuine class act ..Rudolfo!

BR on the BS again…
BR … apparently goes with 4 3 3 and Benteke “will fit in” … just how many times will the fan nies overlook BR contradicting himself again, is Benteke any much different to the way Andy played for Lfc?

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