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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The core is rotten... so why discuss the skin??? EuREDnet "bootroom" v F S G's Lfc

9th June,, its fair comment by Brian on an fb YNWA group the other day..., its hard for me not to lay into BR, he is privaledged to play for what I considered the best club in the world (until the rot of '07 from the USA infestors) BR is highly paid, but u have to realise the policy of John Henry and f s g would never like a seasoned manager like Rafa, or strong characters like Kenny , and certainly not someone like Maureen .. (chelski) .I have worked on many projects with the states in my past, .typical USA infestors like to have young media freindly coaches (NOT MANAGERS") who they can "control" 

.. BIG managers are too strong, .. f,s,g want to make profit, and they have made a clear profit,,,but not on the field, I blame BR because he took the job (from OUR hero Kenny, who Henry betrayed) we can talk all day about transfers but the money from tickets and kits etc comes from us, we made Lfc what it is, and BR should accept that he is limited , I wont pay a cent to the modern commercial Lfc, so I prefer to invest my "disposable on local/kids footy, you guys talk about players, but its obvious that the f s g committee/BR "transfer policy" is a disaster, and Mark can delete this post if he thinks its a "rant" ..but only Phil looks a player out of about 40 signed with f s g /BR...!! so have to protest or nothing will change,..

Good Lad, all those young millionaires at Lfc could afford to give more to kids ...!! (Stevie has a foundation too...) Shanks Spirit...!

Of course Barca Beat Juve on saturday evening, which we "half watched" in the irish pub... its a reflection on the status of LFC that 2 players ; Mascherano and Suarez <who scored the winner> helped Barca wina trophy that we used to contest when Rafa was our manager Masch left when G & H / woy let him go, and Henry s f s g couldnt hold on to Luis..gone are the days when the CLUB WE made  attracted top players and replaced them with equal quality.. there is no quality, In the "INFESTORS" , in the boardroom, nor on the coaching bench.. the best kids leave us , or get loaned out, NEVER to return.. or are sold on the cheap.. I never imagined that Lfc would be just another "selling club" ... so I out of it, after a lifetime and focus on "footballs grass RoUtes" the kids and local footy clubs = MY Mission as a communty project,,,...

as per the Facebook..."its theirs Steve and Suzie, WE had the chance to take it before it was "sold" (souled out) to Henry and f sg , any decent business manager could make a success with more than 30 million fans worldwide all U do is keep the rotten infestors in power... LIVERPOOL (city) had 3 billion to invest ("08") ,,, we could have and should have taken it, but for far too many "fans" its too easy to just keep on paying their prices, well lucky u, now that the middle class and business people own what was OUR club before social justice became "unfashionable" , Lfc is just another USA commercial cash cow, and it fits the money infested Premiere league.... but....just as FIFA is being torn apart so will the EPL and Fsg s "modenr" Lfc with it ,,, u betray Shanks spirit...!"

This IS ONE OF THE FUNNIEST headl;ines of the year!! WOY was the WORST "manager" ever allowed at Lfc ...EVER, and he can certainly show Raheem how NOT to win trophies,,, I fear that BR is another of the hodgson, "almost" creed...…/roy-hodgson-has-told-raheem-s…
ha ha....confused???, well Shanks did after Lfc ....
and they SOULED HIM OUT TOO...

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