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Monday, April 13, 2015

Pre V geordies rant, should be "SAS 2" ..have a bevvy Stevie lad..

its obvious... the pairing of Luis & Studge last season gave the Team its " attacking edge" (scoring more than the opponents ) this should have been the first choice once Studge was back from injury 5 3 2 with the "SAS version 2" ...that would have helped Studge ..and used Raheem in danger areas

why do fans expect f s g , with NO experience of running a football club do manage it better ?? yes they get the "biz" ,,but anyone professional could do that.. USA sponsors are easy to find because of our name, Lfc has always been badly managed off the field but we had great managers doing it ON the field, BR is too naive , a decent coach but not a a"Manager" 

... and thats why Henry wont have a BIG manager like Kenny , or Rafa, because themodern USA style is to have young people who "do what they are told" ... Lfc has been going bad in many ways since the Premiereship started ,Rafa was strong enough , but was back stabbed half way through, and I dont feel we will ever recover from losing him, (who toghether with Kenny , Mcparland and Rudolfo had a core of quality..) ,,, now ...we turnover players by the truck load..this is not the Liverpool way that I want to associaite with and when they forced Stevie to go by not giving him a contract I also decided this is my last season,,,, I could have bought 2 houses with what I invested in our club, the money isnt the issue , its the mentality whch is wrong now, on and off the field
... its just another commercial entity..
the Key is to combine these 2 as a striking force as Luis & Studge did last Year...IMO!
BR "managing expectations" again (f s g style) and getting the fan nies to see IBE as Raheems "replacement"

Rafa Too big for Henry & LOyal Danny...discarded...
problem is the clubs in the wrong hands, wrong mentality and BR has to take a share of the responsibility, U can be a "manager" if u dont control which players suit the team, big problem of too many players coming in to Lfc squad and too many changes unsettles the bonding of a TEAM, f s g dont get it, and too many (so called() experts influencing,, thats why they wont have someone like Kenny or Rafa, because the f s g way is to have NO stoing characters running the club.. there U go the media today too... SL> Saturday's Paper Talk (sporting life, Daily express)
"Martin Skrtel's Liverpool future makes plenty of headlines in Saturday's Paper Talk"...."Martin Skrtel has revealed his contract talks at Liverpool have been put on hold until the summer. "
its this sort of F s g type sh&te that makes me feel sick about our club,,
Martin is far ahead of any other defender, but of course he was a "Rafa Red" pre Brent/ henry & f s g so was always going to be "out" sooner or later.

then of course theres Stevie.. have a bevvy lad...with me, as we say goodbye to the club we loved and which once loved us..


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