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Monday, April 6, 2015

last chance for Stevies fareWELL? UEFAck off and Bootroom opinion updated

Or saturday at emirates "capitulation" without Sterven & Skrtel *thanks "FA"
SCLOG pre bburn away

...last chance for Stevies fareWELL?

disgusted withBR match report..its all been said before .. Brent is not effective at the highest level.. and only ONE f s g "buy" of 40 odd signings IS effective ..Phil..

The Systematic  Removal of TRUE REd SUPPORTER Heroes..

Since G & H & Henry's f SS g took over the board of HAS gone bad!

Missed ..because the FA love to punish Lfc players
 Studge and raheem (stop asking for money!, although you are employed by supreme CAPITALIST JOhn W&&&&er Henry!! )  manc talking about our players! ...ha ha ...  how can Lfc complain that they have a money - motivated agent influencing Raheem when John W****** Henry made his by extreme cut throat capitalism..??  

these 2 must be the latest Lfc version of "SAS"  ->>>>

OUR club should be aiming for number 1, the Lfc "office" is always "managing expectations" .. ppl claim about the f s g commercial success, mostly sponsors from 
USA who benefit from oUR NAME ....but.. something like 40 odd players signed during f s g and only Phil is a "regular first teamer" IMO. Lfc cant or wont hang on to the best. ... Torres, Masch, Luis ... and soon Raheem ???


CS>Its a sad fact that whether its FIFA, UEFA, the national FA, or other "governing body" is that the wrong people "manage" or rather DICTATE our beautiful game, and the fault lies with society,
the fans, even GOOD SUPPORTERS do not take action, allowing the people game to become middle/business class and over-priced. Bias exists, and those "governors" should be excluded not "courted" by FSE, Supporters should decide WHO makes the rules of our global game, not tinpot politicians and businessmen or ex players on ego trips. When members are prepared to sacrifice
participation, strike, block and boycott matches and demonstrate at officials meetins "en block" ...then and only then, will we stand a chance of once more feeling this is OUR game, otherwise you just play THEIR (political) game, and finance the monster that is killing it.
and the sheeple who vote them in..

On 20/03/2015 09:00, FSE Info wrote:
> Respect Fans Banner
UEFA seems to ignore negative effects of collective punishments in annual meeting with fans
> On 16 March, the annual meeting of the FSE Committee with UEFA took place, together with our partners Supporters Direct Europe and Centre for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE). Whilst progress was made and joint actions were discussed with regards to nominative ticket schemes and travel restrictions, we had to register that UEFA  was still unwilling to move even an inch in its position on collective punishments of fans.

> The FSE Committee is still missing a sign of understanding from UEFA for the fact that punishing fans that haven’t done anything wrong whatsoever, is unjust, doesn’t meet judicial principles and is hence counter-productive to motivating fans in the important commitment against racism. The justified complaints of supporter groups from Bayern, Manchester City or Northern Ireland, amongst others, that were presented by FSE Committee members in the meeting, didn’t change this. These cases refer in particular to the situation of away supporters who are punished for the behaviour of usually a minority of fans, and crucially of innocent fans of the other club, and till today haven’t even been compensated for their expenses relating to tickets, travel and accommodation. UEFA thereby imposes the biggest negative impact on fans who have had no involvement in the racist incidents and who in some cases have even engaged in activities against discrimination themselves as supporters.
> The FSE Committee is therefore unable to understand the predominant view of UEFA that this system of mass punishments has been a success. That this isn’t the case is not only shown by the fact that some of the same clubs still repeatedly receive sanctions for racist conduct of fans, but also by the European protest campaign “#Respect Fans” against these measures which has been joined by major non-racist supporter groups from more than 15 clubs playing in European club competitions this season. This clearly illustrates that the sanction logic of UEFA has to be considered in essential parts as unsustainable, wrong and unfair. The FSE Committee explicitly supports these protests and calls for fans to condemn the imposition of collective punishments on fans innocent of any offences and to intensify these protests, where appropriate.

> We urge UEFA to recognise and address fans' concerns on this integral issue, as otherwise we fear a continued radicalisation of the wider fan movement as a reaction to this position. This cannot be in anybody's interest. Despite our great disappointment about the outcome of this meeting, FSE therefore remains ready for dialogue with UEFA. It would be a crucial sign of a positive partnership that UEFA will make a move towards all the non-racist supporters, with an honest intention and true will to eradicate the current injustices in this system.

> Football Supporters Europe (FSE)
> FSE is an independent, democratic (?) and representative network of grassroots football supporters with members in currently more than 45 countries in Europe. FSE’s members are representing more than 3.5 million football supporters in total, including individual fans, ultra groups, fan club representatives and national fan organisations, thereby making FSE the biggest fans’ organisation in the world. The members of FSE are committed to a set of key values such as anti-discrimination, to the rejection of violence and good governance > FSE is the main interlocutor of UEFA on fans’ issues and works with a number of other institutions and football governing bodies, such as the Council of Europe or the EU. The European Football Fans’ Congress is the main event of FSE and takes place in a different country every year, organised as an independent event, jointly with members and fans’ groups of as many local teams as possible.
> Football Supporters Europe eV - Coordinating Office -  PO Box 306218 - 20328 Hamburg - Germany
> Tel:. +49 40 370 877 51    -- email: -- web: – TWITTER @FansEurope

REdNET Bootroom opinion

NEW: Video: Brendan Rodgers’ post Man United interview #LFC - Mar 23
REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT
@thisisanfield @EuRED09 i would rather watch everton than his "brentsh/te"
NEW: Brendan Rodgers refuses to criticise Steven Gerrard after dismissal #LFC - Mar 23
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@thisisanfield @EuRED09 Brent "built in" loss___??? Shanks must be in hell
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@LFC @EuRED09 Brent ..showing us what a man he is...._?
Liverpool FC News @LivEchoLFC
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REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT
@LivEchoLFC @EuRED09 dont u mean "why we no longer aim for first spot" or "managing expectations" as per f s g policy
.@skyjamiecasey asks 5 questions for the future following the defeat to United:… - Mar 23
REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT
@thisisanfield @skyjamiecasey @EuRED09 for once TIA got it more or less right some fans still dont understand

Brentsh&te>(from YNWA groupon FB)
  “I think certainly the FA Cup would give us a great boost as a team with lots of young players and players coming into the club.
“I don’t want to go down the route of saying that (a cup win equals success). Our objective was to win a trophy. I think if we didn’t get in the top four and we didn’t have a trophy this year, we ourselves would be disappointed.
“That’s the expectancy we want. We want to be able to be challenging every year. The FA Cup would mark a good step forward for us.” 

  • Paul J Kav I would be happy to win the cup cos it will probably mean having to beat the arse in the final....sweet revenge!
  • Alex Wiseman Would we take a trophy over 4th place ?
  • Steve Evans Yes, coz auto qualify for Europe then!
  • Alex Wiseman Won't be in champions league though steve
  • Steve Evans True! But are we good enough for that? We can beat most teams but are struggling against better opposition this season, so as Champs League is better opposition we may struggle.
  • Paul J Kav Yes this is the Wenger school of thought....concentrate on top four and forgo everything else....he can afford to do that but I think BR has to win something soon
  • Alex Wiseman To be honest , I think football is about glory and trophies . Speaking as a fan I would take fa cup over 4th place
  • Steve Evans BR said a trophy was the target and 4th, so a trophy will please them and fans. We'd still be in Europe and it with a chance of Europa League glory like 2001 maybe?
  • Alex Wiseman Let's be honest steve what would most fans take an fa cup or 4th place?
  • Chris OUR club should be aiming for number 1, the office is always "managing expectations" .. ppl say about f s g commercial success, mostly sponsors from USA who benefit from oUR NAME but.. something like 40 odd layers signed during f s g and only Phil is a "regular first teamer" IMO. Lfc cant or wont hang on to the best. ... Torres, Masch, Luis ... and soon Raheem ???
  • Alex Wiseman We are aiming for number one. Sturridge is a regular first teamer too and Henderson and Sakho
  • Steve Evans I'd take FA Cup trophy and Europa League me. 4th is a bonus this year.
  • We ain't a selling club! We are aiming to win title, that is the dream and another Champs League.
  • Alex Wiseman I would take another fa cup for now
  • Paul J Kav Yes FA cup and rebuild for next season would do for me Top 4 would be a nice bonus though
  • Steve Evans Agreed!
  • Alex Wiseman Agreed Paul I would love both. But if you offered me a choice now I want the trophy!
  • Paul J Kav Ironically, the king got sacked for winning a cup and finishing outside top 4....FSG is showing some patience with BR as are most of the fans. Let's hope that faith is rewarded sooner rather than later?
  • Alex Wiseman Perhaps the patience is down to circumstances at the club being different ?

  • Chris Alex, Sakho is not automatic , Hendo Ok. (by Kenny?) but surely Studge cant be considered first team regular with his injury record?
    ok Alex , splitting hairs a bit but   .. I cant consider an injury prone player a "regular" nor Sakho, who hasnt completed a full season as first choice CB .. I agree with should I say "congrats" John Henry .. TWO players are consistent first team players out of over 40 signings ? 
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    disgusted with BR match report..its all been said before .. Brent is not effective at the highest level.. and only ONE f s g "buy" of 40 odd signings IS effective ..Phil..
    The Systematic  Removal of TRUE REd SUPPORTER Heroes..
    Since G & H & Henry's f SS g took over the board of HAS gone bad!
     MORE at