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Sunday, August 23, 2015

REdNet Bootroom....( pre ARSE nal away... )

REdNet Bootroom   

summer review and pre ARSE nal away...

After struggling through to 6 points in the first 2 league games Lfc should be "tested" monday @ ARSEnal //.... a win there is long overdue...

One of the Best goals ever scored at Highbury , scored and celebrated By Kenny :)

Summer Twat ters (at Lfc)  etc

Redalienet> @thisisanfield @EuRED09 its suggest that BR is testing new ideas? again, after his time at Lfc BR should know what he is going to do, !! 

 Chris> 5:51pm Aug 10 "dont want him (BR)  to fail, just dont like him and his style, fickle, media man, said it from day 1, hes not a winner , and hes an FSG employee , which is now ruining what was a club and mentality to be proud of, now its all about image and money..."& Can isnt good enough , Milner player too deep and shd not be captain..lucky that Phils stunner  got the 3 points because Lfc didnt have a shot on goal until after an hour!..."

REdNET>  more of the same .....

:"Balotelli wasn’t interested in learning & adapting. A succession of pitiful excuses meant he regularly missed training."
( James Pearce ) Echo,,,
ChRiS> The Echo is full of fan nies who are clever after the event...

RedNet>  :p "he stuck in a thumb and pulled out a ...."
Christ> dont tell the truth ,Glen,  son, its not popular at Lfc any more (banned by John Henry on his arrival) :)
Gavin Plumb>
I see that he's turned delusional

Glen Johnson says Liverpool FC squad is no better now than it was last season
Defender  lined up against the Reds for new club Stoke at the Britannia. (was one of their best!)
"Bravo to the little Brazilian"
LFC also needed Phil to rescue games LAST season

J"oe Gomez admitted he could 'never have dreamed' of his meteoric rise a few months ago after enjoying an impressive Barclays Premier League debut during Liverpool's opening-day win over Stoke" ....  kissing BRs a&&???



Liverpool FC new boy Christian Benteke has surprised us says Brendan Rodgers"
REdNET> "EVERYthing seems to "surprise" BR, ... how many times has he "got it wrong" about top players,,,

BR' s: "I think Lovren’s gained the confidence from knowing he was going to start, and he stood up to the challenge really well today."  (Allen - type, favouritism, because his previous performances didnt justify selection) ????
BR.....""We knew we would have to defend well, and then we know we have the quality to go and win the game."   ... well Brent are u sying u planned NOT to shoot at their goal for more than an hour>>>??? hmmmm

Talking BS too..?.
Henderson ": Liverpool forwards give me "belief" we can win any game"
REdNET>  "but Hendo, Luis & Studge arent playing together any more for Lfc!!!!"

Mark>  "Possible issue this year will be how to fit Milner, Hendo and Emre into the same side. Obviously not possible with a 4-2-3-1. Emre, in my humble opinion, is a better player than Hendo."  
CRS> IMO I am a better blogger than u, :) and emre Can , cant!!  solve all problems stick LUCAS in the midfield ("holding" )

Reports: Lucas Leiva could be sold after Liverpool "fall-out" - This Is Anfield ; website for fan nies and f s g clones?
Following his omission from Liverpool's 1-0 win over Stoke 

ChriS> another LIVERPOOL icon..gone...
 r,,i.p Cilla! (spent time with Shanks at training  before selling Lfc to the commercial vultures!
remember the days when we were a TRUE "holy trinty" before being souled out...

The wife of Real Madrid manager Rafael Benitez has joked her husband spends his time cleaning up the mess of Jose Mourinho after the Spaniard joined a club the Portuguese had been at for the third time. (La Region - in Spanish)
Rafa a TRUE REd MANAGER not scred of Fergie nor Maureen! :)
Crazy Horse, ability & energy with  TRUE MENTALITY of the captain..

Associations ., FACEBOOK GROUP  ALL local members MUST JOIN ..please! :)

1 comment:

  1. wow, I havent read TAW in a while, but its gone downhill if this is the sort of negative article common to current publication, first lets correct all the Paisley fans, whilst Bob was indeed a tactician, good team selector and much more, he would not have been able to succeed had Shanks not "made HIM"

    .,,, u could argue that Bob was a more effective team coach, BUT Shanks build the basis upon which Bob could succeed! if it were not for a corrupt official , it is likely that Shanks would have won the first European Champions trophy for Lfc in 65, Paisley had the benefit of learning from Shanks over 15 years , before he (reluctantly) took the job,

    As for Stevie, I am going to BIN most of the article and comments, missing the crux of the matter which was the removal of Rafa, who I predict , will win more titles in the next 5 seasons than any other "top" european manager or coach, Had Rafa continued, he would have progressed the TEN year plan he had in place, and I believe won the english league and more in europe,

    many fans bang on about players and situations , selections and such, and that can be fun, BUT, the mentality of our club and support has changed..

    A GREAT manager (as Rafa IS!) would have utilised Gerrard better, BR is still "messing around" with players and selections and tactics... ( buying Benteke and playing him in the "Andy role" almost makes me laugh,. )

    LUCAS is the best holding player in the club, and our defensive set up has been changed more under BR , than in the previous decade,, Hardly any champion team is succesful without a unit at the back.. Steven DROVE our tit;le challenge the season before last... he was our true "Manager" that season, whilst BR often was way out of his depth, and still is,,, I am not going to call him " todgers," but his "media hype" is a bit "Brent-ish" isnt he?

    Too many of the modern fans bang on about "pace" but SG coould and can still put the ball on a forwards feet from 50 metres away, (or more) Few better (maybe Alonso..)

    Stevie has foobtall abilties that could have been utilised better, even at wing back or as CB/Libero.. we shall probably never know,,,but in this "modern world" where AGE is the new "racism" (prejudice) I am sick that "kids" (either through mental youthl or actual age) who have done nothing , miss the point,,,and thats true now, as in Shanks days,

    THE MANAGEMENT of Lfc is wrong (off and on the field) Henry and f s g are infestors who sold the REd Soul of Lfc ..and the "cost" of profit is that Lfc does not and now , can not hold on to top players , nor attract them, even the 25 international class players that Rafa & Rudolfo and co assembled at the accademy in 2010 have all gone...

    Stevie was still top scorer and creator last season, which was affected badly by BRs indecision , game by game,, I wont pay for a ticket whilst the current "infestors" are there at Lfc. Thats after a lifetime of support when Liverpool was the only constant in my life, the f s g "clones" (or should i spell that "c l o w n s " ? ) are distracting the truth that f s g and their boy coach are WRONG.

    but look good on tellie!

    and BTW, I am a LOT older than Stevie, but I can still pass the ball faster than even Messi can dribble. ... and most of BRs players dont know how to tackle,...!

    its not about age....! Strong , HONEST and effective, experienced management is the key to success.. on and off the field ,,, LFC dont have it, so dont insult Gerrard in your efforts to cover up the truth.

    just about everyone on this thread have missed the point,

    of course f.s.g sponsored TAW reply ...

    ahhhh of course TAW is now a "USA sponsored" site thanks John Henry..

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