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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

ok so our Stevie is going to Brazil, ,,BUT, let us get back into the IMPORTANT football

Btw ...welcome back KENNY... vital to OUR CLUB!
The distraction of the "International break" unsettles players form, training of teams and rythum, They break up the preparation of league games, I see no reason why, in future such games (if at all <smile>) cant be played in the summer and/or @ the winter (xmas/new year) break 

so that clubs dont have to "recover" or repair their players, some of whom have to travel inter-continental to get back for important league games ..

FIFA * EUFA PLEASE note!  they are OUR players we employ them through our continued & loyal support.

Any way,  Stevie is going to Brazil next I hope his form now is focussed on OUR team OUR club..

ChRiS> apart from the spelling , pretty good contribution, ... I have the opposite experience having lived abroad more than half my life, I feel I have a more objective view , I always told people from "back home" they should move abroad, because most managers abroad are sh*te... (I am not restricting myself to footy, btw) YOu seem to have missed the MAJor  point, I do NOT believe in "controls" by state or other "authorised body" that decide who and how people are selected for any job, surely in the year 2013 we should start to evolve as members of a planet, rather than a member of tribes dissected geographically (via political force).

 THE question is "mentality" ....

Luis & kids, he PLAYS like a child=Wonderful Enthusiasm!
my mate Rafa would remind us @ almost every Liverpool press conference.. A large reason that young Brits haven't "got it" , is that they are NOT "hungry" enough, You wont find a "Luis Suarez" in the english streets, 
because they are coated in cotton wool and stuck behind a monitor screen..(because the Uk has become USA -version 2,03):)

Why did so many great players come from my generation>? ..because our only wish was to get a football for xmas

......Now the english kids are spoilt and even academy kids treated like min-celebs..

Even where i live,  in a "poorer" society,  there are facilities that I could only dream of as a kid therefore all i wanted to was play footy..

a further extension of the weakness is an inability to "fight for it"...  the instincts aren't there in most english kids..

and btw,  who cares???>..  

Add caption
When national politics is used to de-socialise society and make each young person a "graduate" in order to buy a 3rd class ticket on the financial titanic (after it sunk) :) ???

  ... the self-belief is also wrong...

 a team player MUST think and act like a "socialist" 90% of the time, allowing for the 10% inspiration  to take responsibility , to score that wonder-goal.

..BUT the last 3 decades are full of "me me me media" and selfish commercialism that the USA's capitalist dogma has infected their parents with many parents or agents would chose the "best" club socially over the "biggest contract"???>>>
get the mentality right...

but , hey, why am i bothered? ,  

when I see that C*nt Hodgson in charge of the english team, like a donkey directing a Lion like Stevie..., 
Woy being selected to coach eng-ur-lund by the usual C*nts of the "FA" 

... then I know , that one thing hasn't changed in all my life,

........that (still) the WRONG people control the direction of football
..when you all wake up and stop being fan nies & commercialised clones

 ..we will have a change..

but not before!

to remind you ...

Yvonne Jane Speir > Post are not comming up with share links
ChriS SmiTH > all our groups are hindered by "controls" the governments fear "people power"
Yvonne Jane Speir > So how do I share cause I dont like being goverments .u know what they say about bullies bully a bully back and they will run,  How do we get around this as the love of people cannot be 
worn down or governed.
Whare ever theres a problem theres always a solution.i was born with freedom.we all are I was born with love .and if I want to help put something out there to help a missi.g child .no goverment would come in and stop me .if this was my child I would want all the help I.could get and face book has become a place to reunite familys loved ones not to be ruled by greedy fearful goverments .
Is there a new written law then about this .i do appologise.this has ..what.are.goverments.doing.for anyone a child is.missing and we cant post to raise awareness .what are the.goverments hiding .i believe if.we are to follow.them we must,they.dont for.our.children if the.future....
Chris >  Yvonne , I dont know u, but it must be clear, surely to anyone who cares that those in power want to control information and restrict people power.. i have confidence that they will fall, just dont give up..and co-operate whenever u can in exposing anything or any violation against children (or adults)
Yvonne Jane SpeirI realise u dont know me chris .i appologise .i get often as im a parent who has been kept from my children .part if pa.i have suffered much with my children amd kept quiet to long .ive recently lost everything I own and love and am tired of courts and goverments .i can stay quiet as I have for.the.past 7 8 yrs and be victim or I can stand up and say enough .i choose now to stand up and say enough
U.S. troops deployed overseas are no longer provided with breakfast?
Lee Griffin-Scott > Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh...............................
Cathy Heidemann Overfield > They're still being fed, just not a "hot cooked meal", but an MRE (meal, ready to eat).
Some of those are better than the military's "hot cooked meals".
Charity Noël Santiago In Estrella Jail in Arizona, the inmates only get 2 meals per day. They get 2600 calories a day so it's not like they're going hungry. You wouldn't believe the constant complaining and accusations of mistreatment because of that, though. BTW, I talked to my brother (who is active duty military and is deployed to Africa right now) and this is what he had to say about MREs: "I always lose about 5-10 pounds when we're on MRE meal plans. Issue we're dealing with now is that a lot of them are turning up rotten with mold and shit growing on em. Hot chow is always the preferred method, unless your work load is insane. That's the only time MRE's are worth a damn cause there's literally like 4000 calories in one of the damn things. As far as taste goes, though.....I gave Yoko one of the 'best' ones and she literally spit it out and started gagging. Was funny as hell, but that's basically the general consensus on MRE taste." Regardless of what your opinion is on whether or not soldiers need 3 meals a day, the fact remains that MREs are barely edible. We shouldn't be treating our military like that.

ChriS SmiTH > solution = arrest all the armies? then there will be no more wars (anyway the USA just wanna use drones? ...buit if "hunger" is the agenda .,lets  discuss...

Charity Noël Santiago That's a pretty disrespectful thing to say, Chris. Yes, let's arrest the men and women who risked their lives to find the people who carried out the 9/11 terrorist attack. You can promote your platform of ending global hunger without making a remark like that.
ChriS SmiTH > not really, the word "respect" on Fb doesnt come into it , when ppl mention those who with their own choice join the military which kills many more civilians than the "enemy" and ignore the plight of so many children who die because of the politics of greed that uniform enforces , "respect" ??? what respect have u got for the kids??? if a "drone" wiped out your neighbourhood block in the USA i am sure that the "military" would be accused of massive human rights violations.. the USA are so quick to make (strategic) warfare "somewhere else" and yr civilians families not suffered from major modern warfare (and 9 11 ... compared to the millions killed "elsewhere" >??? is still "suspect")

 Fab> Sir Malcolm Rifkind on HARDtalk. Brilliant.
Omar Villalba send me the link
Fabrizio Stanzione > Watched in on BBC World News but here is the link.
Stephen Sackur talks to Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Intelligence and Security Committee chairman.
Fabrizio Stanzione > Could have Googled it yourself....
Omar Villalba > Make you do some work for a change 
Chris  brilliant .... @ spinning the BS! the "english old boys" protecting the public and keeping themselves in highly paid jobs.(sponsored by the USA "allies") . Sackur was too kind on the old g*t .. the sheeple are to blame though.. vote for these clowns in pin-stripes and then its "secret" what they do "in the name of the folk" against "other folk" ..hilarious! 

...Of the recent young women  visitors, I just took young Vitalinas bag to the hsotel...and have written this "CS reference for her"

From ChriS SmiTH >  Podgorica, Montenegro
 Oct 15  Met in person Hosted 14 days 

“That’s Life (Vita) –part 1 & 2)
(I am trying to avoid a negative)
2 chances , maybe 3 to host a girl who visited me
Said Yes to Vita , although it was only “maybe”
A “nature girl” she must remember, people live here 2 
“others” are a risk but be reasonable & responsible..

I hosted your bag, 2 weeks , its ok, I gave u breakfast, drinks , lunched U and we cooked, helped u with costs

WE Talked and I even risked u with Borat2 ,. Is it not worth to CARE enough for me?
for you to (simply) say a little “thank you” and MEAN it?”
"Thats Life " -part 3;

I am NOT "angry" (nor am i surprised of your latest "change of plan") I am very sad, that U , again, show so little effort to keep to a schedule & so little respect for my time or what I do, after I have shown U tolerance and my hospitality in the last 2 weeks. I will bring your bag (that I held for u for 2 weeks) to the centar of Pg.

(u already “declined” yourself! ?) you are neither considerate of "others" nor responsible, u are care-less!"

On reflection, perhaps she is simply "obtruse" without empathy, a problem of many of the modern generations.. I prefer open communication, face to face..(well, of course, she had plenty of chances to talk to me during 4 days last week!) but, chose not to sure, I sent sms & mails and was ready to receive her early,so she can come to Tolosi, (even despite the confusion caused)  then... and talk (IF she was honest) ..but...she cant face the truth,..unfortunately its true of many women....but there are "exceptions...

for example the girls from Buenos Aires, managed to argue with me, and still have fun AND play with the lads.. it was fun to see the "macho boys" reaction to having a girl in each team.. but they played well.. and both girls were worthy "opponents" on the field and in discussion... (see tREdS Team photo..with Balsha, Bojan, Milo, Andy ,"Gazda[Zoran" a sober Fab and myself..)

I had a late night "FB chat" with RW last night , obviously I realise, better than most that there are always “time wasters” look even “God” has the right to let off steam , and  from time to time I do too.. I channel my “bile” into attacking the system but also use my social connections local or global to challenge those I meet , either  in person or remotely..

I had an ironic smile (forgive me) about RW's situation, there is another person featuring in it? Isnt there?)  & I recall we had a little “joke” about  her staying here , just before she left (Tolosi) with Helen..  and the idea wasn’t an ugly one ;)   But.. I  have so much “baggage”  (more like a  “container ship”!)  that a “relationship” is virtually impossible, I am glad to know u, and hope RW knows that she will have a place to escape to if ever needed (or wanted)  truth is I just need a good dance partner, and I REALLY enjoyed dancing..with HER! Ha ha ha  ......... don’t worry happy! =====


Barbara; Another Latin American footballer?
Justyna Time... a happy  CSer in the swim, she danced too

A shy Marija V from here...
Angie & Josee with my rental; @Berlin (Hertha v REdS)
...both were major "SHEmale tests" 

and for any "enthusiast" who wants to "guest" at our next "fudbal party";



    fair amount of input for that... but our novice Brendan is unlikely to do anything much "out of the box" or that isnt in the FA coaching manual, u mention Rafa, there is a true "manager"... thanks anyway...but lets not forget its football.. not chess nor a video game.

  2. old news.! Parry, Hicks, Gillet, Broughton, Puslow, Hodgson, Ayre, Henry, Werner..Chang...& it goes on & on, #FSGOUT (Echo reports "malpractice @ Lfc)

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  5. ChriS SmiTH posted in ChriSmitH's Eco-Logistic Training & Coaching Academy

    ChriS SmiTH 8:11pm Oct 15
    is anyone really shocked or surprised? the USA biz kill their own pressies continue "war business" so 3 more ... ?

    Author of 9/11 conspiracy books found dead along with his children. This is a sad and hard story... Conspiracy and corruption photos.

  6. so Glen started and was one of the most effective, but we wer too deep, and again played complicated instead of easy passes. surely the best thing to do, considering the international break breakes up the rythm of our team, is to play the same team as the last game (V Palkace) what in hell justifies dropping Jose (against his old club) in favour of Cissohko,

    ..if theres one thing BR must learn is that we have to develop defensiive understanding as much as the attacking formation..Mignolet is NOT as good as Pepe, how the fannies voted for him as "player of the month" is beyond me..

    we were LUCKY to get back on level terms after his late dive gave the Geordies the advantage thaT we certainly didnt deserve...

    and most CRIMINAL is that BR didnt exploit our numerical advantage by using a midfielding sub and withdrawing a defender, until Sakho got injured, by which time the Geordies had their tails up.. and what happens in the dressing time @ H-T .. ?

    we have NOT yet won a 2nd half this season... Luis looked jet-lagged and i would have prefered him on the bench to come on fresh, he looked 2nd best today, and England's gain IS OUR LOSS, both Stevie and Studge looked much sharper for their country than for OUR CLUB! ... please please NOTE this

    ...YES I am anti Henry , YES I am "anti F S G" and VERY much, without ANY apology I AM ANTI- F S G CLONES & FANNIES WHO JUST CANT SEE THAT WE DO NOT DESERVE TO BE TOP OF THE LEAGUE (on performance) having said that I would love to win it by shaky wins and luck...which is more or less what got us through, but please be HONEST, BR's team has NOT played with any domination so far this season, and put aside all the "spin" from Lfc Tv, F S G and the bent media

    .. in recent seasons we have played a lot better and lost... wake up and thank our luck, because we are RIDING on it... and remember WE are the club WE are LIVERPOOL NOT a Y an ker FAN chise!