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Saturday, October 19, 2013

how to throw away advantages... 2-2 , and the same to YOU!

so Glen started and was one of the most effective, but we were too deep, and again played complicated instead of easy passes. surely the best thing to do, considering the international break breakes up the rythm of our team, is to play the same team as the last game (V Palkace) what in hell justifies dropping Jose (against his old club) in favour of Cissohko,

 ..if theres one thing BR must learn is that we have to develop defensiive understanding as much as the attacking formation..Mignolet is NOT as good as Pepe, how the fannies voted for him as "player of the month" is beyond me..

STevie G scored his 100th Leaguie Goal  with an eqalizing Pen!
we were LUCKY to get back on level terms after his late dive gave the Geordies the advantage thaT we certainly didnt deserve...

and most CRIMINAL is that BR didnt exploit our numerical advantage by using a midfielding sub and withdrawing a defender, until Sakho got injured, by which time the Geordies had their tails up.. and what happens in the dressing time @ H-T ..  ?

we have NOT yet won a 2nd half this season...   Luis looked jet-lagged and i would have prefered him on the bench  to come on fresh, he looked 2nd best today, and England's gain IS OUR LOSS, both Stevie and Studge looked much sharper for their country than for OUR CLUB! 

noticed that about 10 mins from the end when we were supposed to be chasing 3 points we had EIGHT players in our half defending against 3 of the Geordies.. with 3 centre backs we play FAR too deep , we should be winning the ball around their pen area, and Stevie is in our half instead of "damaging" the opponents with his vision

 ... please please NOTE this

...YES,  I AM anti Henry , & YES I am "anti F S G" and VERY much, without ANY apology I AM ANTI- F S G CLONES & FANNIES WHO JUST CANT SEE THAT WE DO NOT DESERVE TO BE TOP OF THE LEAGUE (on performance) having said that I would love to win it by shaky wins and luck...which is more or less what got us through,  but please be HONEST, BR's team has NOT played with any domination so far this season, and put aside all the "spin" from Lfc Tv, F S G and the bent media...
This is OUR club ; Our home , not THEIR "FAN-chise"
.. in recent seasons we have played a lot better and lost... wake up and thank our luck, because we are RIDING on it... and remember WE are the club WE are LIVERPOOL NOT a Y an ker FAN chise!!

  1. Confirmed team @Newcastle: Mignolet, Johnson, Cissokho, Toure, Skrtel, Sakho, Henderson, Gerrard, Moses, Suarez, Sturridge.

    if we hadnt had an "international break" i would be very confident and with extra players i wonder if BR can select the best players? no Agger, why only Glen? (surely danny is  fit?) both should be in rather than BR's new pets.. 

    subs subs @ Newcastle: Jones, Agger, Kelly, Flanagan, Alberto, Sterling, Allen.
  2. best keeper in our histiory makes Mignolet look like a child.
    Ray Clemence was on £18.00 a week at Scunthorpe and Shanks offered him £30.00 a week to join Liverpool.

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