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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Kenny IS back where HE belongs and WE WANT him..... in OUR CLUB!

Kenny IS back 
where HE belongs 
and WE WANT him
..... in OUR CLUB!

So, I can smile again, now Kenny back where he belongs IN OUR CLUB, Henry shd apologise for breaking his contract last year!!.. 
should have been made a Director instead of being forced out for BR!
NO TROPHIES!!! F S G only promote SPONSORS!!
but TAKE CARE ..Y A N K E R S dont do ANYTHING that isn't in THEIR OWN interests...

Kenny & Jock
OBviously with the financial collapse of the USA, Henry & co will want Lfc to be their main cash income, as we have seen since 2007 (G & H / F S G as INFESTORS)  the emphasis on sponsors & new kits & advance tickets sales to raise cash whilst offloading players, and selling young ones to improve "accoounting".. Henry NEEDS Lfc as his own USA empire has crumbled in recent years... a karma considering it was built on cheating people via "hedge funds"... appointing Kenny NOW is a  clever move by F S G to deflect opposition against Henry, Ayre & BR!  

However, whilst we SHOULD be aware of Henry's motives which are NOT OURS... and note Kenny is "NON-EXECUTIVE" which means that he cant make any decisions on his own. 

The sheer INVOLVEMENT of  the 2nd greatest man in our club's history should be seen as a chance & advantage to eventual removal of F S G and the management of OUR club by our Global Supporters.!! 

There is NO reason why, with an argued 30 Million Lfc fans worldwide that we cant use this RED FORCE to make our club THE BEST on the field and OFF the FIELD ; WE ARE THE CLUB

PRE-Match discussion=
EXPERIENCED EUROPEAN managers do NOT explain their tactics in the media like  Y A N K E R S do, ...  BR is LOVED by media and opposition managers because he tells the world (like they do in the USA) exactly what hes going to do...a 5 year old can "READ" BR... its strategically naive... but FFS the fan nies dont care they all play video footy too :)  
CSspinning  can  make u dizzy, lad, and further confuse the fan nies..
 when i read " Rodgers found himself with several top class centre backs. "  (found?? hmmmm yeah its not like its planned!
"many of them are comfortable in possession " (many of them??)
 "Liverpool’s marquee summer signing Mamadou Sakho,  (marquee?? "media-speak" !  , hardly anyone had heard of the lad before ... BR HAS to pick him.. or Henry will smack his bum...?
 " and it would be a big call to omit any of them from the team. "
big call>?? its called MANAGEMENT.. something Rafa nor Kenny would have to explain...
 "Deploying three ball-playing centre-backs could therefore be one option to keeping a solid defence and allowing the wing-backs to push forward."
 ..err ..defence dont look THAT "solid" ... especially with Mignolet flapping around.. 
With Kenny Back, I can DREAM again..
LFC v C. Palace @ ANFIELD  131005 

??????????????????? NO, not at all, we should be attacking them from 1st moment and not allow them into the game as we did v Soton, BR is wrong AGAIN!
The significance of Kenny 's appearance, as Fergie's puppet moyes struggles must be apparent to REdS with vision of our future

.. I hope the Shanks Foundation is being managed in HIS Spirit .. (not like "S.o.S"!)

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MIsc...Pics ..every one tells a story...


  1. team v Crystal Palace: Mignolet, Toure, Skrtel, Sakho, Henderson, Enrique, Gerrard, Sterling, Moses, Sturridge, Suarez