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Saturday, March 2, 2013

WInning @wigan and waking up the clones; CAMPAIGN

  1. WInning @ wigan and 
    waking up the clones; 

    (& Luis ..League top scorer) 

    .."first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you,
     (or block yr communications & campaign) ;) ...then WE WIN"
    (to paraphrase Ghandi,)

  2. .....SCLOG ; sat/Sun 2/3 march 2013

    ...wigan 0 LIVERPOOL 4, and i would have been elated.but..

    my thoughts are with "DaX" .. and commiserations for a loss in her family... a feeling i know only TOO well...

    Its ironic and SAD,..that these I spend too many "matchdays" ... NOT looking forward to seeing my REdS in action.. but arguing and fighting to remove the ("commercial") INFESTATION of OUR game and OUR club as i sit in "west" waiting for the start on "Sportklub" tv..

    Team @ Wigan.. Reina, Johnson, Enrique, Agger, Carragher, Lucas, Allen, Gerrard, Downing, Coutinho, Suarez.

    Luis's hat trick @ wigan ...keep him happy, keep him OURS
     subs: Gulacsi, Wisdom, Shelvey, Assaidi, Henderson, Coates, Suso.
    (Allen preferred in front of Hendo!!!???)

    as i waited for the game to start, I reflect on all the boardroom mis-direction and commercial diversions and media mind kept going back to Shanks words,, he wrote in his biography about eventually getting "fed up" with INTERNAL "arguing and fighting" ... against the enemy within.. 

    I want to get hold of the "F S G clones & fannies" and shake them until they "wake up" and realize whats been done to our core spirit and the gradual destruction of all the things that made us special and remind them that when Rafa was here we were competing at the TOP..and now we are aiming for 4th/5th place!!

    WE have to make this change..
    too many "false dawns " and y a n k e r s "managing expectation" with their "spin" on Lfc Tv and the official website , BR too following the corporate line.. and "next season....."
    seems to similar to "Delboy's .. this time next year,...."

    so join the Union and we shall sort the mess out and progress our club properly..

  3. Friday
    Ugo> i m not sure i ll be watching game tommorow.. bcs, i ll be watching RANDERS-BUDUCNOST (handball, our team is playing an important match in CL)

    Friday 19:24
    ChriS SmiTH> ok up to u, i wont be around the rest of the month if u want to talk about supporters club/Union

    Ugo> ok.. so, you re coming back at begining of april?
    is there anything new with your "video project"?
    what happened after i left west pub that day? does that man you were waiting for appeared?

    ChriS SmiTH>

    21:22> Ugo> i went to watch game with other guys from LFC MNE.. there was over 40 ppl.. veli was there also.. ppl want to continue with this.. some of them are interested to go in sarajevo on 7th of april.. hope you ll join us.. i m planing ot go also

    ChriS SmiTH> i asked U to come to "west" ..

    21:24 Ugo> i know, but i told you that i ll maybe go with them
    to talk with them about LFC MNE NGO

    ChriS SmiTH> no u told ME that u had to watch handball!

    21:24 Ugo> ppl are interested in that, and i feel this is chance we re got to take it
    yes, i watched handball
    but, 3,4 days ago i told you about these guys

    ChriS SmiTH> ...............................

    21:25> Ugo> and their inention to build an MNE organization of LFC fans so, i told you then, i ll maybe go to meet them and talk about this
    ppl are inetersted! and this is going in good way! believe me!

    ChriS SmiTH> heard it all before..

    21:26 Ugo> we can make this one big!

    ChriS SmiTH> big?? ok go ahead, when i see something REAL then I will believe it..

    21:27 Ugo> trust me, this will be ok!
    are you interested to go to sarajevo? 

    ChriS SmiTH >why? when u say u dont come to west because of handball ..?
    i see a beautiful video to promote "sarevejo meeting" but i see no programme, no info, no meeting point, and no invitation..
    its good if all the different Lfc fans in balkans come together.....IF!

  4. Tuzla

    21:34 Ugo>well, its in month.. they make some invitations surely..
    i told you i m watching hanball..
    but when we met last time, i tald you i m going to met and talk with other ppl from mne to include in this..

    i m delighted that all of them are interested to watch games together, and to have some time together anyway..hope that at least 15 will go to sarajevo, include you.. we can build good conection btw balkan fans!

    Ugo> i m sorry i couldnt see with you, but i told you before that i m gonna watch handball, and before that i told you i m gonna met with these ppl.. sorry, but i promised them this meeting

    ChriS SmiTH> when I (me) receive a personal invitation from "them" then i will consider going..

    Ugo> also, there was a journalist, who made a story about this.. trust me - this is going in a good way!!!! next time, you re going with us.. and we re going together in sarajevo!

    ChriS SmiTH> if i dont get a proper invitation (NOT from u!) i wont go , I am co-organising a GLOBAL union...and fighting to remove F S G...i spend every day many hours on this - i dont take a day trip to sarajevo to make them feel important. if they dont respect me. ..they can go it without me...

    i hope they combine the balkans groups, but i remember what they said about me when i supported the event in Tuzla ..the sarajevo Lfc fans said i was just some guy exploiting them..

    Ugo> i just hope we ll go together there and make that day special.. it is the first regional meeting of lfc fans.. probabaly you ll receive this invitation.. and all of us.. bcs ppl just made this video, and it s a hole month until we met.. theres enoguh time to invite all ppl
    i know what they told about you, you told me.. but not all of them probably.. there must be some normal guys

    ChriS SmiTH> its ok for u,. but I came here, as a stranger, and made a lot of steps to help the local community.. and extended my hand many times, i organised meetings and a lot of stuff. and mostly i got disrespected and insulted..they ALL think they know better than me... i have had 3 years of it, and its enough

    ..I cant build a bridge from one side, if they want a relationship with the global Reds supporters Union, then its up to them to meet me "half way" .. if the organisers dont invite me, i wont loose any sleep over it.
    ...i have enough projects and campaigns to keep me occupied..and sorry Ugo, i dont see any real change in MNE either.. a lot of talk and nothing much else.. and if u cant be bothered to meet me..... why should i bother....? ..but i wish you all well..

    ChriS SmiTH
    u talk about "big meetings" but i am more interested in the quality of the ppl, anyone can make a meeting , but what happens next.. the mentality has to be strong..

    Ugo> i want to meet you, you know that.. but i must go on this meeting, and talk to ppl..

    they want to make some really good time together, so,. we ll see what that brings to us.. (to you, and your campaing)..
    bcs, i feel your campaing is perfect! you know i share opinion about owners

    ChriS SmiTH> talk is cheap, when i see action....i will decide..
     in the meantime the Global REdS promotions ;

    T-shirts available.. via email   


  1. (pic of our wins on thess. group fb page)

    ChriS SmiTH ha ha very optimistic.. maybe w e can convince the League to only count the games we win,..
    and ask Steve Clarke to keep a secret!

    Stavros Kyrtsos yeah but we were unlucky against West Brom.we also missed Sturridge in that game,as yesterday i feared we would miss him again
    4 minutes ago · Like
    ChriS SmiTH couutinho stepped up yesterday, we were out-thought by Steve Clarke at Anfied.... the sort of game that we used to play to win 3 points away, but was a good all-round performance yseterday and less passing and more cutting attacks , we had less shots than wigan, and scored 4 times. better than havign a load of possesion and doind little with it..a good team varies styles. we need to win every game now to finish in a respectable position..

  2. Stavros Kyrtsos our boys should give their 100% against Tottenham,we've been too bad playing with teams above us in the league and we must try to change it

    ChriS SmiTH every Liverpool player should give 100% against every team, otherwise they shouldnt be at our club..

    is why WE are the CLUB, that is why ; because WE SUPPORT OUR OWN ; RAfA!! (best manager we had in previous 20 years! and part of LIVERPOOL community ) and why the FSG , their clones and "fannies" DO NOT understand OUR culture..!

  4. to Bilbao & Thess. REdS ; hope u will bring a team to.. OUR supporters CLUB & Global REdS union meeting, ,we support and invite you to join a great REdS friendship meeting.. as guests of this event...(bring a 5-a-side team?) for kids benefit..

  5. o Bilbao & Thess. REdS ; hope u will bring a team to.. OUR supporters CLUB & Global REdS union meeting, ,we support and invite you to join a great REdS friendship meeting.. as guests of this event... for kids benefit.. amongst those invited so far; Dubliner team ; west ham fans ; Roby (Liverpool & forner european champs) Celtic fans; Sloboda fans ; LUnatics ; Lee (Lp) Lfc Roumania ; MacREdS ; MADreds ; Bosnian fans; St Pauli ; Zondereigen ; Zwolle (NL) Lfc Serbia ; Arsenal fans & others.. final 16 to be confirmed by 30th Aoril.

  6. CS> BBc report HSBC exposed as being involved in corruption, RBS, Barclays, Standard chartered; Rabobank...etc etc.the massive "banker bale outs" paid for by ordinary people....the whole modern banking system is structured about defrauding people, assisting the extreme rich at the expense of the rest, and the "sheeple" keep on swallowing the BS.. wake up!! its y-our world take it back ..and stop feeding their monster..the game is over!
    so many ppl go on about "cool" being "cool" thats "cool" and so on... I'd like to reverse this trend and get people being "warm" (friendly, emotional, show u care..) "cool" is a bit too close to being COLD ..IMO! :) x be yourself, not what "looks cool" the world is "sick2 , but u dont have to be..

    Fenway. We Come Not To Pay on the subject of bankers..the Y a n k e r s & their poodle Ayre ...
    Liverpool reveal increased debt as lack of Champions League football leaves club play - Liverpool FC
    Liverpool reveal increased debt as lack of Champions League football leaves club play LFC News

    Fenway. We Come Not To Pay (CS) ... can we ever believe anything that comes out of the Lfc boardroom in recent years??

    Fenway. We Come Not To Pay ..thanks Kenny (F S G forced him out after getting us to 2 cup finals last season..) (CS)
    Liverpool FC accounts: LFC cup success helped offset lack of European football
    THE pain of missing out on European football last season is starkly evident in Liverpool FC's
    latest set of accounts.
    ..thanks Kenny (F S G forced him out after getting us to 2 cup finals last season..) (CS)


    .."first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you,
    (or block yr communications & campaign) ;) ...then WE WIN"
    (to paraphrase Ghandi,)

  7. Marie Buckley
    For some of LFC's misguided supporters who believed FSG had made the club debt free!!!!
    Liverpool report debt increase of £21m and annual loss of £40.5m
    Liverpool have reported a £21.8m increase in their debt - now £87.2m overall - and a loss of £40.5m in their annual accounts.

    Marie Buckley Dispite Gerrard's suggestion that we needed a few experienced quality players to blend with the youth in order to attempt to get back to a top 4 just as usual fell on deaf ears.......FSG have no intention of spending on this type of player now or in the future.........even though Rodgers reiterated Gerrard's words.

    Darren Dixon It seems that Rodgers' idea of "experience", is sending Carra back into the fold, & looking at Ashley Williams, who had served him so well at Swansea. Not only does he have a different level of experience in mind, but clearly his idea of experience & ours, are two different things!!

    Darren Dixon One day, if BR himelf has a high level of experience, he will probably look back & realize that the only experience he really gained, was how to keep his job & FSG happy, & NOT how to make us great again & keep the fans happy!!

    Frank Carlyle I don't think it was a suggestion by Stevie G, Marie, it was more of a reality check and a plea, to push us forward, not for this season, but the next few seasons.... I have to echo what Frank Lawton said, 'I told you so'..... I'm dismayed by our Custodians, and that's all they are, Custodians.... Have they been here this season? Agree with every sentiment you expressed Darren, good shout....


  8. Chris East-west Invest Ursun Henry's financial empire is in deep trouble.. so ..What are F S G "Good for"?
    Information from USA confirms that their financial empire is in freefall - so their "business acumen" is questionable.

    - The "warrior promotion" is a joke.....
    - they have no knowledge of footy (it is not "soccer")
    - They are "absent" & without experience of running a UK business like Lfc. We dont want to be their "F(r)ANchise".
    - no knowledge or experience of managing a global entity the size of LIVERPOOL (non american)
    - no true understanding of our culture & passions
    (the manner of Kenny's removal, the snubbing of Hillsborough memorial)
    - they are cash poor (too many "cash promotions" are noted, that we don't see benefit of?)
    - & failed to recognise Steve Clarke's value, (...ignoring the best manager we had in 20 years ; Rafa; who we love & who arguably deserved to complete the contract cut short by G & H)
    - signed "average" Borini (due to "connections" with the Italian club)
    - sanctioned BR bringing his favourite (the "average") Joe Allen
    - their man "Chang" threatened fans!!
    - Other "questionable dealings" ....Dempsey, Carroll, Ince, etc

    Whilst, I tend to favour the youth policy installed by Rafa with Kenny and Rudolfo, the impression that we are now a "selling club" is an opinion widely spread.

    The Supporters worldwide wont accept this situation, and "campaigns" are already progressing that reflect the opposition we had against "G & H". The apparent backing of former USA president Bush's campaign and the continuation of business relations with "standards corrupted" just remind us that these are NOT people that WE want in OUR CLUB.

    We are the best supporters in the World, we built this club, made it famous Worldwide, invest our energy, passion and much of our income. People I meet all around the globe, even those who arent fans, know our reputation.

    G & H damaged that and now F S G continue ruining OUR CLUB. ..........join us @
    Global REdS Supporters Union Network ; dont complain; CAMPAIGN
    Dear REdS, Liverpool football club has been the only constant in my life during changes, of location, career , relationships, and whilst those I loved I have lost. my passion for my club remain