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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

the "F-way" ?
OUR (ShankS) 

 ( more than ready to "WAR" with F...(ing)...S...G.
....are YOU ready to fight for y-our club??)

Naive?...B.Rodgers (a verb??)

(the choice of a man who has little managment experience and who is "learning" at OUR expense)
This mad world is often amusing,,,until it hurts us personally.. and it cant get much more personal than when it damages someone or something I loved all my life,,,

The curious "easy acceptance" by you...the "sheeple" ... of "authority" ... could be laughable were

"Bankers" "Priests" and "politicians" = 3 prime examples of once-trusted members of society!

..but NO LONGER!

The continual and INEVITABLE exposure of business corruption, pollution, and waste of land, resources or manpower by a selfish & greedy mainstream propaganda that has, since  thousands of years,  had people ruining each other to get to the top of a sick pyramid  ...where "the few" dont want YOU..

I hope has woken some up from a zombie existance & acceptance of what is so obviously WRONG.. why, oh WHY? do some seemingly "intelligent fans" put up with INFESTORS such as F S G
... isnt it PLAINLY OBVIOUS that people who profit from a money-driven society that will kill anyone, including its own president or will crucify those who oppose "war for business" will have no scruples in obtaining power in any fashion.. have any OTHER reason for involving themselves in LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB.. ?? than their own benefit ; financial profit!

It is the CORE of the USA non-culture to win at all costs, commercialization of the world..
an in our case F(r)anchise the soul out of our club , and sell YOU, the GULLIBLE fan, an illusion that they are "saving it" ...

so IF you aren' t convinced...ask yourself HONESTLY?

Q; WHO do they sell tickets to?

= YOU!

Q; WHOSE pockets do they empty with numerous "goodies" available in club shops or online>>??


Q; WHO will buy the ever-changing replica shirts (from a USA supplier) ..that costs a fraction of the price they sell at??

= YOU! and million others worldwide..

Q; WHO justifies the TV revenue (income to the club)>?

= OUR "armchair/pub fans" worldwide!

Q; and....who are stupid enough to be fooled by the boardroom "spin" (and Chang's threats?)  and their "accountants propaganda" ... (making us a "selling club")

= ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

ARE you given SOUND reasons that Henry & F S G are NO GOOD for our club>>>>???

do you want some more..???

ONE alone , their treatment of Kenny is enough..with No dignity or respect for a GREAT man who put our club before everything ... they are not fit to clean his boots...!


* their snubbing of the Hillsborough memorial
* Ignoring Rafa's availability
* Dubious sponsorships
* wasteful transfer policies and lack of understanding of footy & our culture..

and supposedly the main one,,,,, they have NO CASH, so all their "promises" were lies! (henry's empire is crashing as I write..)

BUT..WHILST WE we encourage you to CAMPAIGN (not complain) do NOT think, that once they go (or sink during the global financial meltdown) that all we need is "ANOTHER WHITE KNIGHT"
to save us (as you were fooled by NESV replacing G & H!) ...

Those days are gone..even the largest & richest countries and corporations are in debt..
and the remaining "rich" will only "buy into" LFC to make PROFIT! ..

so, with over 7 million registered fans, who can all be loyal customers & salesmen... WE are much bigger than many nations.. our "GDP" has a potential of BILLIONS! collectively...

running a club isn't "rocket science" ..most people in footy are not particularly "clever"...

IF we co-operate and campaign and SoS have sufficient funds (of ours) to effect a legal INJUNCTION to stop the sale of the club to anyone else than us ; The Supporters, who with the local community & heritage funds with celebrity fans could raise 500 least!

100m would remove the debt the Y A N K E R S caused and the remainder to ensure we have a a team & organisation that truly reflects our expectations.. WE are the CLUB...WE are LIVERPOOL!

ChRiS 13.3.20



  2. all members invited to... fun footy & international friendship (live music, party, grill dance etc cheap drinks and sponsored accomodation)