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Monday, March 25, 2013

Updated, beware the Ides of march...belated!

Photoa funny monday 3 feemales "disrupted" the start of the week, one, calling herself "chloe o'brian"
tried to convince me to pick her up @ Pg airport, but she was clearly "bogus" as her flight
dont even exist! 
but I went with UGo and left oneof out "We are the club T-shirts for Stevie G " at his hotel...but i want the " local REdS" to win tomorrow and our 3 NOt to get injured...
.. another went "sick" when challenged..and another politely changed her plans due to weather.. (ok!) of course "DaX" is stil missing..
Doubt if SG will lookl better than Katie


  1. Sami learnt most from Rafa...!

  2. Podgorica 26th March ... This morning I took another 2 “We are the Club” t-shirts to give to Glen (Johnson) & Daniel (Sturridge) having taken one yesterday To Hotel Podgorica for Stevie yesterday... today the hotel was on “high security” even the main hotel entrance was close, so I “buzzed” and about 5 people greeted me at the (glass) doors ..I wore my “bullsh*te uniform” (..the business- like suit jacket i keep for fooling the fools that i still belong to their “system”) explaining (whilst showing them my supporters club card, to avoid being shot on sight!) ;) ... that i merely wanted to leave the
    Shirts for Daniel & Glen at the reception , I opened my bag carefully and asked them not to rip the packages open ... i left i noticed the young lads handing around outside, its mild but rainy..and reflected how when I was a bairn some of the players even bussed to the stadium now its easier to meet a film star than one of thes highly paid “icons” ..Only one of the squad qualifies as “Legend” (Stevie)
    The rest are lucky enough to get through to this level and a lot of talented lads I know didn’t get the chance.. should be ushered outside to greet the people that make their lifestyle possible ...(*Actually Stevie did so yesterday , asking security to let him go our to have pics taken )

    Its a sad reflection on society...and after bumping into some “Koso-Reds” in the high street...another add to my “rant” i was crossing the street on a zebra-crossing when a limo-car parked only a couple of metres away almost ran me down..the number plate was govt. And the driver a woman...
    So my reflection on “emanzipated woman” most i ask about their wishes..reply not “ a better world for my kids” ..etc NO... so MANY WANT power, money ; fast cars ; lots of sexy boy-toys & their own house & business....CONGRATULATIONS to the MODERN FEEmale ; you are now equal of the eighties!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D