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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

REdALIeN "On Tour"..stoked up, and turbulence..pre bolt-on

Wednesday 18th december & I am back in "Monty".., almost a week since I left here for Belgrade, meeting Georgie to plan the "group" visit to Anfield in March,

 its got colder, snow last night in Bg, but sunny welcoming skies here when i arrived back at 07h..  a bit tired from overnight travel and lack of sleep since a week ago, travelled to Bg, to London - LIVERPOOL, to Bg, to NS and... met some intesting ppl in this "Tour" ...Julia from St Peterburg, Colette , a volunteer in africa (both in the cavern) &her boyfriend dan, .."Donny Darko" a croatian (Lfc fan) bus driver who is walking after breaking his spine...! (alex)Sandra from toronto, a future heart surgeon...and "Sailor Zoran" on the bus to Pg..but theres someone who knows I know who cares, and a BIG Hug & X to you!! ;)

The flight to GB was turbullent, in  fact the worst I've ever experienced the jet being tossed around the sky like it was a paper - plane..! ...and our form is the same..after this...
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    • Lisa King Kenny Glasson Boss pic thanks hun YNWA
      11 January at 23:24 · 

    • Russell Joe Clarke Stole it ;)
      11 January at 23:27 · 

    • Nonelela Mayose Dalglish after the match: "five defenders? Did I confuse the fans too? Good, then it worked."

      haha classic

      11 January at 23:40 · 

    • Mark Ferguson BRILL
      11 January at 23:43 · 

    • ChriS SmiTH some fanms dont get it...attck first half, get the goal (cd have ben 2) then choke them off.. "european away" style...Rafa would have been proud of that tonight! ..;)

    • ChriS SmiTH Goal hero Steven Gerrard was happy with Liverpool's 1-0 win at Manchester City in the first leg of their Carling Cup semi-final.
      "That's what we wanted to do. We wanted to try to come here and get a clean sheet and try to get a goal," said the Liverpool skipper. "But we're in for a very tough match in two weeks time so the job is only half done.
      "It's nice to be back. I feel like a footballer again. I've had a difficult year but its games like this that I've missed and games like this that I've been patient and worked so hard to get back for and tonight I got the winning goal.
      "But it was all about the team tonight. We defended from back to front. We weren't effective in the second half, we know that, but we're playing one of the big powers in the world and sometimes you've got to do the ugly stuff and we've done that tonight. Maybe the pretty stuff will come at Anfield in two weeks time. There's still 90 minutes to play. It's advantage to us but its not over."

    • Russell Joe Clarke I don't like it only cause it makes me nervous when we sit back. It is effective though if done right. Like tonight. Killed there confidence in the first half and stifled them in the 2nd. Well played boys! JFT96 YNWA

    • ChriS SmiTH have faith older kopites can see when we are strong enough to defend..2nd half wasn t "pretty" but we did this a hundred times in 2-legged european ties!

    • Russell Joe Clarke Nerve wrecking ChriS but I like. Great away goal. Now let's let the Kop play it's part. YNWA

    • ChriS SmiTH great team effort, all the best Russ, YNWA!

      0-0 v stoke
    • ‎3 seasons ago we scored over a 100 goals with only one striker its nothing to do with that , its about getting everyone to take chances, the TEAM was jaded, inc Stevie, the game at city took a lot and we didn't have the energy needed , game came a day too Stoke,, they did to us all game what we did to citeh in the 2nd half last wednesday ...

Friday (13th) night i waited at the inn until just after 20h, "TE" had several chances to tell me if it wasnt on, so as usual, i wen to "nostalgia" @ the cavern, 

had a great time, (despite ankle) with a lass called collete and her brummie boyfriend, a girl from St petersburg , Julia, who loves Lp and a couple of other groups in LP just to have a good time, nothing big, friendly great music live bands andwarm atmosphere...i've had it with ppl who make promises and let me down,...KARMA will get u... game over for them... positive vibes with a lot of new contacts who want to come to "Monty" too, just spent an hour checking messages at the Lp library, before getting off to  Anfield, big brunch @ Linda's cafe then the came Come on U REdS, the "oh when the REdS......" :D

A lad called Manfred from Innsbruck was in the next seat, I reminded him to sing Y.N.W.A on this his first visit to Anfield, but the stadium was too quiet, too many people "waiting to be entertained" our support should be pushing with encouraging chants & singing..the stoke fans nearby started with ...go marching in, and i justr HAD to respond, and with my loudest voice .."oh when the REdS" and woke up some of those around me to give a decent response..SUPPORTers must actively show the SUPPORT!  ...

Stevie is back..and ...

What our world XI say about Stevie

Since making his return to action against Newcastle, Steven Gerrard has scored ...our "racist club" helping "non-caiucasians" ?? what a scandal! ;)
United Nations praises LFC

The United Nations has praised Liverpool Football Club for its involvement .posted in Network of Estranged Parents and Abused Kids
Maureen Dabbagh 13 January 17:05

Custody dispute spans from Pa. to Russia |

It is an international custody dispute with allegations of child kidnapping that spans the globe ...

I have to make anOTHER "neggie" comment on the UK government...when I arrived @ Luton there was a line of (eastern european!) passengers a mile long waiting to go through immigration, because of my ankle I asked one of the airport ground staff to "fast-track" me to the front.. but of course this is becoming "normal" @ "economy" airports like Luton..on the way back, I got the usual reminder via sms to get to the airport 3 hrs before the flight, yet the airport staff put up monitors with the announcement that passengers could not go through security in advance of 2 hrs before their flight's scheduled departure..

could it be...

a) the UK want eastern europeans to get the "message" on how difficult it is to enter the UK, by employing only FIVE staff to process thousands of passanhgers arriving on economy flights during (regular) busy periods..
b) delays & exagerated "security measures" give the airports a chance to increase income, passengers spend MONEY, when they SPEND time in the airports, to counter-act the revenue lost by economy airlines..
c) they close normal seating areas etc, so that you have to sit in a catering area whilst you wait for your flight, BUT I REFUSED TO BUY ANYTHING when they do that..I suggest you buy sandwiches before you depart your home, or departure point abroad..

its contrived, of course, to make money!! 

and so is the COST of Visas for the UK NINETY-FIVE EUROS ..?? and this is for an on-line form that only takes the time (& patience) of the applicant.. and now they wont let you pay in person, only via online credit cards..!!! therefore the ordinary person is being forced... the government only want your money...and of course that vote so that they can continue to exploit the "pioni" (pawns) = YOU!

CHRIS> Y-our rights are constantly violated...
I visited Ciki with Izzy last night , he was, of course, confused by the complicated requirements to cross the UK border, despite the english govts "laws" breaking ther UDHR that they signed in 1948!! 

I wrote this to the local "visa man" @ the embassy....

"without prejudice to eventual PLAINT v FCO

CS> Dear M. Grba,

I am not in MNE at the moment and not in a position to adequately respond, I suggest you inform Kate of our communication, as u seem reluctant to co-operate I DO NOT necessarily accept yr reply...however,...I have in the meantime suggested to each of our members to proceed individually with applications...

I WILL not accept rejection of a group application on that basisi not only
are u WRONG it feels an INSULT to return documents presented in what OUR culture calls #good FAITH ....

I dont believe u or your colleagues have sufficient info OR expereince in
the world OUR members live in to <advise> ...u contradict saying you expect to see tickets (which are now only <digital> ) and NOT buy flight tickets, IF u knew about the realities of the football supporters international , u would realise that that is an equal risk...)

however I strongly advise you and your colleagues to stop placing so much emphasis in robotic formular applications, as this is inhuman and
anti-social and we are dealing with people, not rules to be blindly obeyed!

u.r.s.u.n. / EDAGN / FU

E and O. E !"

LFC> As a valued International Member view our exclusive Pre-match Stats Guide ahead of this weekend's game before any other fan, when LFC take on Stoke City at Anfield.
Use the guide to discover which LFC player scored in their debut against Stoke and find out what the scores were between LFC and Stoke in the last five Barclays Premier League meetings.  With up to date Barclays Premier League tables and pictures, it's a fantastic read for any LFC fan. Download your guide now!

Click below to view your Pre-match Stats Guide.

CHriS>be nice if they accepted my advice to integrate the various on-line systems...

ChriS SmiTH 17 January 11:49

Zorka Raicevic is co/operating with URSUN (Universal REdS) and #REdNET to organise better travel and holiday conditions for GLOBAL REds to get to OUR games, economy accomodation and deals on holidays (especially in <Monty>
 (*Montenegro and the former Yugo.) send a PM for more info (u.r.s.u.n. is a not-for-profit network for the benefit of LIVERPOOL supporters worldwide)
To obtain at least shared ownership of LFC for Global REdS and to improve 

ChriS SmiTH 3:22pm Jan 16
lots of events and trips coming up in 2012.......
lots of events and trips coming up in 2012.... unique to us and and best wishes for coming year from REdNeT... in co -op with u.r.s.u.n. - east-west travel...! JOIN US!


ChriS SmiTH 1:49pm Jan 17
E.L(s)S.U.N: "Balkan REDS" (Union of Reds Supporters) Global
making a friendlly UNION of REDS living or staying in Balkans- HONOUR the original ideas/ideals of Shanks "LIVERPOOL way"...

ChriS SmiTH 14 January 11:39

To obtain at least shared ownership of LFC for Global REdS and to improve the situation of all true   ...REdS


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