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Friday, January 27, 2012

Battle; REdS v mancs - part 2, pre-view...once more.........

Battle ; 

REdS v mancs 

- part 2. 


..ONCE MORE into the breach, Dear Friends  ...The BIGGEST club game in the World (at least it was although their blue-sky neighbours may yet be our next main rival) REdNeT ; 

Shanks won the FA cup in 65 for the first time in our history, now our REdS can make a vital step and make a major point of DEFIANCE against the FA, media and moronic opinion, Kenny, the TEAM & SUPPORTers (our "Holy Trinity" to show total COMMITMENT 2000% effort against their cheats on & off the field

  • LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 15: Manchester United Manager Sir Alex Ferguson (R) gestures as Liverpool Manager Kenny Dalglish looks on during the Barclays Premier League match between Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield on October 15, 2011 in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images) 2011 Getty Images

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      • REdNeT 
        i just had to laugh after reading this on RAWK..talking about a typical manc! ...

        The story of Manchester United vs Liverpool
        « on: Today at 01:56:06 PM »
        First Draft (Foreign Edition)

        1st minute of the game (at the pub)
        Me: Which team do you support? (I asked a 30-something year-old guy sitting next to me)
        Him: Errrr… … Man Chester. You?
        Me: Liverpool
        Him: Why do you ask?
        Me: You’re watching your beer more than the screen, so I guessed Everton.
        Him: I don’t watch every game live. Only the biggies. I catch the highlights later.

        2-15 minutes

        Me: How long have you been supporting Manchester United?
        Him: Always
        Me: From when was that?
        Him: Since the beginning
        Me: Of the match?
        Him: No, since the beginning of the Premier League
        Me: Who did you support when it was known as the First Division?
        Him: I only watch the Premier League. So – Manchester. They won it first
        Me: Leeds
        Him: No, I told you, I don’t watch the First Division. Only the Premier League
        Me: Don’t you remember Leeds winning the Premiership?
        Him: I bet you Leeds never won. The First Division maybe.
        Me: You don’t remember them in even the Champions League?
        Him: Of course that’s when I first started to watch football years ago. I don’t know how these teams get in it, but they didn’t even win the league! It supposed to be a Champions League so how can it be when you are not even a champion?
        Me: Never mind. That was never a penalty! Clear dive there.
        Him: There must have been some contact.
        Me: No contact at all. Look at the replay.
        Him: But the ref has given it so it must be a penalty
        Me: If the ref has given it doesn’t mean it should be a penalty
        Him: 1-0 to United. Hahahahha.

        15-45 minutes

        Me: Why do you support United?
        Him: Because I enjoy watching them play. They are winners. Unlike Loserpool hahahaha. You never won the Premier League
        Me: We won the title 18 times, and it was only until last year that you overtook us
        Him: Hahaha Loserpool. We are still ahead
        Me: Do Manchester United always win?
        Him: Everybody I know said Manchester is the best, and that they had won the most Premiership titles, but I wanted to make sure myself. We were playing Chelsea and if we won we would have a good chance of winning the title. Sure, enough, we won and I knew then that Manchester were going to be my team because the commentator said that that win means we virtually won the title already.
        Me: What if Chelsea won that game?
        Him: Then they would have probably won the league.
        Me: Would you be supporting Chelsea then?
        Him: At half time I was thinking I was going to support Chelsea, because Manchester kept f**king it up, and I felt so embarrassed wearing my AIG shirt for the first time. My uncle bought that shirt for me all the way from Taiwan so I thought I was going to support United, but in the second half the ref was much better and we turned the game around
        Me: You mean the ref turned the game around. Clear handball there. Should have been a penalty for Liverpool
        Him: No way
        Me: There, you see on the replay - clearly handed it
        Him: But, it wasn’t intentional
        Me: It was. You see, he stretches his hand one metre away from his body and the shot was on target
        Him: But the ref didn’t give it, so it wasn’t intentional
        Me: The ref’s as blind as my Arsene Wenger
        Him: He’s brilliant. I know this ref, he was in the first game I watched and is usually giving the right decisions
        Me: Giving the Mancs the right decisions
        Him: Yes, but he’s not the best. There’s a few others even better than him.
        Me: More than a few.
        Him: Watch the way he runs. The way he moves and gives your defensive midfielder a yellow card.
        Me: Now, your players are going to overreact every time our midfielder makes a tackle
        Him: He’s dirty foreigner. Deserves a red
        Me: For that? A free kick is questionable. Red card? That’s a joke.
        Him: Hahahhaha

        Second half

        Me: (In depth tactical analysis).
        Him: (In response to my tactical commentary) I don’t know about that, but we are still winning. Ferguson has won the most Premier League titles and I read that he is the best manager in world history so he knows about tactics.
        Me: He is a great man-manager and knows how to instill a winning attitude in his squad, but tactically he’s not one of the best and has been shown up on many occasions in Europe, where the game is much more tactical compared to England. He’s remained at the safe job, but how much would he have won if he was brave enough to manage in Italy, Spain or if he chose a new challenge at a club like Everton?
        Him: He has won 2 Champions League titles in Europe
        Me: One before you started watching them then?
        Him: I watched the DVD
        Me: They were outplayed that night, two jammy last-minute goals
        Him: It only looks like last-minute goals because it was highlights. That was the greatest comeback in European Cup history
        Me: How many European Cup finals did you watch?
        Him: I didn’t count but it’s boring unless United are in it. Can’t watch those Italians and Spanish
        Me: So that’s three at most?
        Him: No, we won one since then.
        Me: You lost against Barca again
        Him: No, we beat them
        Me: I mean, the second and third time… you lost both against them
        Him: I tell you, we won mate and it wasn’t even in the final. I remember clearly Scholes scored from out of the box
        Me: That’s all I remember you did in that game
        Him: I saw it three times on the highlights. Scholes is much better than Gerrard. What has Gerrard ever won?
        Me: Gerrard was a match winner in every club cup final which is unique
        Him: That’s just Mickey Mouse cups
        Me: So Istanbul was a Mickey Mouse cup?
        Him: It’s a third world country and not even in the England Premier League


        Me: (Extremely frustrated but remain focused, giving him a full analysis during the last beer)
        Him: (in response)… but, we won. And, you lost. Hahahahah.

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    Kenny Dalglish believes Liverpool fans can once again give his side the edge as they look to repeat their cup heroics against Manchester United this weekend.

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    the Uglies v THE TEAM from the Beatles hometown is the Biggest club game in the world; the most successful club in the histtory of the most important league of the most important culture/sport of this planet, plays the 2nd most important from manchester..! ;)
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    Highlights of Hendo's tireless performance against City at Anfield. Don't forget to subscribe to my NEW channel and follow me on twitter for video updates ht...

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    Charlie Adam believes the FA Cup clash between Liverpool and Manchester United will be won and lost in midfield.

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    Stewart Downing believes he is ready to hit top form for Liverpool following a glowing appraisal from manager Kenny Dalglish.

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    It was a night to remember on the field as Liverpool booked their place in the Carling Cup final - but what was happening behind the scenes?

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    Steven Gerrard today called on Liverpool supporters to help ensure Saturday's FA Cup tie with Manchester United is an occasion to savour.

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  • REdNeT added 4 new photos to the album The LIVERPOOL way (thanks Shanks).

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      • REdNeT with Stevie back in training...hopefully means I dont have to worry about getting the plaster off me ankle so quick! ;) ...(was half hoping I'd a crack at the midfield what with injuries to Lucas and bent referees giving us Red cards..... )
        9 December 2011 at 21:15 · 

      • REdNeT 
        I would NOT even discuss change of managers, with anyone, U only have to recall where we were just over a year ago..when some idiots were scared of RELEGATION(!) fickle isnt a word that describes some "fans" and some older (ex) players and"pundits" who should know better.. Its both positive And probably a distraction that we plaYEd game s in between the semi-finals with City..

        I don’t give a damn about those ppl who criticise so quickly after "disappointing" results

        - Considering we have a) several new players merged into the team - b) lost our best player and captain for half the season, c) lost our "player of the last season" just when he/we were hitting the best form and d) had our most dangerous player of this season banned for 9 games by a corrupt authority….

        - Kenny & Steve have done miracles

        - I travelled 40 hrs to get to the home game with Stoke, (and back) last weekend,and we looked like we had left our best at citeh..a bit jaded , understandably tired and lacking spark.. I only went to the local pub last night to watch the game on Tv, but I have as much reason as any to be "disappointed" as most of my month's budget was "blown" last weekend @ Lp ..but …

        I find it "ironic" when theres a call for "heart" and fight from our players (quite rightly expected froma REdS team) yet some ppl who are "fans" (NOT SUPPORTers) fail to show the MENTALITY of the "holy trinity" ...

        - Kenny's reaction was as I thought ..that we (our team AND somne of our "fans" and even seasoned supporters) thought "well, we have beaten Bolton traditionally they are sh*te, so we just have to turn up, to get 3 points"

        - OUR team looked strong enough, but we were not "ready" and I am also sure that several players were thinking about the semis …its happened before and probably will happen again because (contrary to those idiots who judge football based on computer games and "stats") the game is (still) played by human beings with all the complicatiosn that entails..

        - PLUS…

        - The "plan" is to bring young players through, and Comolii is obviously instructed to look for young stars "out there" which is why the only "movement" will probably be the great young lad from Lisbon who shone against us in the "nex gen" games…

        - HOW CAN YOU argue against this??

        - Although I was NOT one to "praise" the yankers, the expenditure was considerable in 2011 for a club without billionaire owners.. I DO NOT "buy in" to the "buy success" model…
        - We lost Jay unfortunately, which means the (underestimated ability and role of LUCAS, who was probably also the "scapregoat" of many of those current moaners) midfield has been disupted several times, Stevie, back, Jay suspended, Jay Injured..and so on.."small" probalems but add them to my earlier points (losing our "Best three" ) we have still "contact" with the top..

        - AND….our rivals (INCLUDING citeh) are far from "invincible" …and there's been many a "shock" because any team can beat any other in the EPL, this season,
        - YES I am as angry as anyone that we fail to take advantage …BUT like Kenny , I will deal with it and fight against our rivals, fickle fans, and the FA etc who are the enemy…

        - Honesty, FAITH and solidarity binds the "holy trinity" of Players, SUPPORTers and TEAM ..and its in times of ADVERSITY that we see how weak some ppl are!! And how strong others will be…

        Anyone who insults Kenny, insults Me and OUR club, and better keep away from both!

        - These are the times to be a man, my son…

        - ("IF" ..Rudyard Kipling")


ChriS SmiTH1:49pm Jan 17
E.L(s)S.U.N: "Balkan REDS" (Union of Reds Supporters) Global
making a friendlly UNION of REDS living or staying in Balkans- HONOUR the original ideas/ideals of Shanks "LIVERPOOL way"... 

ChriS SmiTH 14 January 11:39

To obtain at least shared ownership of LFC for Global REdS and to improve the situation of all true   ...REdS

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