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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LIVERPOOL REdS Pre Battle V the mancs - part 1

Stevie needs to be the Body of Shanks & Kenny in these games
" I am just the same as one of those who stand on the Kop, we feel and think the same" (Shanks) apologies for repeating this; 

‎"Shanks" My Mentor... THE GREATEST man I never met.. not just for Footy but for way of Life, Him and John (Lennon) had the greatest influences on my Life...

there are some ppl in offices & "fans" who choose to associate themselves with OUR club, who really need to read and apply HIS HONESTY and SOLIDARITY! 

tonight we face Citeh (the "biggest club in manchester, ha ha") and nothing less than total commitment from our SUPPORTers and players will get us through, KENNY is the closest we have to Shanks MENTALITY (that word that Rafa constantly used) and 

I wont accept a word against Dalglish because before you talk about line-ups, selection, formations, technique, the most IMPORTANT aspect in footy, and in LIFE is MENTALITY..ppl talk such rubbish about "knowledge is power" 

..well I have known ppl who could impersonate a walking library, but they couldn't tie their own shoe-laces.. ;)

Its how we use what we have...ability, energy, resources, will to win..and a TEAM & SUPPORT that should NEVER surrender, (some "fans" gave up on the title before  Citeh kicked off their first game in august!!) 

...we lost Stevie almost all of last year, then our "player of last season" Lucas through injury just when he/we were getting our best form (2 wins @ chelski etc and he dominated citeh's expensive midfield) ..then the criminals at the "FA" ban Luis (happy birthday yesterday) for 9 games..without evidence, on "heresay" (just like the gestapo used to do back in the days of Adolf!) 

but its no use crying, we have to get on with it, and fight for our right to get to the final tonight and to progress against manure & the cheating fergie & evra saturday

  • ChriS SmiTH (from facebook wall) 
    see no reason why we cant get "at" the mancs in sky-blue, bunch of prima donnas with a lot of talent, BUT its 11 v 11 plus US the 12th , 13th and 7 millionth man, get behind our tean support kenny and the lads 1000 % make it like a big european night and BATTER them…

    We had a great result last Sunday , we beat their youth team, and turned the prima donnas over 3-0 already earlier last Year, they can be beaten (as in Napoli ) and IF we can perform to our best, and most importantly TAKE all the chances we make WE can take an important step to the inal and the top where we should be and make people realise WE are a team to be scared of..come on REdS..whether the Team, Supporters, at Anfield or you are watching Worldwide , make the "holy TRINITY" WHOLE again!! ..WE ARE LIVERPOOL!

  •  Proven again against citeh (in 3 of the last 4 games) we were the better Team (I am not talking about a collection of talented players) Its got to be REALISED that we have the BEST TEAM in the Premiere league, when we can translate that superiority into results EVERY game we will go to the top, don’t talk about "qualification" lets go foR Number one position, that’s where WE should be WE are LIVERPOOL!

  • need u, Pepe to be unbeatable!

    Stevie, be captain, in every way!
    The TEAM to play for each other and us to Support them ALL!
    Danny; show yr class, and the way forward 

    ChriS SmiTH LIVERPOOL v mancs

    - part 1, commitment from players & SUPPORTers

    ..believe and support Kenny and the team 2000% NOW its like a european night

    ..again! bring them through to wembley, REDS!

    as for some "comments" in the media (social or mainstream)

    thanks to Tony Evans "To the terminally dumb: if LFC would have been 6 points off top four this time last year and in CC semi, Hodgson would still be manager"

     ·  · 

      • KENNY DALGLISH has told his players they have a duty to lift the supporters at Anfield tonight as Liverpool FC look to book their passage to the Carling Cup final.

        The manager knows the Reds will be able to count on the backing of a capacity crowd for the semi-final second leg against Manchester City. But Dalglish insists they must give the fans something to shout about as Liverpool, who lead 1-0 from the first leg, look to atone for Saturday’s embarrassing league defeat at Bolton.
        “The outcome will be decided by what happens on the pitch but certainly those who come and watch can make a contribution,” Dalglish said. “They can give the players a lift but we can’t always keep looking to the supporters to give us a lift. Sometimes we need to give them a lift as well.
        “We have said all along, we are a stronger force if we stick together. If we stick together we’ll have a much better chance.” Dalglish has no regrets about the harsh criticism he dished out to his side in the wake of last weekend’s crushing setback at the Reebok. Issues have been addressed and he’s confident the Reds will respond in the right manner tonight.
        “The players themselves were disappointed with the way they played because they knew they let a lot of people down, including themselves,” he said. “We have been realistic all the way through and on Saturday I think we were just being objective. “When we’ve been good, we’ve said we’re good and when we’ve been bad, we have to say we’re bad. You cannot paint a pretty story if there is not one to be painted.
        “That was the most honest way to come out and appraise their performance. “I don’t think there was anything else we could have done. “It’s not just players who get it wrong, we get it wrong as well. We will take our responsibility as well. Everyone has to stand up, look in the mirror and ask if they could have done better.
        “What could we have done to prevent it? That’s all of us, not just the players. “We have been through it, we have dealt with it and we’re not going to linger on it. We have to get on with it now.

        Read More

        ChriS SmiTH
        from RAWK(via twat-ter)..."I have no problem being completely blinded by the legend and romanticism of Dalglish. Frankly, if I weren't, I'd have to wonder why I supported the club. But all of that aside, managers used to be given a good amount of time to put together what they were building. And really, football hasn't changed, it's only the people watching it that has.

        And anyways, two years ago if someone told me Dalglish was coming back as manager and we were going to give him £100m and he was going to blow the lot on silver platters of charlie and escorts from Surinam, I'd have replied, "yeah, but Kenny's going to be our manager."

        When I talk to people who feel different, by the point in the conversation that I realise they don't feel like me, the length of that conversation has already exceeded my interest in it.

        He's Kenny. He may not be bigger than the club, but he was big enough to carry it on his shoulders. All this Twitter-age shit about "Kenny's not immune from criticism" and "Kenny's not untouchable" is for the birds. Yes, he f*cking is, actually. The sheer tonnage of what that man did on and off the pitch for our club would stop a million-head herd of buffalo in its tracks and amounts to more than everything all the c*nts in the Twitterverse have ever contributed in their lives. So they get to shut the fuck up, and he gets to manage our club. Because if the time comes when he isn't the man for the job anymore, then who am I going to trust to realise that? Mr Kenneth Dalglish himself, or some c*nt on the internet? "

      • Vicky Walsh people want instant success .... me i said if we could get a top 6 this season i would be happy .... then top 4 nxt ... maybe a bit of silverware thrown in if we can ......

      • ChriS SmiTH Like it says, Kenny is our manager..he can blow 100 million on a private yacht for all I care...for what he did for our club ..stuff the spoilt brats on the net..! the only person who could have bettered Kenny as manager is if Shanks came back from ......

    Happy 70th birthday john !! As soon as you're born they make you feel small By giving you no time instead of it all Till the pain is so big you feel nothing ...

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