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Monday, January 2, 2012

This WAR? KD: What I want in 2012 & Liverpool Fight v FA/evil empire

KD: What I want in 2012 - Liverpool FC

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from FB..."TIME TO FIGHT" ?

  • Stam> Chris, my question as to 'where have you been' was rhetoric, if you haven't realised that already. You most probably don;t speak/read Greek, that's why maybe you don't know that what you say about the team, Kenny and the 'moaners' is what Ialso say, so on that front we both agree. However, there is a time to 'take to the streets' and there is a time not to. This is not the time. We took to the streets before because of what the previous owners were doing to the club. Right now (and I am sure you agree) we fully back the new owners in what they are doing and the plans they have for the club.

    Are we now to ignore their decision to leave the matter rest and do things against the club's wishes? Are we to start splitting the good atmosphere that has been hanging over the club ever since Kenny returned? Of course we know what the FA stands for and that the ban was rediculous. But to start a 'revolution' when the club right now needs to keep everyone together is simply not the right thing to go about things. We need to be there for the club, not to leave the players play league and FA Cup games in an empty Anfield. What good will this do to the team??? If anything, this will play nicely in the hands of the FA and Whiseky Nose. As I said, we may have lost one fight but the war is still on.

  • ChriS SmiTH Stam, if theres a war who is going to fight it??..whilst i agree on some points, u have to accept that when the FA are SO blatantly biased, and this is not a new thing , we have been up against the authorities not just in footy but in Life since 3 decades

  • ChriS SmiTH I dont agree with u about the new owners, theres a lot of "PR" going on..the fans committee, seems to be a "solution" but in reality is toothles,, real issues are ignored and the new yankers havent actually spent anything ..the profit from global sales and transfers out have more than covered their expenditure, they didnt sack woy until 10,000 fans failed to turn up at anfield a year ago!! they have used anfield and melwood to secure loans for Lfc..think u need to dig further and not accept face value..I am not calling for any "split" on the contarty I am callign for enforcement of the "holy trinity" and eventaully for a share in the ownership, (which many of the fans failed to show loyalty to when we hadd the chance during the bdark days of G & H)...we went part of the backing Luis, the players wore t-shirts and Kenny showed great support for his players and commended supporters,

    THIS is not a NEW revolution but rather going baCK TO THE days when i was a lad and Shanks would come out against footy OR "poltical" enemies..we have them..and if u think we will EVER win the league if WE dont fight , on all front" and with redical actions then u are blind to our recent and past history..i understand your reaction, but man THERE HAS NEVER BEEN a stronger case than now to fight, after the Luis "persecution" and the blatant contunied cover up of Hillsborogh crimes.

    ..when will we fight , if not now?? some people around the world see that everything is wrong, not only footy but society and are waking up.. you and REdS worldwide need to also ! mate! ;) bullies love you to "be quiet" and show a stiff upper lip...they dont like it if we fight back (through their pockets too)

    • Stam Svourenos 
      Chris, being a Greek I am all for fighting when I have been wronged. What I don't agree with you on is your method of fighting. I am all for actions similar to what we did to get rid of G&H...I did put myself forward for the profit sharing scheme, I took part in the demos at Walton Breck Road, I was one of the 'internet terrorists'. I am all for that. But you talk about fans boycotting games. How is that going to help the club and get the message to the FA? If anything, it has the opposite effect.

    • ChriS SmiTH I also said "if necessary"...if we progress in the FA cup......i was also in all the "save Lfc" events, black shirt and was the last one to be escorted out of anfield when we "sat in" v G & H.. i dont care if u are greek or chinese..i just dont go along with this, "acceptance" that u infer just because thats the "P.R> policy" of the new yankers..(and thats how i see it, they are just worried about losing sponsors or dollars, pounds euros etc if WE Shanks said "directors dont come into it, they are just there to sign the cheques...)

      ..the club have FAILED us in the past, when they jnsulted Shanks after he resigned..and note they have NOT officially backed HJC...!! so dont tell me about the owners policy, they can stick it where the sun dont shine there is a lot we can do, but knowing that everything i write here is open to mis-interpretation and "spin" its best that "strategy" is dicussed elsewhere..take care..i understand yr opinion, i just dotn buy into it..and i wont be "quiet" whilst one of OURS gets hung out to dry and we become a yankers commercial marketing tool..

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  1. ‎"move on"??... NO..not when ONE of OURS is the subject of Lies...3 decades of "moving on" since before Hillsborough..?? no too much "acceptance" by the "yankers" in charge of PR..who sold u the blue-t*rd kit>? ..u keep swallowing it until u like the taste of surrender!