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Friday, September 30, 2011

11930SCLOG _pre-Derby ; LIVE_R_POOL update + PLUS! views & opinions

11930SCLOG _pre-Derby ; LIVE_R_POOL update + PLUS! views & opinions

Again LFctv connections blocked, emails lost, FB block our creative projects, and sms never arrive what damage is the TRUTH doing to "them" ?

..the liars that marshall the "New World Order" trying to justify the denial of truth (like the Hillsborough campaign etc) are the same pawns of negativity those who infected OUR beautiful game and MY club with their commercial bullsh*te?  As fast as they close one I will open 2 new ..the "virus" of TRUTH will get you, my enemy!! ..<SMILE> the global REdS are coming up the hill...Yesterday I honoured my "mentor/father" Bill Shankly..   "Shanks" would never have accepted what the yankers have done/are doing to our Lives, but as an old geordie mate said to me a long time ago, if  you dont like your life ..CHANGE it.. and WE are..LIVERPOOL!

Shanks "passed" 30 years ago (yesterday) but as his grand-daughter (Karen Gill, chairman of the Lfc fans committee) says "the love seems to grow every year since then.. for me he will always be the greatest influence of my life...I used his ideals, ideas, methods, psychology & SHANKS (Liverpool) so many aspects of my life..and still do..

(TRUE LOVE comes however it bloody well wants to,, and u cant do much to make it. its either there or it aint , MATE! ..all u can hope for is that u get it at least once, when u really care about somemone more than yourself! thats A REAL true friend.. I spent the 
laST "beaching" this summer?

"Legend" is a word too often used, Shanks was and IS the one that made us claim "we are LIVERPOOL" one compares!

Every Beauty  is not always Good,
But every Good is  Beautiful.                 
Being Important is not Good,
But being Good is  Important.

After the 2-1 win over wolves (the scoreline dont reflect our overall superiority or the "magic" of Luis... also saw Stevie getting a league cameo after 6 months out..

????????????????? back full time and in charge????????????
Stevie ; the most complete football in the World!! (video)

is there anything that hasnt been said about the merseyside derby?. reflect on that game 20 years ago, the 4-4 & last game of Kennys post hillsborough trauma...unfinished business?  yes we need to correct the "Karma" of that night and last seasons "surrender" with that fool hodgson...(how can I forgive J. Henry for not replacing him with Kenny the moment FSG stole the club back for them not us? ...its y-OUR money and our global support that built this club with Shanks...the office always was a "liability" and rarely matched our energy , passion or wit)

let pictures from the past remind & prepare you for the most historically passionate & important  derby of the footy World...

everton v LIVERPOOL on sportklub 13.45 , those that want can meet me c. 13,30 at w-side bar! (as usual) Subota 01.10.2011 in Pg

FuTuREDS win again!!! case you actually are a TRUE REd and care about more than your own satisfaction??

DO you want to get involved...with LIVERPOOL?Tips 

Liverpool International Inn review is now online at and can be viewed by clicking here (  

promoting local (Balkan) talents...

Planning a Re(d)Volution in "Monty" after the "music / thought police" attacked a Jazz caffe in Pg? ; 

and the "Mac REdS" in s-KOP-je..

they are on facebook too!

so do you want to argue?

are you Bl**dy Nora, Kate? 

..Pert?, Saucy, or "all mouth & trousers" ?

 who is the New girl in Monty??

///?????????????///...or is she just "cheeky"?

more Links:
Bye Bye from ChriS!

11930 10,15h

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