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Friday, September 16, 2011

11917 LIVE_R_POOL & spurs away pre-views plus...

11917 LIVE_R_POOL & spurs away pre-views plus

......Whilst I feel the expense of keep Aquilani, at least until Stevie is match - fit ...  may have earnt us a vital 5 extra points come may, I am more than happy withe the  contunuation of the Kenny-Liverpool way this season, I dont fear anyone, and having lost narrowly at spurs and got beat *rarely) by them at anfield...we owe ourselves a good result at white hart lane sunday.. we should be challenging for top place and its always great to win in London, i was there when we last beat spurs away in 2008 (last game of that season, finishing it with a typical Stylish Torres goal..

Kenny gave his pre-match conference, without saying for sure if Stevie will play although popular opinion "believes" Gerrard will likely be back for the league cup away game at brighton.. for Glen..(our only other major concern)

Kenny seems confident in Martin Skrtel or Falanno to play right back in his absence, although Martin Kelly may also come into contention after missing the Stoke game..

 hoping that the luck and run of the ball is in our favour as well as at least a decent consistent refereeing decision after major decisions going completely against us in our first 4 league games,,this week isn't it the beach-ball ref!!!??  Carra has praised Luis Suarez..(even though some in the media want us not to play him....!! ;)

stats (LFCtv) :

for newer fans....or those with poor memories...;)

Potemkin league

15/09/2011, 19:44

and our supporter of last season;  

Hi ChriS, Robert Alan Roberts commented  "Chris, what a read, it does not get more inspirational than that mate!" 
Seán Ó Cléirigh 15 September 19:44
Hillsborough Justice Campaign Unofficial Groupஜ۩۞۩ஜ JUSTICE FOR THE 96 
Having lived abroad instigating numerous international networking projects since leaving GB more than 25 years ago I have always promoted Liverpool; the people, the culture, the music ; the city and Lfc.. I have volunteered in many charities, coached kids "the Liverpool way" had my own  version of a show similar to John Peel on a german free radio station, constantly promoting all things LIverpool, I tell everyone I meet that this is the place to be, because of the freindly people, culture , its music and football.(being a supporter of Lfc since the 60's) .
I am currently experimenting with youth and local SME/entrepreneurs in a creative enterprise (see "under construction") .. and  ask you to inform me how you think "Its Liverpool" could co-operate with this concept and myself, as Montenegro ("Wild Beauty" and the Balkans is becoming increasingly important as a Strategic location for eastern europe and mediteranean regions and certain other areas of the World


p.s.. I like this banner ..particularly because Galatasaray had a reputation for violence , before we played there years before the 05 final, a couple of leeds fans had been stabbed in Istanbul, and their "Ultras" had a banner "welcome to hell" ,,the REdS wanted to take the "sting" out of a potentially tense situation, so, remembering an infamous pub (Grafton) the travelling Kop toom a banner to unfurl at the time the locals attempted their intimidation.... ;)

Montenegro & Europe

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