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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

11920SCLoG after the pain, the Rain, then Gain?

after the pain, the Rain, then the Gain?

Dobro Utro KoK0 ;) decided to do my "swimming" in Pg, not sutemore today, hope 2 cu online (at least!) 2day, be positive An, u have many probabilities, GOOD day! to all True REDS...knows the time to remember what "Y.N.W.A." TRULY means..

‎"A strong positive mentality creates ....
more miracles than you would believe
because Life can be how u take it
But most miracles happen when U make it
because,we are waves upon the universal ocean
moving different sizes and speeds

but eventually we crash against the rocks & shores 
and become one with the seas again.."(cs11714)

There  is a storm, on, on the internet, and in this city, the gale pushed the door/windows in my studio room this evening with its force.. The sky-washed horded confronted  by the small yet strong truth brigade,,, those who can only see negatives confronted by GOOD…

Who will win? , no one because we need all the balances in the eternal conflict we need day and night, sun and rain, dark and light and all the colours in between, that make this often painful experience so wonderfully mysterious..

Personal comment..Girl, though we are apart, I look for the best I found in you, that which I lost.. And pray that I may find it again in this lifetime.. A true SOUL-mate!

I learnt how to survive

how to be ALIVE

how to WIN and to lose

how to breathe, how to booze ;)

but, although many things I GET

the way I feel about you,

I will never learn to forget..


Sean> Any self proclaimed Liverpool supporter that is calling for Kenny's head or blaming him for the last two defeats, should go support a club like chelsea who go through managers like i go through hot dinners. There is no loyalty, no respect, its mobs rule.. divas..kicking their heels in when they dont win a game or they dont play first team footie... support them... do not support liverpool... a club that prides itself on tradition, on the club being a family not a franchise...

I will always back Kenny and the players who put on that jersey and play their socks off us. Some minded mentalities, insulting king kenny after 2 bad results.. and a couple of weeks ago they were singing his praises... its disgraceful.

ChriS SmiTHwell stated , Sean , agreed! .. within a couple of weeks we could be in the next round of the league cup win over wolves, blue noses & mancs and everything could easily look SO different..the "sky-washed" have no staying power or dignity..we used to always show that when we win or lose.....the mob is getting larger and the true REds must be stronger to compensate for "knee - jerking" ..theres another 99 points to play for (even one lad "Lfc fan" ..on the net had written us off after the first game! ) 

I said to Frank C on our group that we needed luck and a decent ref, well neither happened again…maybe we can shrug & say "One  of those games again", and its true that spurs came quickly "out of their traps" and took some initiative, Adam, maybe sucked into handing another bent ("beach-ball) ref the chance to remove our hopes.. But 6 yellows in the first half and hardly a decision in our favour confirms that the EPL is wrong….really wrong = in ALLFIVE games vital decisions have gone against us..thats not "swings and roundabouts" but I would also say that AA should have been kept on , even as understudy to Stevie, - I feel we would have more point that may prove vital come may..mind you even Pepe & the TV went on the b link in the 2nd half ;) 

I dont think the first yellow for Adam, was and EVERY decision went against us, sure spurs tails were up, from the start, maybe some of our players (and fans) expected an easy win, this wasnt the spurs team that got hammered by citeh, but as I said before we lacked the guile of AA, so much for the xenophobic pro-brit players lobby, having said that this was another bad ref

..i watched the replays and he gave us nothing, maybe we deserved nothing, but it dont change situation, i dont accept our fans immediately going into "public insult mode" theres just a general lack of intestinal fortitude ..i am too experienced to get so extremely down on the team so early in the season, even Suarez coulldnt control the ball today, and Pepe for the 2nd goal..where is the " trust in Kenny" mentality today..or is it only when we win??? ....

    we needed not to have our defence losing Agger & to go down to 10 men just as we were starting to get SOME kind of passing together, not to have every single foul awarded with a yellow card and a free kick whenever we touched a spurs player
I repeatedly point out and its boring me now...footy is NOT a computer game ,, those players will probably beat chelski, city , manure and spurs on another day,and ALL people have "off days" and so do complete teams, today even Suarez and Pepe made mistakes ..and when things dont start well, ........... footy is also about mentality and a lot of other things than just selecting the 11 players ..but i am getting tired explaining this year in, year out..and having this same old discussion


....the gale pushed the door/windows in my studio room this evening with its force. After 2 months virtually without Rain, it felt like 2 months of rain came in ONE day...(no need to go swimming in Sutemore...i can do it in PG ;)  ...


TRUST IN KENNY to show the lads the mistrakes they made, to show them how to come back, to get the best out of our players and hopefully bring the best out of a refreshed Stevie..

Ilias Tsetsekos >18 September 16:26
A bad day at the office. But some so-called fans need to look up the words 'loyalty' and 'legend' in their dictionaries. If they can actually read that is. You'll never walk alone, King Kenny. Anfield was not rebuilt in a day...
Elina Keldimuratova 17 September 21:40
He is the best!! He makes his job very well!!! It's super when you do your lovely job!!! I also want to find my lovely job!!


Laura Grist commented  "just what my tattoo says carpe diem .sieze the lifes motto" ...
2 items for all so-called "Lfc fans" (and maybe those who arent) who may be ill-informed or new to our big global REd family... this...
iron - lady ; (K)rusty B*tch!!
Ive lost count of the number of people Ive heard these past years ask why the Hillsborough Families wont let it lie.
    Nigel Beckwith > Horrible corruption from the iron lady...steely determination to avoid taking the blame for anything! Also some people corruptly ruined by the follow up of the Lloyds debacle where ministers in serious debt, somehow got out of debt, and Thatcher apparently said "I cannot afford to have my cabinet brought down by this". It seems that others were brought down instead, read the story of Robert Owen to get some idea. 

    ChriS SmiTHit was obviously also to cover police negllect, whom she regarded as her private army (to put down the unions etc..)

    CS>whoever has the most points, Divvy! ;)

    ChriS SmiTHsome idiot wants to "stab" me because of my opinions...?? so ..some music to lighten the mood..;) ...LMAO!
    Best version ever performed! Ted Christopher - vocals Mark Knopfler - guitar This version was recorded in memory of the Dunblane Massacre 13 March 1996, were...Paul Joshua Mathew > Enjoy Chris. :)
    End Fanzine
    "This is The End fanzine..if you don't know who we are, please ignore a request that may have gone your way" ;)

    The Northern Region of Ghana houses six "witches' camps," where women who are accused of witchcraft are detained and subject to inhumane treatment. Call on the Parliament of Ghana to enact laws to disband the camps.» 

    CS>how about re-instating Celts culture and "alternative / homeopathy" as equal to the money-ridden current medical profiteering scandal - worldwide??
    E-BALKAN stuff....  preferring Angelina to Angelika (Merkel=the german Maggie?)   
    Circulating the Internet these days, an unusually short and accurate description of the country in which we live and survive ... South Africa - one country, two entities, three presidents, 10 cantons and 14 government ministries 183, 85 political parties, 50 veterans' associations, trade unions 139, 2 police, 3 Academy of Sciences, two pension funds, three educational systems, telecom 3 , 3 power supply, 550,000 unemployed, 630,000 pensioners, 450,000 displaced persons, 75% poor, 65,000 state employees and an undetermined number of thieves. " ;)
    Panic in the UN for a film about Bosnia "Panic in the UN for a film about Bosnia The Whistleblower is a political thriller directed by Canadian Larisa Kondracki talking about Kathryn Bolkovac American police forces within the UN in BiH at the end of the nineties revealed the involvement of senior officials of the organization in human trafficking and....."
    & translate yourself....
    Jedini je dogovor da dogovora nema
    CS> when will we realise that anti-power is the best solution with people participating in local & global communities regardless of race , creed, colour, gender (or bank-balance!!) ...the power base once was "(thieving) Royalty ; then church, then state, then business and now the business is media and the new world order owns the mainstream and corrupts the internet freedoms by blocking free the victors write the story but you the people allow it..
    "Lets B FAIR" 06 October at 14:30 Location: Montenegro

    Having lived abroad instigating numerous international networking projects since leaving GB more than 25 years ago I have always promoted Liverpool; the people, the culture, the music ; the city and Lfc.. I have volunteered in many charities, coached kids "the Liverpool way" had my own  version of a show similar to John Peel on a german free radio station, constantly promoting all things LIverpool, I tell everyone I meet that this is the place to be, because of the freindly people, culture , its music and football.(being a supporter of Lfc since the 60's) .
    I am currently experimenting with youth and local SME/entrepreneurs in a creative enterprise (see "under construction") .. and  ask you to inform me how you think "Its Liverpool" could co-operate with this concept and myself, as Montenegro ("Wild Beauty" and the Balkans is becoming increasingly important as a Strategic location for eastern europe and mediteranean regions and certain other areas of the World
    ChriS SMITH
    see also

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