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Monday, September 5, 2011

11905 LIVE_R_POOL update & put down & be straight! ;)


Monday morning...5th September 2011

LIVE_R_POOL update & put down & be straight! ;) 

More just keeping in contact with Supporters reactions whilst the nationalist games go on this week , an interuption after our fine win against bolton may not be ideal but..also Glen & Stevie (&Kelly?) hopefully (without nationalist injuries) get our players closer to a fully fit squad for the next test (@ Stoke) me being the "Anti-ChriS" ("REdAlien Rebel") its often amusing how I also "quell rebellious insurrection by media - led ill informed "fickle -fast-food fans"...

WE have a lot to be positive about, funny how they who "dont know" seem to accept the FSG (off field situation,) having "yankers" controlling the finances of OUR CLUB! yet moan if we dont play "fantasy footy" and buy their favourite computer - identified gallactico..

these "fans" understand little ..but I am hoping they may yet "get it" 


and in case you forgot;-



Winning Comm. Shield _I was @ Cardiff
Liverpool  announced that Craig Bellamy has signed a contract with the club.

     ChriS SmiTH if Kenny Rates him still, thats good  enough for me!!
    Winning @ BARCA, I was there too!!
    Darryl> Merson thinks Bellamy will not get a kick in months....Well think again again Paul ChriS SmiTH > such BS, not even worth discussing the opinion of that moron!
    Mirza Čardžić - Charge hahahhahahah : ))))))))))) Thanks for video : ))))))))))
      ChriS SmiTH good memories in Barca, and Craig is back with us, good omen!
      Henderson was one of the m.o.t.m. v bolton for Liverpool  & leaves the england Under-21 set-up early to join up with Kenny Dalglish’s squad ahead of the next Premiership match next weekend. Jordan  was on target in a 6-0 win over Azerbaijan last Thursday.

      ChriS SmiTH >lets move on & focus on the new players..we have so much to be positive about! (no need to stoke up ridiculous & moronic anti-Torres BS again!)
      if YOU understand Greek language :) - - O Henderson το καλύτερο γκολ του Αυγούστου

      Darryl> So Ratface Neville is questioning Liverpool's 
      ChriS SmiTH > who cares what he thinks ? , not worth commenting on !! if a rat talked to me, i (probably!) wouldn't answer it!! ;)

      ChriS>  knew that a year ago! he was never a "Liverpool player" another Hicks-Purslow-Hodgson problem..
      Some way we need to translate players playing "one game at a time"  into some fans thinking about "one season at a time"  ..the "fast food generation" dont seem to  appreciate NOW, when they are always worryign about something else..ppl are mentioneing future signing of "Hazard" because of our dealings with his club, ?
      Anita> (ref Meireles)> "of course he tapped him, and promise him first team place. ok, we'll move on. he was not a key player for us, but i liked him a lot. i don't think that's kennys fault. let's move on, we have a great team and that's enough for me :) " 
      Ugljesa Hemuli Boljevic 01 September 15:22
      well, its not even raul's fault.. the club sold aquilani after bringing some new players, and raul was next to go.. there were some options to sell him month ago.. and he was lost in that situation, club was telling him that he ll be sold, than that wont be sold.. and that continued repeating till the last day of transfer window.. raul knew that he s enough good plazey to play in first team, and he will not have that status in liverpool.. he s not a traitor or something like that.. he played perfect last season and deserves all greatings. club not have him in plans.. so, he made a choice and left the club.. thanks raul and good luck.. miss you :( and about kenny, no one can t blame him for anyrhing.. he made a perfect team, young team who are fighting.. every player is fighting for place in team, leaves heart on the pitch.. like chris said - YOU RE NOT A TRUE RED IF YOU INSLUTING KEENY!! or any player who he selects.. KEENY THE KING!!!!! 
      ChriS SmiTH01 September 10:12
      I think Chelski (portugese!) manager "tapped him" but its still Rauls decision, as with Torres , i disagree, but its his choice, if he thinks he will get more games there (unlikely) ..i hate this window BS, ppl lose their senses! especially one fan on YNWA already , its not Kennys fault if Raul wants to go, Torres at least told us 2 weeks before the end of the january window..ppl will over-react and be careful not to get caught up in hysteria..its not a problem..really!
      Vito (Darryl) D. was convinced that Cahill would come & Wilson go on loan, to Lfc & others claimed  Ageuro & Zarate were having medicals etc..The Bellamy signing was late (caught me out a bit) sad to SEE Aquilani go and Meireles, but..over all we have a srtong squad, with a lot of places for the the exciting YOUTH players to make their own..its a sound policy and IF only we owned the club then it would be "PERFECT" ..;) always remember its Y-OUR CLUB (U.R.S.U.N "under construction")
      SQUAD 11-12


      The global REdS dynasty continues may the REd FORCE be with YOU!

      - Jones, Bradley; Johnson, Glen McLeod Cooper; Sanchez Diaz, Jose Enrique; Agger, Daniel Munthe; Aurelio Rodrigues, Fabio; Suarez Diaz, Luis Alberto; Gerrard, Steven George; Carroll, Andrew Thomas; Rodriguez, Maximiliano; Kuyt, Dirk; Downing, Stewart; Spearing, Jay Francis; Carragher, James Lee; Reina Paez, Jose Manuel; Adam, Charles Graham; Marangon, Donieber Alexander; Skrtel, Martin; Pezzini Leiva, Lucas; Bellamy, Craig Douglas.

      Youth (do not have to be mentioned in the max 25 player first team squad)

      Liverpool - Under 21 players (Contract and Scholars)
      Adorjan, Krisztian

      Amoo, David Oluwaseun Segun

      Aylmer, Peter

      Baio, Yalany Cuino

      Belford, Tyrell

      Bijev, Villyan

      Bouzanis, Dean Anthony

      Brito E Silva, Toni

      Coady, Conor David

      Coates Nion, Sebastian

      Dunn, Jack

      Eccleston, Nathan

      Emilsson, Kristjan Gauti

      Fernandez Saenz De Le Torre, Jesus Joaquin

      Flanagan, John

      Gainford, Sam

      Gomis Mendy, Emmanuel Henry

      Gulacsi, Peter

      Hadju, Adam

      Hansen, Martin

      Hatch, Lewis William

      Henderson, Jordan Brian

      Kelly, Martin Ronald

      King, Tom Fredrik

      Lussey, Jordan

      McGiveron, Matthew Lawrence

      Mersin, Yusuf

      Moli, Dave

      Morgan, Adam Joseph

      Mukendi, Henoc John

      Ngoo, Michael

      Pacheco Lobato, Daniel

      Peterson, Kristoffer Paul

      Quirk, Nathan

      Rafferty, Joseph Gerad

      Regan, Matthew George

      Roberts, Michael James

      Robinson, Jack

      Roddan, Craig

      Sama, Stephen

      Shelvey, Jonjo

      Smith, Bradley Shaun

      Sokolik, Jakub

      Stephens, James Edward
      Sterling, Raheem Shaquille

      Sumner, Joshua Andrew

      Walsh, Thomas

      Wearing, Connor

      Wilson, Michael

      Wilson, Daniel

      Wisdom, Andre


      Yr "REdAlieN"
      ChriS SMITH

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