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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

REdNET bootroom update & protecting kids & grass roots footy


REdNET bootroom update

Lfc v Stoke 4-1
 (position now 2nd in League) 

REdNeT as warned before the game, this could be the most difficult to over come of 3 games in these next 7 days... ..with ex Lfc players wanting to prove something Joe the Hobbit megging Hendo (or rather it was Lalla!) 
(Hendo playing too deep) and Crouchie clearing off their line,,,

but a superb pass from Origi helped to make the opening for Lalla to do a 1-2 off Glen as Lfc equalized the opening stoke goal...
 Firm managed to hit both posts with a shot he squeezed through 4 defenders, to make it 2-1 shame Money couldn't get a 3rd before half-time, but a good game, to watch ...stoke making sure that Lfc will have to deserve their position in the league,,, h-t 2-1

Harvey > full time 4-1 and hard working stoke ran out of steam, 2nd half as lfc dominated , 3rd goal involved an incisive pass from Hendo and asist from origi who really worked the game well .

.. his replacement (earlier thanks JK!) stole the 4th after a bad fensive back pass gave Studge the chance to show his class again and cool finish to make it a confortable looking 4-1 ... that will do...! 

n.b. one cross field diagonal 40 yard pass from Hendo had me singing " are you Stevie in disguise?" ...
4-1 makes this game  seem "comfortable" but for about 30 mins had stoke been sharper ......they could have been more than 0-1 up...

before the game...

As i am writing the Lfc Team are preparing to take on Stoke, at Anfield, as most other rival teams played in yesterday's "boxing day" matches and amongst them leaders chelski are now 9 points ahead... 

This game could prove to be the MAJOR hurdle to overcome, with Hughes (ex manc) motivating ex Lfc players Johnson, Allen the hobitt, A and Crouchie ...

i dont like it when we have to beat ex-players , who obviously wish to prove their credentials..... the REDS will have to be at their best, and get on it from the start to ensure 3 points... I feel that this game should  not be under-estimated, also updated @

 are you protecting kids future?

I was brought up by an ordinary "working class" family , living in social housing (which is becoming more difficult to find ... )  I made some chances but they were there, i could afford to go on the Kop, and later got an "apprentice" job in a London shipping office which in turn let m ethrough the window of the world, to travel half of it and enjoy so many adventures that seem "impossible" for the average modern child.

To play football and to watch games now, "costs"  business, media  and greedy owners make every league "commercial"  even here , where I am based in the balkans the local facilities are declining, authorities take tourists money and ...?  not enough free sports, and all the "fudbalski teren" ahve to be paid for , my youth team players would have to pay almost half the income of a pensioner to join a I have sponsored them during the last year, money also from my deceased wifes insurance helped me...

but there is a better way...

not only should YOU sign this petition

SUPPORT grass roots footy.......

Alternative football 

and the method is ;

Aefan Fair play/Football people League confederation

- "fair Play" will apply.. building trust and goodwill

- "REDs abroad & Football people" 
supporting this throughout Europe

- Home teams provide location/umpire-score keeper

- No "pro players"

- No Large business 
(s.m.e will be encouraged to support local teams)

- no betting and manipulation of results: (*particpants will moderate)

*community sponsors, supporters & players are all equal shareholders in A F P L C

.. & both boys/mens & girls/ladies to be progressed ..through Alternative footy,,,


George Michael from my generation, sort of,  "died peacefully at home"   what ??  at age 53 ???   dont believe it!

== i am having a "B/H/ xmas" ... dinner was curry, cevapi and chips  drinking now bamboos, been watching repeat tv films and more interesting watched the whole "the OA" series.. decided to save my energy , funds and goodwill for the other 300 + days of the year not yet commercialized, and to be good , as "very naughty boy"(NOT THE MESSIAH) should!  ..


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