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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

bootroom update : 10 years of Lfc mis-rule, , bigger mess in UK, and bye to the american dream turned global nightmare

anyone who "cares" to read these "SCLOG" postings,  (a.k.a "supporters club Log )  should know that whilst associate logs at UNSUB, Anti-Chris and especially "REDNET" have been blocked, censored , banned, this has only been partically disrupted (some distribution and delay, occasional hacking, but has "rolled on"  in spite of my inclusion of "non political correct additions and alternative opinion of current "affairs" (or even personal affairs, ha ha) ...  

The KOP i stood on was "socially aware"  and when the NET came along many of the AA's (a friendly Kopite term,) who had some technical ability joined "RAWK" ("Red and White Kop") ... and later "SoS" Spirit of Shankly "convinced" us that they had our interests at heart,,  now look at the mess.,,,

TEN years of Y ank er (I have to separate it)  rule... 2007 G & H came along... overtaken by the even more cupid stunts of H enry & co  ,,,F ecking S limy G its!...ha ...thats guaranteed to get censored!

I was a registered supporter of RAWK, SoS, and LFC supporters club,  thats an "oxy moron" ...
RAWK,  eventually betrayed the ideals of Shanks Kop & "holy trinity"
SoS betrayed the SPIRIT that Shanks impressed us with
and the new INFESTORS removed dissident voices like me fromm their membership and appointed a committee that kissed the backside of the board and the traitor Ayre

Several times we had chances (as you will see on "REdNET") to own our club (or at least a share of it) 

... but the brokers who gave us G & H smoothly transferred the club and the FALSE debt G & H introduced to a 2nd "buy out" that never happened,.  the books were made and the media played

...the hoax complete... no cash invested,  Henry and Co s group of billionaires ( who got their wealth by conning the public 

... through hedge funds and "investments" ) 

secured their "paper acquisition" with Anfield & Melwood as collateral.  

 ,,,but SoS and other key supporters media -men like tomkins got a free meal and some bevvies to stay quiet.

the UK

after B Liar former the most right wing Labour party government, into war and behind Clinton & Bush's NEW WORLD ORDER,  Islam was targeted and Baghdad invaded, Social benefits reduced and the "working class" eliminated much more effectively than Thatcher ever could,  

"David" & Boris continued the farce, so that now MAY can do what she wants (if she knew what she wanted) without even an election,, 

 "Brexit"  a knee-jerk reaction by confused sheeple who are overfed with BS  by politicians, the mainscream media and business propaganda, just keep filling them up with fast food, whilst your kids will have live in a  world of polluted AIR, WATER , land, food, HEARTS  & minds...

the US(eless) of A(holes)

I could rant for ever...  :) 

just realize that the shock of Trump cannot be accepted by many of the sheeple who even voted for the extreme ego-bigot, and the embarrassment of choosing Hilary instead of Sanders, (they are so conditioned to vote for winners over anyone who might tell truth)  so they blame the Russians, ( see also )

  ..  for my generation, who see and know russian peoples  from then (cold war) and now, the reaction must be,,,  "LMAO"  

because modern Russians are arguably more commercial than the average american..  

but with Watergate, other gates, "WMD" and now this ONLY a FOOL would trust the USA , C1a or business- dominated mainscream media...

 they killed the "American Dream" when their mercenaries assassinated the Kennedies, Martin & Malcolm etc (and since learned to discredit any opponent, who dares to use the words "I am Socialist"


Klopp, i Predict will either succeed, (and that means trophies, not "qualification" !)  despite H enry, AND is cleverly quoting "too much money in football" for one  reason to bring up youth into the premiership team,  or will walk away when they eventually stab him in the back, as they did with Kenny..  

yes,  9 years after the "new stadium promise" of G & H, Anfield has a main stand, (and only because they can overcharge for tickets,  (price increases far exceed inflation since the USA influenced Premiership started)  .

.. but they are procrastinating about the Annie road, as profit margins arent so "obvious"  but the fan nies & clones still bang on how "wonderful"  these owners are,,, 

had we gone into administration in 2007 WE could have owned the clu and employed professionals to avoid the waste of OUR money and avoid losing quality players;  Pepe; Agger,Masch, Sterling, Luis, Torres, and , yes, Stevie...( I truly believe that a cute Manager, like Rafa, could have educated Stevie into a CB role and kept him playing like Maldini for more seasons.

and in TEN, yes 10! seasons won titles worthy of our club, and not just the league cup that KENNY won (before they gave his a "vote of confidence" & sacked our man!) 

REDnet bootroom update...
( also @ )

0-0 v plymouth FA Cup

agreed Tony, i am sick of hearing away fans out sing the anfield crowd,  never happened when I was on the (standing) Kop.......

Lfc "reserves" had about .90% possession really dont help when trying to shoot at a goal with 20 players in the pen area, a bit like a training game for Lfc team, needs some urgency , patience is ok, but someone needs to make a more dynamic run, difficult when Plymouth dont leave their own area, one attack in 45 mins, 

Karius only touched the ball twice, no shots to save  but be sound, please can anyone explain how he comes into the team again, changing a defence that had done well (apart from Sunderland JK failed to freshen players) , cant fault the Reds but, shots wayward when the few chances came, if Woodburn had a strong left foot, might have had a goal or 2 but he has potential , as do Ojo Ejarija , Alex-A  etc ,,,

but i expected a bit more dribbling from the lads ,,,, but i certainly dont want to see Lfc team lobbing high balls into a crowded defence,, ,

REdNeT >  full time 0-0 and an "unwanted" replay at Plymouth, will give them a "giantkiller" chance , but i feel that the starting 11 is more than capable , if they exploit that the home time will have to come out of their own area .. and Reds can score 2 or 3 , no need to disrupt the first teams rythum, with soton, mancs and chelski to be put away this month..
He (Wijn) needs to turn it on at Soton and Mancs & v Chelski!!!

4 of  5 "REDS  in black" to be used at Soton League cup semi (above at Stoke last time)

and more...

10 years of Lfc mis-rule,  , bigger mess in UK, and bye to the american dream turned global nightmare

the core is honesty, the media, politicians have led u into wars, and the destruction of social justice, the greed and worship of material rather than values of humanity, how many people have been educated in the values of that? the artciles of human rights, 20 easy to understand statements, should be the FIRST thing taught to our children, not the LAST thing applied by governments & authorities,,,here, there or anywhere! you cant cure a heart attack with band aid plaster, and thats what every "master-debator" :) (inc "pie/walker" videos ) are attempting.. too many complaints and not enough creative problem solvers , everyting is about selling,, and the Uk is now a poor version of the failed amerucan dream turned - nightmare!

# is used to identify my "rebel rousing" ha ha...

... the mainscream media will continue to make you "hate those others" and build fear (or greed) as per the establishment since 2000 + years! they will point at selected people to make you hate the "group" that they want you to hate, to "justify" the policing , the "1984" policies and massive military budget that dwarfs the other aspects of life (such as pollution and poverty and discrimination) that you SHOULD be caring about,.. 

but you the public are also OVERfed with fast food and fast information to fill your head and body , to ensure you dont think too much about what they are doing to you, your neighbours , your friends, and more important what they are doing to those THEY accuse of being your "enemy" ..


this year "REDS abroad" will be supporting RED noses..again and caring?...will you????

words from our Celebrity Lfc fan... ha ha
i dare you to "ban" him ???????????????????

and another afterthought...  i was qustioned about my "qualifications" to manage a kids footy team.....  my response, WHO of you is "qualified " to be a PARENT>>>>??????

modern girls have so many choices , they dont know what to do... what "values" do they get from family or (money / status obsessed society??????????????????????????? 

could do worse than join,,,,,,,

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